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Sophisticating my Palate.

30 Oct

I am currently eating my favorite chocolate cake ice cream, drinking coke zero and watching Gilmore Girls. Today was my day off so I studied quite a bit, but I still feel like I didn’t get very much done. I have two tests next week so I have some work to do!

Sunday was my last day working at Lake Jacomo Marina… probably ever. It was a little bittersweet because while sometimes I hated it most of the time it was actually pretty alright and working with Megan and Derek for two summers was pretty cool 🙂

This Friday I worked from 12-5pm and had an indoor soccer game which we lost 13-0. After that I went over to the house Gentry and I were dog/house sitting at (Bailey’s house btw that’s the dogs name). I have a real talent for making myself at home at other peoples houses. Then Saturday I worked from 9-5pm and that night we went over to Meguan’s house to plan for our London trip and watched SNL because that is now a 5-week tradition. It seems the only thing we have actually accomplished is booking a hostel in London. Then Sunday I worked from 7-3pm and at 5pm I went over to my Grandma’s house. I like Sunday evenings because my whole family gets together and we have dinner at my Grandma’s house. This week I ate brussel sprouts in an attempt to sophisticate my palate haha.

This weekend I plan on coming home Friday to play in two indoor soccer games and then drive back Saturday so I can go to the Mizzou football game!

Keep it Classy.


P.S. It was a real struggle making myself write this post due to my laziness.

P.P.S. The Olympic countdown is also my birthday countdown! Yay! 100 days!


27 Mar

I’m back at school, how unfortunate.

Nothing monumental has been going on this week. I mean I just saw all of you on Saturday night (well except for Nick) (wait, who’s Nick?) so that was awesome. I stayed up until 2:30 last night studying for my Foundations of Communication Theory test today but I still couldn’t answer:
1) Organizational culture is ______.
2) Organizational culture is ______.
3) Organizational culture is ______.
I was supposed to write in three different words but I didn’t know them.

I got an iPhone. You all know that. I still feel like I should document it somehow. Here’s a list of all the apps I’ve gotten so far (in no particular order, other than the order that they are on my screens): Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Flashlight, Bible, Foursquare, Hanging with Friends, Draw Something, Skype, eBay, Sudoku, YouTube, Vine, Pinterest, Yelp, Translator, and Quick Scan. There isn’t a Jodi Arias trial app.

I’m really tired. I have to work on my group paper tonight with the people that live next door. I just wrote “tonight” as “two night” in that last sentence so I went back and changed it. Yikes. Two of my roommates are mad at each other (K and D) which makes it awkward because they keep talking to me and Caitlin about each other and we don’t know what to say. Now we have two gerbils. They’re both boys so luckily it can’t become a gerbil breeding ground up in here.

I’m wearing neon pink socks today and I have decided that I really like my haircut that I got on Thursday. At first I was indifferent but now I’ve decided it’s a positive change. Tonight I’ll find out where my housing group for next year (once I get back from London) is living. We’re 7th on the priority list, and there are 4 University Suites (our first choice) and 3 Benton houses (our second choice) open.

I am sorry this was so non-sequitur. But I think it’s because I’m so tired and just trying to get through the week before I can go back home for Easter.

As Derek once said, peace to your dreadlocks.


Noodle Guy.

16 Oct

My life right now consists of watching Gilmore Girls, going to the rec center and studying (in order of importance of course.

Last Friday was Lei’s birthday and she was at her grandparent’s for fall break so we got to hang out with her. We went to Noodles and Company to eat and I just want to share with you all the awkwardness that occurred.

Let me set the scene: Megan and Me are eating our penne rosa and Lei has not received her food that she had been waiting quite some time for. Lei asked for water, but got soda (this will be of importance later.)

Lei: Wanders up front to see if they forgot about her order.

Noodle Guy: Says she has been waiting for a long time so they are going to give her money back. He then comes to the table to get her credit card.

“So you had the small chicken noodle soup and a drink?”

Lei: “Well, I just had the chicken noodle.

Noodle Guy: Looks at her a little confused.

Lei: “I actually got water.”

Noodle Guy: (realizes what’s going on) “Oh ok, I didn’t see this” (walks away with a smirk on his face.)

Lei: “My life is just a series of awkward events.”

You really had to be there for the full effect, but it was hilarious.

I’ve got nothing else.

Keep it classy.


P.S. My passport arrived at my house yesterday! 🙂

New Obsessions and More Procrastination

22 Mar

Not too much has really happened to me this week… just the usual procrastination of homework/studying. I have a psych test tomorrow and I’m in the process of studying for it, but my brain just doesn’t feel like memorizing terms and theories and etc. which is why I decided to be kind of sort of productive and blog!!

