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Holy Sunsets

8 Oct

Seriously- the sunsets here, right now, could not get any more beautiful. If I were thinking I would grab my camera and share the beauty with all of the world wide web, but alas, I don’t take enough pictures and my camera is far away from me.

Speaking of pictures- I finally took pictures of my new place! And now I would show them to you but I can’t figure this out. Maybe I’ll attach them to the end of this blog….

I can’t believe it’s already October. Where has the semester gone. And I really should know a lot more information from my classes by now- but I don’t. That’s a problem. Especially since midterms are right around the corner….

This weekend was Homecoming and I did not participate. Tori and I watched the football game on tv and we were pulverized by Montana who is ranked only one seed above us (I think). But I did learn some news yesterday… we have an actual dance for Homecoming. I seriously had no idea that it’s the same as high school with the dance and game and parade and everything! Oh and I was reminded that we have a parade at 9:30 in the morning Saturday with the band playing right outside of my dorm, they are pretty good actually.

Navigators is keeping me pretty busy. Thursday I helped to kick off the most favorited activity ever: Swing Dancing! (I actually am not a fan of swing dancing, or dancing in general, but seems like every other person involved in Navs is in love with it and is really good at it). I got to be the DJ which was great because I only had to dance twice and always had an excuse to cut out of a song early. Overall, everyone had a good time and the turn out was great! In two weeks I’ll be going to the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park for an anual conference for the Navs teams from the surrounding areas. Three or four campuses from Colorado, and a couple from New Mexico and Wyoming and maybe one from Montana. This will be my second time in the mountains this semester and I really can’t wait to see all the aspen trees being all yellow.  I will take my camera then, so I can show y’all the greatness of the mountains.

– Almost forgot! A few friends and I have been going to the rock wall at the gym almost every day this past week. It is super fun and challenging every time we go. I have a couple of nice bruises on my knees and two gross scars on the backs of both hands from hanging on for dear life when I forget that someone is holding me on to the wall with a rope. So climbing is my new favorite thing and I’m hoping to go on Thanksgiving break at IBEX.

Hope these pictures work-


30 Things I learned from College

17 Apr

30 Things I Learned from College

1. Attendance of  lectures is optional (Most my professors posted their lecture notes online along with test dates, meaning I only needed to show up for test)

2. Do not type a paper the day its due

3. Bed Time is never until after Mid Night

4. Do not do a project the day its due

5. You become a professional people watcher

6. Fraternity bro’s are as crazy as in the movies

7. If the trash starts moving around and making noise it should be taken out

8. Combine Shampoo and Body Wash so you don’t have to buy them as often

9. The school pond is infested with E Coli

10. Pepperoni Lunchables get nasty after 30 meals in a row

11. People actually drink Jungle Juice out of nasty hairy bathtubs

12. Colleges in the middle of nowhere produce more alcoholics then a bar with an entrance and no exit

13. Pizza can get unappetizing after several months

14. You skip classes because you are to lazy to climb out of your loft

15. No more than 2 cups of coffee or cans of Red Bull should be consumed daily, anymore and you start to shake and scream.

16. Easy classes are easy, hard classes are I wouldn’t know

17. The larger a class the less a professor cares

18. Labs Suck

19. Labs should be attended

20. The internet is meant to be explored During lectures

21.  That moment during a math test when the answer you get after minutes of work isn’t one of the choices, so you pick D because it hasn’t been picked for a while

22. Professors that suck at speaking English suck at teaching

23.  Microwaves are the most important devices on the planet

24. A dorm room is like a clown car, you can fit hella amounts of people in a dorm room

25. Whatever seat you pick the first day of class is yours for good, students are territorial

26. 99% of students are constantly moving, tapping legs pencils etc..

27. Laundry is best done after mid night

28. Most meals come from vending machines

29. All the socks you lose are under your bed

30. Its hard to hide a dog in a dorm room, its even harder to train a dog to use a littler box

My last few weeks have been very uneventful. This is my last week of classes, then I have finals next week, then I am done. I took my loft down today and didn’t feel like setting up my bed frame so I just set my mattress on the floor and that’s how I am keeping it. That is all.


Highly Suspicious Activity

18 Jan

Hey guys. Happy Hump Day. I always hated when other people say it but I find it acceptable when I say it but only because my sole purpose is to annoy other people who hate it.

