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Pitkästä aikaa

14 Mar

I am the world’s biggest procrastinator when it comes to going to bed. I looked through old pictures from Independence earlier today and started missing everybody and somehow I ended up opening OpenOffice and started writing and here I am. I’m also the worst blogger – last time I wrote here was over a year ago…

So since I last wrote here my life has changed a lot. I graduated from high school and got into Finland’s most well-known business school, Aalto University School of Business. The main campus is in Helsinki but I’m studying in Mikkeli which is like 2.5 hour drive from Helsinki. This is the international program that this school offers so I’m studying in English and we have only two ‘grades’ here. We can only do our Bachelor’s degree here and the third year students are doing their study abroad periods now; it’s mandatory in this program and I’m not complaining! Emma and I started both here last fall and we live together. Our apartment is super close to school which is great because I don’t have to wake up early yay! School has been a lot of work but I’ve made tons of new friends and most of the people studying here have been exchange students or lived abroad so the atmosphere is very international. Also, 1/4 of the students are from other countries and we have our own Vietnamese group (we have like 40 of them and I don’t know why they want to come to Finland). The down side of this school is the fact that we don’t have summer vacation which sucks but at the same time I’m quite excited about Mikkeli summer 🙂

But yeah anyway we have very good student body and a lot of parties and activities outside school. Last months have been crazy busy but I’ve enjoyed the ride and I’ve attended more theme parties than ever in my life. I’m the vice president of our school’s sports club and class president (I honestly don’t know how I ended up in this position). It’s mostly good except our dean started this new thing called Student Quality Committee and I have to be part of it which means that I have to sit with the staff and the other class president once every three weeks and discuss about the student well-being. It’s ok but I would rather do something else.

Nothing special is going on at the moment, except my International Communication professor makes us write stupid essays every day and talks about Japanese art and it has nothing to do with anything. Two weeks and SPRING BREAK!

– Saara

P.s. Pitkästä aikaa = long time no see (I guess that’s the best translation for it but I’m not really good at translating anything so..)

P.p.s Last night when I was walking home around 10pm it was -4F and it’s MARCH!


11 Dec

I figured I would continue Morgan’s theme of just title-ing (titling?? lol) the post by the day of the week, mainly because I can’t think of a fun title. I hope everyone else continues this for the rest of the week (that means you Cathy, Megan, Derek) lol jk

I finished my last final today, thank goodness and hopefully I did alright on it because it was bit more difficult than what I was expecting.

I have a huge to do list tomorrow to get everything ready before I leave on Thursday morning. Is this real life??

I did about a 1/4th of the insanity workout Tristan was doing tonight and I about died; I guess I can only improve from that.

Keep it Classy.


P.S. I apologize for this terribly borring post.

Just call me chef Kendyl.

4 Dec

This week I decided to learn to cook… well a little bit.

On Saturday I night I made Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, and gravy (all from scratch). I found the recipe here and after 2 ½ hours and 5 phone calls to my mother I would say I was pretty successful.


Then on Sunday I had nothing better to do so I found a recipe for shrimp scampi here so I made that and put it over pasta. I also baked some fresh green beans with the recipe I found here. This was much easier than the chicken fried steak because I just had to use the oven. When there is “pan-sizzling” (this is what I call cooking things on the stove) involved I freak out.


Today I have been doing everything not to study I made mac and cheese when I wasn’t even hungry, made several cards and I practiced packing all the things I am going to bring to Finland. After my classes tomorrow I am going to head home for the long weekend and then come back for my finals on Monday and Tuesday. Then I leave for Finland on the 13th!

Keep it Classy.


Classy like Chrisman

28 Nov

I agree with Kendyl, Thanksgiving break was awesome and definitely too short. After eating way too much food for about 5 days straight, I’ve now resumed the standard position of Starving College Student.

One of my favorite parts about Thanksgiving break was that we put up the Christmas tree on Friday night and decorated it on Saturday. We never used to do it this early, but the rule was always that it had to be up before my birthday (December 14th), but last year since I wouldn’t be home from college until after the 14th, we did it at Thanksgiving, so the tradition continues. Another one of my favorite parts of the break was when our next-door neighbor Don (the mayor) called and said he had 6 tickets for the Missouri Comets (pro indoor soccer) game that night, and did we want them? We definitely wanted them! I guess I should mention that the other 4/5 of my family have been to 2 Comets games in the past year, also free tickets from the mayor. I am so happy I got to go this time! I asked if I could invite Nick since there were only 5 of us and so Nick went with us too.

