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70 Days and counting

20 Jan

A few weeks ago I went to Red Rocks Amphitheater and looked around. It is easily the coolest concert venue I have ever been to and I plan on attending a concert there sometime this year. Then me and some guys I work with rode longboards around Denver for a few hours and hit up a few skate parks we also went to my favorite store on earth REI.Red Rocks

Red RocksThis last week Ski Patrol opened some black diamond terrain only accessible by a 150 yard hike uphill in knee and waist deep snow. I jumped at the opportunity to ride somewhere that only a few dozen people have skied this winter and tried out my new camera. The hike was a killer and parts were so steep I had to jam my board into the snow for traction. I was sweating a lot by the time I finally reached the top but it was worth getting to ride the deepest snow on the mountain.

Thats Me^

This next week I am going to start learning to ride superpipe and after that my knee should be strong enough to hit some big jump lines.


Days I Have Snowboarded This Year: 70

Peace, Love, and Happiness

Live A Little


Bucket List!

24 Dec

Five or Six years ago around my freshman year of high school I typed out my bucket list for a school project, I have added to it a few times over the years but mostly it has sat on my flash drive untouched. So I decided to see just how many things I have actually done on this list.

Bucket List

  1. Learn to Break Dance
  2. Learn to Surf
  3. Learn to Wakeboard
  4. Learn to Water Ski
  5. Learn Bike Back flip
  6. Learn to Snowboard Back flip
  7.  Learn to Long Board
  8.  Learn to 360 on a Snowboard
  9. Learn to Superman on Bike
  10. Learn to table on bike
  11. Go Scuba Diving
  12. Go Stand up Paddle boarding
  13. Cliff drop 20+ feet on snowboard
  14. Learn to Wall flip
  15. Learn to Method on Snowboard
  16. Learn to Whip on Mountain Bike
  17. Week+ Kayaking trip
  18. Climb up a 14,000 foot mountain from bottom to top
  19. Get a college degree
  20. Mountain Bike in Utah
  21. Mountain bike in Vancouver
  22. Snowboard in Vancouver
  23. Get Dread Locks
  24. Drive across North America
  25. Drive across Canada
  26. Drive to Alaska
  27. Spend a night on a mountain
  28. Go to or throw a Huge epic Party
  29. Go to Burning Man
  30. Hike the Grand Canyon
  31. Go on a several night backpacking trip
  32. Go on a week + road trip
  33. Travel to another continent
  34. See a wild Bear
  35. Snowboard 100 days in a winter
  36. Work at a ski resort
  37. Run from the police
  38. Drive to the top of Trail Ridge Road
  39. Drive to the top of Pikes Peek
  40. Go white water Kayaking
  41. Go on  a overnight Kayaking trip
  42. Go to a huge rave
  43. Visit Yellowstone national park
  44. Visit Yosemite national park
  45. Visit Glacier national park
  46. Visit every national park
  47. Fly in a airplane
  48. See the northern lights
  49. Master ultimate Frisbee
  50. Bowl more then 120
  51. Score a goal on a bicycle kick
  52. Climb all of Colorado’s 14eeners
  53. Explore a cave
  54. Go zip lining
  55. Go to the Winter X Games
  56. Go to Summer X Games
  57. See a rain forest
  58. Go over 150 MPH
  59. Go to a playoff game at Allen Fieldhouse
  60. Go to a chiefs playoff game
  61. Go to a Royals playoff game
  62. Go to a college football playoff game
  63. Go to a Sporting KC playoff game
  64. Rush the field after a playoff game
  65. Compete in a Snowboard Competition
  66. Snowboard in the backcountry
  67. Climb Mt. McKinley
  68. Go bouldering
  69. Go to New York city
  70. Go to Chicago
  71. Go to Denver
  72. Go to Milwaukee
  73. Go to Seattle, WA
  74. See Niagara Falls
  75. Go to Boston
  76. Go to Salt Lake City, UT
  77. Go to Moab, UT
  78. Go to Las Vegas
  79. Visit every Province in Canada
  80. Go to the most eastern part of Main possible
  81. Go Snowboarding in Europe
  82. See the Himalayas
  83. See the seven natural wonders of the world
  84. Hike Yosemite Half Dome
  85. Meet Shawn white
  86. Meet Louie Vito
  87. Play Humans Vs. Zombies
  88. Camp on snow
  89. Learn to Ski
  90. Hit 60 mph on snowboard
  91. Party in another country

If I were to retype this now is would easily be over 500 items long. But I do most things spur of the moment which is why this list sat untouched on my flash drive for years. I will probably never add to it or look at it again, if I do anything else on this list it will be because I woke up one morning and thought to myself  “I am going to do (insert awesome thing here) today”.