Christmas break was nice, the first week at home lasted 1000000 years but it was okay, the 10 days in Germany lasted about 5 seconds, and the last week at home lasted about one week so it was nice to see time making sense for once.

I got back on Monday around 6:00 pm. I brought in all my stuff and noticed that we have a new suitemate. First, I was expecting two; second, I was expecting them to be international students; and third, I was expecting them to be new students at Drury. According to the door, the girl (in the singular form)’s name was Hannah, which seems to be a pretty American name. She held the door open for me, which I would expect that any decent human being would do. My roommate (Rachel) and I were surprised to hear a male’s voice in the room later that evening, and Rachel came in from the bathroom to announce that the toilet seat was up. So it’s looking likely that the girl isn’t new, and possibly just got kicked out of her old room by her old roommate. I hope she won’t use the empty room to her advantage and just have sex all the time.

Yesterday I had class at 8am. WTF.

It’s at the farthest building on campus. WTF.

It was 70 degrees Monday and 30 yesterday. WTF.

Anyway, I made it there. The class was photography by the way. It sucked getting ready in the dark and everything because Rachel doesn’t have class until 9:30. When I got to class, there was one girl I kind of knew because she’s friends with Alexis. I’m the only person who has any experience. The class is supposed to be 3 hours on Tuesday and Thursday but today it only lasted 30 minutes. The cool thing is that in the future we are able to get into the building and the photo lab at any time, 24/7 as long as we have an electronic pass.

After that I had computer science lab which wasn’t that fun but at least it was the same class as last semester so it was okay and my old math teacher brought us little delicious apple tarts randomly.

Then I had Multimedia Production. The teacher is a large black man. I also knew one person in there, not counting the President’s daughter who lives across the hall and has wild parties on school nights. I guess that class will be like broadcasting which will be fun.

Decided to leave the Christmas lights up. Rachel bought some too.

I have done some online job applications: Marshall’s, Panera, Francesca’s Closet, Krispy Kreme, Peach Wave, Perkins, Applebee’s, TGI Fridays, Olive Garden, and the Springfield Library. The Library is the only one that got back to me and said they got my application. I think some of the other places weren’t actually hiring though. I really want the library job though, seems like it would be pretty low stress. Any job that I can have that doesn’t depend on me ringing up peoples’ Christmas turkeys and cat food, would be an upgrade in my opinion.

Also, today I had 3 classes but they’re ones I already had last semester so NBD. My biggest class has about 18 people (that’s my freshman advisement class), Photography has 12, Multimedia has 12, Computer Science has 10 and Spanish has 8. Me gusta that.

Today my advisement teacher informed me and Caitlin that our professor from last semester got placed on medical leave for this semester. I feel a little guilty but she told us not to and that he really needed to get some mental help, fast.

When I came back after my last class, just a while ago, I realized that my bed has been moved. I don’t know why. I texted Rachel and she hasn’t replied. I still don’t know why my bed was moved. There’s nothing over here. I immediately suspected the new suitemate. I went to the bathroom door to see if the handle was locked to keep her out but then I realized that Rachel and I have been locked out of the bathroom from the inside. So I had to go use the public toilet. Also, I looked under my bed because I was afraid for some reason that someone would be hiding under it.

I’ll keep you updated on this thrilling development.


Update 1:54pm

Rachel says she came back to the room before me and my bed was like that. Needless to say now I am really freaked the effff out.

Update 8:56pm

I asked my RA about it and she said that maintenance replaced the heating filters (???) and were so courteous as to not move my bed back. Phew. I can sleep tonight.

Titles are hard

9 Sep

Tonight’s dinner: french toast sticks, sausage, endless supply of syrup and chocolate milk. It was delicious. College has one thing right… chocolate milk.
In other news, last night my suite mate Chelsea and I went to the hang-out room (which is not mine, but is Joe and Tunde’s) and watched 2 scary movies at like 2am. Two! First of all, I have only watched 3 scary movies in my life (including the ones I watched last night). Second of all, best friends and/or boyfriends are a requirement when watching scary movies. Of those two things, neither are here so no more scary movies for me.

So before I get into the details of the scary movie night, I’ll give y’all the DL on my floor mates.

Tori: room mate and friend from elementary school

Chelsea: suite mate and the closest friend I’ve made here.

Stephanie: other suite mate..

Joe: boy who lives down the hall and is a one week (so far) recovering alcohol drinker.