Today my written communications class was canceled, so after my anatomy lab this morning I browsed the web for a little bit and went back to bed and didn’t get up until 1:40, just in time to get lunch before the cafeteria closes at 2. I’ve also jumped on the bandwagon and decided to start reading Hunger Games today after class. I made it to page 6ish before I felt my eyes getting droopy (that’s when I slept until 1:40), not because it wasn’t interesting but because I was tired. I’m going to try to finish it in a week-ish so I can go see the movie!

Anyway, I have some new obsessions that have caused me to procrastinate a lot this week. The first one is the Draw Something App. It’s like Hanging with Friends only you draw pictures. I pretty much charge my ipod then play Draw Something, run the battery down, then charge it again. Haha. You all should play it if you have a smart phone or itouch/ipad, etc. Next new obsession is Wong Fu Production. Basically they are a group of asian-americans that make some pretty funny video skits and put them on YouTube, most of the time the videos are about asian-ness. Then they have like a “behind the scenes” called WongFu Weekends that are also pretty hilarious. Since those videos are upwards of about 12 minutes, they are a great time waster. I think I like watching their videos so much because I can relate to them… LOL.

Here’s a video they made with the guy who plays Mike Chang from Glee.

Another obsession I have is Classical Music. Not that I haven’t been listening to lyrical music, but I’ve just been listening to classical a lot lately. And also chinese pop music too… You’re judging me… I know it. It’s not exaclty a new obsession, but One Direction!!! They recently put out their North American Tour Schedule. The closest they’ll be to KC is Chicago. Dang.

Tomorrow I’m getting my car back, finally after about a month later. It’s about freaking time is all I’m going to say about that…. But then I’m probably going to stay home tomorrow since I work for the first time in my life on Saturday! I’ll let you know how that goes.

Okay well I should probably get back to studying…. Or procrastinating… Or whatever…

This is me procrastinating.

16 Feb

What up, broskis. Not much going on here because I’m procrastinating my studying (what’s new?).

Anyway this past weekend, Kendyl told you about our spontaneous road trip to NWMS. That was was interesting, but pretty fun. Except having a car that doesn’t have cruise control really does suck for driving long distances.

This week has been super stressful. Pretty much every night this week, I’ve been up until 2:30-3 in the morning worrying about various classes (specifically anatomy). Thankfully it snowed Sunday night/Monday morning and anatomy at 7:45 was canceled. So that meant that we didn’t have to take the quiz that was scheduled, and that gave me an extra 2 days to study. And also I got like an extra hour of sleep, which was nice.

On Valentine’s day, all the single ladies of our floor got together and ordered chinese take-out and played cranium. The chinese was actually pretty tasty. And during Cranium, Lei and I were partners, which didn’t work out too well because we came in last place. But that night was nice because I didn’t have symphony rehearsals and I wasn’t stuck in the band room for 3 hours of my life. However I ended up studying for anatomy (again) until late, which sucked.

Yesterday we had Formal Introductions for all the new Greeks. It was fancy-schmancy-ish. But basically all of the frats went around to each wing of the sorority complex and you walked down the staircase with a new frat guy and they said your name…. blah blah blah. We all also had to mingle… gross. For the most part it was quite entertaining though, because you got to see who made it into frats. One frat prepared a song, another did a Q and A session with a new sorority girl and frat guy, and they brought roses for every girl. We sang a song back to the frat who sang. And our song was…. provocative to say the least. Here’s some of what we sang: “we’re tired of being proper and prim”… “start life over leading it full of sin”…. something about “drinking margaritas in between class”…. “swinging on an outhouse door” with a nightie or something…. and the purpose of a nightie is “to be removed.” Yeah, I cannot begin to describe the awkward-ness I felt when I was singing that song… especially since I drink margaritas and like to swing on outhouse doors all the time. The whole introduction process took about 2 hours. After we got back from the complex, my whole hall got a little crazy and slap happy, and we all went to the costume closet and picked a bunch of random crap to wear and took pictures. That was actually quite fun. (Kendyl has the proof… lol.) Then after that, Kendyl and I went to the anatomy lab to finish looking at stupid bones. I ended up staying up until like 3:30 because I had another assignment that I procrastinated (The teacher didn’t even check my work today! so basically I stayed up for nothing!! pissed.)

Today I haven’t done anything too exciting. Had anatomy lab. I painted my nails. Vacuumed the floor. Studied for anatomy. Went to written communications (probably one of the lamest classes ever). Today we worked on citations. And apparently we have all been doing them wrong, and we’re not allowed to use citation machine because it’s also wrong. The teacher border line wack. She’s the biggest grammar nazi ever, no joke.

Anyway, here’s my pop culture reference of the week:

Jeremy Lin. Linsanity.
He’s chinese like me!!! And he’s also freakin’ baller. Aweee yeeeah.

That’s it from me!

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