9760a068312b11e2a2ab22000a1fb84b_7I’m Megan.

I’m currently a Junior at MU. I was a Pre-Nuring major, but in a turn of events I have no idea what I’m going to do for the rest of my life. How nice, right?

Along with being a full-time student, I’m also a part-time employee at HV, where I sack groceries, check people out, enter in PLU numbers, collect carts, sometimes work in the deli, and sometimes sample foods.

IMG_20120908_201209I am completely ABC (American Born Chinese). I know how to speak Cantonese pretty fluently, and I can probably carry on a small conversation with a pre-school-er in Mandarin. 

I was once in a local Symphony where I was a violinist when I went to school at William Jewell College. I do miss it and when I have time, I often run through old pieces and a few scales to curb my longing. 

I absolutely love classical music, Netflix, watching pro-tennis, playing tennis, panda bears, Pinterest, and sleeping (Seriously, who doesn’t like sleeping?!). Besides Pinterest, I like to procrastinate my time by browsing through articles on BuzzFeed, creeping on people through Twitter, and scrolling through gifs on Tumblr. 

I also have obsession with British culture. Benedict Cumberbatch is the most interesting and attractive human being. Sherlock is the greatest show ever. Of course Doctor Who and Downton Abbey are pretty awesome shows as well. Kate Middleton is an absolute gem, and so is little Prince George. London is probably one of my favorite places on Earth. And Harry Potter was basically my childhood. 

Thanks for checking out my page and reading our blog!

One Response to “Megan”

  1. Em October 30, 2013 at 6:32 pm #

    You should watch Misfits. BEST British TV programme EVER!

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