Tunde: hard-core black guy, super funny

Andrew: hangs with Joe all the time and is from rich country CO

Matt: he’s kinda idiot, he’s small and mexican and hates scary movies just as much as I do

Okay, so there are others on my hall but these are the ones I see the most. Last night, went into Joe and Tunde’s room and they had already started the first movie, paranormal activity 2, and there were 3 other girls from north side in there too. I stared out sitting on the floor alone but moved to the already packed bed because I could hide behind people. By the time the second movie was in, my arm was numb from it being squeezed so hard, the other girls had left, and Tunde was telling us scary stories whilst eating a calzone that smelled like heaven(from DP Dough’s… ever heard of it? I had not). Also, during the second movie Matt, see reference above, decided he wanted to scare me during the long pauses of the movie… I screamed, then punched him. After the movies were over, it was Joe’s idea to head down to the basement of our hall which is rumored to be haunted. Thankfully I’m a fast runner and ran straight to my room avoiding the ghosts I was sure to  be downstairs.

Thursdays are my favorite. No class and can sleep in peace since Tori has class. So if y’all are bored on Thursdays in the after noon, don’t hesitate to chat, hangout, or Skype. (:

Writing your phone number on other’s whiteboards, is that classy or what?! I walked into my room this afternoon and a phone number with a smile and short message awaited me. Too bad it is not form a boy from the 5th floor.. seems like all the cute ones are on the 5th floor hiding.

Oh and I really like writing letters. It’s my new hobby. And thank goodness for CPE last year or else I wouldn’t know how to make an envelope!


First week & The Dirty D a nickname makes it cooler

1 Sep

So I still have yet to be given homework, yesterday the JWs grill opend in the food court(its soooo GOOODDD), also yesterday I practiced with the Northwest club soccer team and got invited back to practice with them again tonight(HOLLLAA). Last night after soccer practice I went and played glow in the dark frisbee(colored glow sticks coordinated the teams) it was really fun.

I have been living on The Dirty D 5th floor for a week now and heres the scoop: 1. If I walk around the floor around 9oclock on any night I can prob find atleast one sock on a door knob(yes its what you think it means).2. Saturday around 4p.m while walking to the bathroom I could here someone having very loud sex in there room(there was no sock on his door knob).3. The building itself besides looking like a prsion at times( plain concrete walls) is actually pretty clean.4. Its HOT.5. Theres a guy who I call The Beard that just goes from room to room trying to start partys and be loud {constantly}, and pick up ladys( he scares me to).6. My roommate is messy(TO SAY THE LEAST)(HES @#$%&ING MESSSY)leaves everything laying around his desk is covered in clothes along with our floor, he leaves his laptop, phone, and ipod laying around on the floor(ive stepped on all of them).7. The guy I mentioned earleir THE BEARD has a complete @#$%&ing sound system in his room( he is 8 rooms from me and I can still feel my kidneys vibrating when hes playing music) I thought we were being bombed the first time he turned it on.9. There is a guy from Nebraska on my floor who explained to me in detail how to make turtle soup(I didnt even mention turtles).10. There is a Dirty D dance party in the works for the coming weeks and its being planned by THE BEARD and his sound system(If you thought Prom was a grind fest).. More to come Some Time


Nick: Mizzou (it doesn’t need a cool nickname)

31 Aug

College is picking up. Got a lot of work. Right now, my life consists of studying and the rec center (let’s not forget the rare visit to check up on MOH-sis; he’s crazy by the way). I’ve got something constantly to do, which worries me, because I’d like to fit in a part time job and getting involved with the Mizzou Hydrogen Car Team..ahhh. Let me say, I am SO glad I rarely people from high school. No being super nice, no forced talks. It’s awesome. I know you guys are jealous. Kendyl. I know you love talking to “said” Dominican from WC. I wish you guys could hang out more awesome. She’d be an awesome friend.

What I find funny, is I’m in an engineering dorm, so most people keep to themselves and don’t go crazy, but go over to Moses’ dorm, there’s people smashed and passing drinks around. It’s amusing to watch. Benefits of going to Moses’ dorm: making fun of people, getting free cake on random girls’ birthdays, forced introductions (Moses’ doing), and clubbin’ girls with dresses just long enough to keep their horse-sized rear from popping out (not a benefit).

I’ll write more, but I thought I would say a little before my next class. Later.

P.S.: I’ve posted one picture representing my life right now. Not a pretty sight.


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