Northwest/ The Dirty D

31 Aug

So I have been at Northwest Missouri state for 5 days now and well its been pretty ight. Thursday I moved in(took one trip to carry all my stuff to my dorm), then I went to a MANDATORRYRYY 1 hour meeting for every one living on The Dirty Fifth floor( all i heard was blahhhh blahhh cowboy blaahhhh naked cow blah blahh blahhh). Later thursday night there was a social activity on the football field that all freshiess had to go to. It was two hours of icebreakers and social activities where i introduced myself a lot had to lick a girls shoe smell a girl’s hair tell 20 random people i loved them, and sing some J biebs(I enjoyed all of it).

Friday was alot of mandaatorryy stuff that I don’t remember but that night there was a dance party out in the gardens( I got my groove on big time holllaaa Ladies wooo wooo), and then a late night frat thing where i got free FOOOD.

Saturday I woke up early and played ultimate frisbee for 3 hours, then i ate at papa johns at the student union, then i played frisbee again,then papa johns again(kenndaa aint got nothing on how much I eat) then that night i went to another frat thing(aka for free food and more ladies).

Sunday I slept through breakfast played ultimate frisbee went to a frat barbecue( awesome  food again), then I played soccer until the sun didn’t shine.

Monday I didn’t do work in either of the 2 classes i had(Games on my laptop). I ate lunch with my entire floor after classes( my floor isn’t dirty but they are frickingg crazy), then I played soccer some guys from the northwest club team for 4 hours(I’m out of shape from all that papa johns).

Then today food class food class class food frisbee Ladies soccer fooodd blogg.. All in all I like northwest so far, I spend most my free time playing frisbee and soccer i hope to make the club team when there’s trouts in a few weeks, I eat a lot of peanut butter and Nutella, the internet here sucks, I walk a lot, I eat a bacon egg and cheese biscuit every morning, and as of this morning im addicted to COFFE and yea there’s a SUPER WALMART here. PEACE Playaass Derks out

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