Nick: Mizzou (it doesn’t need a cool nickname)

31 Aug

College is picking up. Got a lot of work. Right now, my life consists of studying and the rec center (let’s not forget the rare visit to check up on MOH-sis; he’s crazy by the way). I’ve got something constantly to do, which worries me, because I’d like to fit in a part time job and getting involved with the Mizzou Hydrogen Car Team..ahhh. Let me say, I am SO glad I rarely people from high school. No being super nice, no forced talks. It’s awesome. I know you guys are jealous. Kendyl. I know you love talking to “said” Dominican from WC. I wish you guys could hang out more awesome. She’d be an awesome friend.

What I find funny, is I’m in an engineering dorm, so most people keep to themselves and don’t go crazy, but go over to Moses’ dorm, there’s people smashed and passing drinks around. It’s amusing to watch. Benefits of going to Moses’ dorm: making fun of people, getting free cake on random girls’ birthdays, forced introductions (Moses’ doing), and clubbin’ girls with dresses just long enough to keep their horse-sized rear from popping out (not a benefit).

I’ll write more, but I thought I would say a little before my next class. Later.

P.S.: I’ve posted one picture representing my life right now. Not a pretty sight.


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