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Real Life Again

22 Jan

Well, here I am in my fourth day back on the Lane. It’s really hard to believe that break’s already over, and I’m in Springfield again. The past two years of college, I always spent around half of my break in Germany, so it never felt very long. This year, even though I went to Germany, I still had four weeks of break at home and I was expecting it to go pretty slow since I wasn’t working or anything. I guess I was having too much fun with you guys and my family for it to go by as quickly as it did.

I can’t say that I’m unhappy to be back in Springfield though. I packed all my stuff, most of which was never unpacked from London, and on Saturday my family and I drove down here in three separate cars. We arrived around 4pm and went to Lambert’s for dinner. That’s our tradition. Then we went back to the hotel. In the morning, we drove all three cars over to school and I moved into my new apartment in University Suites. And it’s pretty suite. Did I tell you I forgot my textbooks at home? Basic. We ate at Fazoli’s and made our annual Walmart run, then Becky left to go to Rolla and the rest of my family went back home. I hung out with Carson and we waited for Hanna to get here.

Sunday night I hung out with Hanna and another roommate, Morgan, and some of their sorority friends. Woke up Monday morning not feeling so hot, haha… took a shower which was the worst shower of my life because the water was coming out too hard and then Madi (who we went to London with) picked Hanna and me up for lunch. I felt better by then, and when we came home Hanna and I went to Carson’s for a little. I had Panera for dinner and Caitlin came over to watch the Bachelor. I spent the rest of the night taking buzzfeed quizzes and hanging up the rest of my wall decorations.

Yesterday I had two classes, Intro to Environmental Science which I’m guessing will be just like my Climate Change class I had with the same teacher in fall 2012, and Communication and Ethics, which is with the teacher I had for Presentational Speaking class freshman year. I am about 99% sure he teared up at one point. I think that class will be good though. I met with the Spanish professor who will be doing my independent study with me and we decided on meeting days/times. I also talked to my manager at the family center and I emailed him my hours of availability so hopefully the ball gets rolling on that pretty soon. I skyped Moritz and then went to dinner with Hanna and Morgan, and we came back and sat in the kitchen and talked for about five hours and ate some chocolate cake and then went to bed.

This morning I woke up early at about 7:15 and took a shower, which I have now (mostly) fixed… for the first time, I didn’t get water all over the floor! I picked up my textbooks I ordered from the bookstore and ate breakfast in the commons (it’s omelette day). Then I went to my first class, Strategic Writing for Advertising and Public Relations. It’s my first 400-level Communication class, and it’s with my adviser/the head of the communication department, so I think it will be really tough but the teacher is so nice and I know she is going to teach me a lot. It’s my smallest class too, and a lot of us already know each other. One interesting thing about it, though, is that we have to dress “professional” every Wednesday and that’s actually part of our grade.

Then I had Web Communication with my Media Writing teacher from last year and we’re going to make our own website, so I think that will be pretty fun. I think I might do mine about London. He says we are required to buy our own domain and web server (since he only made us get one textbook. ha)

After class, I drove to Clinton, MO, which is about halfway between Independence and Springfield, to meet my mom so she could give me the rest of my textbooks (oooops). We had lunch at Applebee’s and I told her about my classes so far and she gave me my books plus some more stuff I requested like nail polish and hot chocolate. So I just got back about an hour ago.

Well, school’s off to a good start but I can definitely tell it’s going to be a busy and challenging semester. I proved I could handle it last spring, but let’s just hope that London didn’t make me too lazy and forget my good habits.


I rapped and danced. say wut?

26 Apr

On Friday I attended my RA’s graduation party. There were puppies, ducks, bunnies, and kittens that people could play with (except I couldn’t play with the kittens. But they were so cute!) We also made forts out of cardboard boxes. And I ate a lot of sour gummy worms and peanut butter m&ms.

On Saturday I volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House with my sorority. We made breakfast for the people staying there, which was torture because I hadn’t eaten all morning and we weren’t allowed to eat anything we made. I went home later that night because I had to work the next day.

On Sunday I worked. It was really not that busy because it was kind of chilly. The manager left pretty early and it was a bunch of high school kids running the place, plus me and Derek. So not much got done after that and we all basically just sat around waiting until we could go home. It was kind of awkward because all the high schoolers talked about all their high school things and it made me a bit glad that I am no longer in that hell-hole. After work, I went straight back to school because we had rehearsals for our dorm’s padaegent Miss Ely. The 5 halls nominate a contestant and there’s like a talent, q&a, and evening wear portions, and the whole hall could be involved. So I rapped, and danced. It was a grand ole time! And our hall won!! It was awesome.