Next weekend I plan on going backcountry snowboarding off Loveland Pass. I plan on hiking from my car at the summit along the top of the peaks until I am about a half mile into the backcountry, where I will hopefully find fresh powder and not trigger a avalanche. Wish me Luck!

Days I Have Snowboarded This Winter: 46

Peace, Love, and Happiness

Live A Little


Dislocated Shoulder

9 Dec

Last Tuesday I dislocated my left shoulder. I was snowboarding pretty fast (around 40 mph) down a not very busy part of the mountain when I jumped off a roller only to see a guy sitting on the other side. I didn’t see him until I was already in the air so when I landed all I could do to avoid him was make a very hard cut to my left. But the cut was too much for my knee which gave out causing my toe side edge to dig into the snow slamming me forward onto my head and shoulder which I felt and heard pop out of place on impact. Luckily I was able to pop it back in place with only one try, and I didn’t have to snowboard down the mountain with my shoulder out of its socket swinging around freely. Its been pretty sore very since I dislocated it and it makes a popping noise any time I lift anything or move my arm fast which sucks because my job is a lot of lifting things/people and having quick hands. I’m a little worried I might have torn something in my shoulder just because of the constant pain I have had the last week and the fact that I cant even hold my arm straight out without it shaking real bad and giving out.

It’s been snowing off and on but mainly on for about 4 straight days now and it’s not supposed to stop for another 2 days. A lot of snow means new terrain will open on the mountain very soon, which is great because I am getting bored with riding overcrowded green and blue runs. I’m ready for all the steeper  more challenging black diamond runs to open up along with tree skiing. All this snow also means powder to ride which I enjoy doing for than pretty much anything on earth. I don’t think there is anything more fun than floating through a few feet of fresh snow making fast sharp turns while bombing down the mountain as fast as possible.

About a week ago the Super Pipe here became the first in the world to open this winter. Being the only one in the world open it naturally attracted pretty much every professional skier and snowboarder on earth. In my last two weeks of work I have seen, met, or talked to more Olympic skiers/snowboarders then I can name, including two of my favorite snowboarders Shaun White and Louie Vito. I have wanted to learn to ride pipe since I first started snowboarding 5 years ago. But since my knee is still healing from ACL surgery I am going to wait another month until it’s at full strength, then I will finally ride a super pipe.

It’s hard for me to blog about my time here because for the most part I do the same things every day and every night. I either work all day and snowboard some, or I don’t work at all and I get to snowboard all day and every night I bro down throw down with my fellow employees (party, chill, have as much fun as humanly possible). I have snowboarded everyday for the last 31 days and although fun and super awesome I feel like it’s a little boring to blog about after a month and a half.

Days I Have Snowboarded This Winter: 34

Peace, Love, and Happiness

Live A Little



19 Feb

Don’t worry guys, I’m talking about ski poles….

The past week has gone by exceptionally fast considering my least favorite holiday started it all. Monday night, Tori and I went to see The Vow. Such a good movie and great company too.Then Valentines Day….. bleh. Thanks for the Valentines by the way! Kendyl, you are too creative and cute for your own good, Cathy- I loved all the buttons and the color scheme was perfect! I also got flowers! So sweet, it actually made me like Tuesday. (And who cares if they were from my grandparents…) Valentines Day wasn’t actually all that of a big deal like I thought it might be. I had Biology Lab from 7-10pm so my TA was my hot date. And actually it was a little awk because we were studying plant reproduction and, don’t get me wrong I really like my lab TA, but some of the things he was talking about just made flower sex lab on Valentines Day awk. Oh and it didn’t really help that I stayed late to have him quiz me (like I always do because bio is dumb) and I was the last one in there.. I don’t know man, I don’t know.

Another exciting thing that happened this week occurred on Thursday night. I’m taking a theatre class and we had to see a show. Dancing at Lughnasa. It was different but I really loved it and I wish I could be in a show.Actually, I just want to be Glinda the Good Witch in the Broadway musical Wicked.

Then Friday was a blur because I was supa pumped to go skiing! But to meet up with the AFS kids aka my bro from Spain to get my lift ticket, Tori and I were going to have to leave Cow-Town at 6am. Not happenin’. So the Broyer’s booked us a hotel in Old Town Winter Park for the night. We ate at Hernando’s which is known for there inside decor and great Italian food;

Baked Rigatoni and Cheese Ravioli and a family sized portion of bread (I just love taking pictures of my food... is that weird?)

we stayed at some hotel, which was really cute and had huge beds that felt like clouds compared to our plastic mats we sleep on here. And finally skiing at Winter Park! HOLY COW. Ski trip to Winter Park is the best Christmas present ever. I have been so stressed and worried about school and almost miserable because of a few events that have happened this past week (they are irrelevant) that this trip could not have come at a better time.