The best part of the Comets game was that we got to sit in one of the Box Suites! There was free popcorn, pretzels, and pop and it was so splendid. I had never been in this arena in the Independence Events Center before, so when we were walking through a hallway to our suite, I asked “Where do all the peasants sit?” This was funny because for some reason “Peasant” was a word that Becky kept using to describe us (me and her) because we don’t have Instagram and have DumbPhones. (AKA no Internet). But anyway, I was seriously feeling like high-class royalty during the game.

Then I had to come back to school blahblah. I am trying not to “let the man get me down” by remembering that in 2 weeks from today I will be out of here! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! (Dory voice) Also, 24 days until Germany! Where are you guys doing over Christmas break? I leave December 21st but I am free from the 11th until then! When are you going to SUOMI Kendyl??

Also, the drama with Chrisman right now is so horrible but in a strange way I’m gonna just say this: It’s probably the first day ever ever that I kind of wish I still went to school at that wretched place. Because I bet that was a really funny and interesting environment to be in today, and also I really enjoy intense awkward social situations. S/O to T-Laugh if you’re reading this, you should totally comment and tell me how the day was.

I think I am going to make cookies tonight. #YOLO

Keep it Classy like Chrisman



18 Sep

What Would Shaun White Do.

If you haven’t already heard about it here is a link to the story about Shaun White getting arrested the other night. The guy is the ultimate bro; I mean seriously I wish I were there to witness it all. I envy him because as some of you might know being arrested is on my bucket list.

I have two tests tomorrow in Biology and Nutrition, and I’m currently taking a break from Nutrition to write this. I don’t really appreciate my Nutrition class because I feel like they’re trying to make me rethink eating a whole package of Oreos, but you know what I’ll do what I damn well please. Also the Halloween Oreos are out and they are my favorite!

This weekend Guano and me went to a Mizzou event, “Mizzou on the Mall”, and got free cake and Tiger Stripe ice cream. They also had a photo booth and free rock candy so you know we hit those things up.

Since 1. I don’t own a Television and 2. We don’t have cable we have been going places to watch the football games on Saturday nights. This Saturday we went to Shakespeare’s Pizza to watch the game. God I love Pizza.

Keep it Classy.


P.S. I am about to apply for my first passport and will hopefully be going to Finland over Christmas Break! 🙂





18 Jan
I told Morgan I would do this like four months ago but I just have been lazy. Better later than never so here we go!
I have seven days of high school left plus test week and I don’t count that as real school so seven days! I couldn’t be happier of getting out of there.  My senior year in Finnish high school hasn’t been the best year of my life. I mean it has been ok but pretty much all of my friends graduated last spring so they are not there sharing the experience. I have made some new friends and they are all awesome but it’s just not the same because we have known each other for a couple of months and I feel like “I don’t need new friends” from high school because I hang out with my old friends outside the school and we are not going to see each other after high school.  Maybe I’m wrong.
I will graduate June 2nd so now you are probably thinking why we have this super long break. Finnish school system is little bit different than yours. We have these big tests that everyone has to pass if they want to graduate. They are kind of your finals but a lot bigger deal. The tests are in March and this time period between the end of school and the tests is called study break and it’s just for studying. We have to choose at least 4 subjects (I chose five: Finnish, English, history, math and Swedish) and I have to take the tests over these subjects. I had my history test last fall and I studied for three months for that. So that means it’s going to be busy two months. You probably know that Finnish college is free but you have to get in so after finals I have to start to study for the other test..
We got snow like a week ago. We had it in the beginning of December but it melted away.  It’s so pretty here, our back yard looks like winter wonderland! We should be getting more snow tomorrow but unfortunately we don’t have snow days so I have to go to school tomorrow… We are maybe going to get some sushi for lunch tomorrow so that’s exciting (I know I know we have free school lunch but sometimes you  have to get something nice for yourself).  Just one more week to go!
I miss all of you!
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