Skiing with my bro from Spain

Here I am with Nacho, somewhere close to the top of the mountain at Winter Park.

 Overall, the best part of the week is that I’m alive! I survived a stressful week and skiing for the first time. (I am not too bad at skiing either, I did a lot better this time than when we went to Snow Creek)
Next thing I want to conquer: water skiing or parasailing.
-Morgan the Adventurer
Now it’s time to rearrange the room! Goodbye bunk beds!


13 Feb

These past two weeks have been the busiest ever.

Last week I did something I’ve never done before; I got a tutor. That was probably one of the toughest things I’ve done in awhile. I am way too stubborn to ask for help but if I want to pass Organismal Biology, I’m going to need my tutor. I have studied more for this class in the past weeks than I have ever studied before in my entire life. Note to everyone out there- biology is stupid, I prefer non-living things (ex. rocks, dust, dirt, sediment, cookies, ice-cream, sleep). I also joined a Bible study that meets on Monday nights. There are 5 other freshmen girls in it and right now we are studying the book of Hebrews. It’s pretty interesting and Hebrews is only 13 chapters so y’all should read it if you have the chance.

Almost fun thing that happened this week, I went to a Valentine’s Day party! But don’t get too excited, it was thrown by Navigators (the Christian ministry on campus). I helped decorate for 3 hours before the party, met some people, then when everybody started dancing I snuck out the door. Me + dancing = disaster. I didn’t want to lose the friends I had just made. (:

This weekend Tori’s family moved to a new house. It is super huge and pretty. I have never really helped anyone move before and, man, it was not easy. (I also contracted a cold or something this weekend so that didn’t help). If any of you ever move, I will help by paying someone else to give you a massage after it’s all done and then I’ll go to your house and complement on how good everything looks. If you really really really do need help I will volunteer, but you better have a hot tub for me to soak in afterwards. (Tori’s fam has/had one but it wasn’t working properly this weekend- super sad)

Tomorrow, Tori and I are going to see The Vow. I am so ready. I have tissues and new water proof mascara and lots of candy. I literally cannot wait to see this movie. I also want to see The Lucky One staring Zach Efron, The Lorax, New Years Eve, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Mirror Mirror, The Hunger Games, and How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (this is a musical staring first Daniel Radcliffe, then Darren Criss, then Nick Jonas I want to see it three times). All these cost money and I aint got none. Bummed. I applied to 3 places to work at over the summer, and will be applying to a 4th over spring break- I better get one.

Things to look forward to this weekend: skiing on saturday.

Things I’m afraid might kill me this weekend: skiing on saturday.

I hope to tell y’all all about it next week, if I make it!


p.s. I might be changing my major………………..

p.p.s. Whitney Houston died on saturday and I am very sad about this, so I tagged her in my post.


Before you burn me at the stake…

27 Jan

Sorry bros. I know yesterday was my blogging day. But I was just so super busy this whole week that it slipped my mind.
First of all it was/is recruitment week. Second we left for Colorado last night. Thirdly, I had symphony rehearsal. And lastly, if you read my post, it was Chinese New Year so I went home for some din din.

I actually missed a lot of recruitment week this week because of all of the mention reasons. But the days that I did go to were a lot of fun. But the sorority I would like to join didn’t invite me to their events because I missed out on the meet people days.  My choices are the ADPi or DZ. The girls in the first one are nice, but just a little bit socially awkward. And the DZ girls are super nice also, but their nicknames are D-Z sleezies OR Easy D-Zs.

Also I cut my hair super short if you didn’t see that on FB.

Anyway, I’m blogging from COLORADO! It’s currently snowing and super windy. We’re at the ski resort. Here’s the view:


Derek and Cody decided to go ski/snowboard. Me, Kendyl and Lei are chillin in the restaurant/lounge area. Lei and I are too poor and well underprepared to be out on the slopes. And all of us just feel like crap from what seems to be the longest road trip ever. Like we have headaches, aches, and are just plain tired. Kendyl has been up for pretty much a day and a couple of hours. She took mini naps that didn’t last more than 30 mins I’d say. I slept probably a couple hours, but uncomfortably.

We’ll be here until Monday. And we’ll be seeing SHAUN WHITE! I’m not as big of a fan as Derek or Kendyl are. But I’m not going to lie, I’m SUPER excited to see him.

I’m sure you’ll hear more about our trip soon! 🙂 Wish you all were here with us!

PS. Sorry if nothing makes sense in this post or there’s a lot of grammatical errors– I’m super tired.

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