Here’s the video  of the talent portion I danced in. Our shirts spell out “milkshake.”

After Miss Ely, I pulled an all nighter for anatomy, which wasn’t worth it since I did HORRIBLY on the quiz. I just hate that class. But I think I’ve already mentioned that. After the quiz, I skipped my psych class to sleep. #winning

Yesterday, after walking back from my class, I saw these weird looking tropical trucks driving onto the quad area. Little did I know that there was going to be FREE SNO CONES ON THE QUAD FOR EVERYONE!! One of the reasons I like going to Jewell, you get lots of free stuff. However I only got one sno cone because by the time I went back to get a second one around mid-afternoon, they had apparently run out of ice. WTF. The sno cone truck runs out of ice. You would think they would have a rather large supply supply of it right?! WRONG. OH THE IRONY. Makes me angry. But whateves.

Today was STEAK NIGHT at dinner!! Here’s  a glorious picture of that meal. I always get stuck with the dinky steaks though. But it was gooooooood dinky steak, for sure. Also I went to Mosaic (a little campus worship service) for the first time tonight. It was nice.

Tomorrow is my sorority’s formal. I kind of want to go but I kind of don’t want to. Since all underclass men have to wear black/white/gray/no colors (the seniors are the only ones who wear color) I’m re-wearing a dress from homecoming or courtwarming a couple years ago… I don’t remember which dance it’s from. I just didn’t want to stress about having to look for a dress.

Then Saturday is my last Symphony Concert of the year. This music has been nothing but stressful (as if I needed more stress on top of anatomy). I’m not sure if anyone is really ready for the concert actually. I’ll let you know how that goes.




24 Apr

The last few weeks have been super super busy for me. The week before last was initiation week for my sorority so we had things almost every night. We had history night, family night, sister share night and then initiation on Friday where we did secret sorority things. It’s a secret, you wouldn’t understand (that is an office reference for those of you who are fans). Then that Saturday I worked 7:00am-12:00 with Kelsey at the marina (I think one of the only people that doesn’t consume copious amounts of alcohol and smoke weed). Then that evening we had our Crown Formal which was nautical themed. I didn’t bring a date because all the guys here are royal douches. It was a lot of fun and we basically just danced the entire time because well it was a dance (if you were wondering yes, I am still a terrible dancer. There are some things College just can’t change). Then that Sunday we played a soccer game against Benedictine, my coaches twin brother’s team. I seriously wish I had taken a picture of them both standing on the sideline because it was hilarious because they are basically the same person.

Last Wednesday we had this thing called Jewellstock and it was AWESOME! There was copious amounts of food and cotton candy. They had a ton of inflatables, which I love and big wheeled tricycles. I just wish it was Jewellstock every day. Then Friday was Colloquium day and I had to go see a couple presentations so I went to a music one (Zac was in) and I went to one on homelessness in schools. If I didn’t have to do this for class I probably wouldn’t have, but it was good. Also Friday after practice we had to help with a Fundraiser which consisted of us basically sitting on a bench and watching people hit golf balls for 3 and a half hours. I hit a golf ball for the first time in my life and let me tell you I’m no Tiger Woods (because I suck and I didn’t have multiple affairs). I was supposed to get two people to come, but lets get real, I live in Independence, I don’t know anyone who golfs. The only person who would have gone was Tristan, but he had a track meet.

Saturday I went to my Sorority moms wedding and got some yummy cake and punch afterwards. It was very pretty and she looked beautiful. Then afterwards I went thrifting with Megan and Mary Ann. I found this awesome retro green fondue pot, a Patagonia wind breaker (thanks to guans), and a mirror with a cool frame which I plan to pinterest the shit out of (yes pinterest can be used as a verb). Then at 3:30 we had to meet at the maybee center to leave for our games in Iowa on Sunday. Let me tell you how cheap our school is, we took one 15 passenger van (I was on this with 14 other people and our stuff), one of the girls SUV that held 5 people and then our goalie coach drove separately, the ride was just such a joy. We went to one of our player’s houses that lives in Iowa and her family made dinner for us. It was so delicious, it was lasagna, baked ziti, fruit, veggies, olive garden breadsticks and salad, and tons of delicious deserts. I ate so much food. It was the bomb. Then we hung out there for a while. We watched Jefferson play guitar hero which was hilarious. First of all he doesn’t ever cuss so when he messed up he would yell “Bleep it”. Then he also was doing herkies (cheerleader things I don’t know how to spell it) while he was playing. On our way to our hotel we got separated from Jefferson who was driving the SUV because he’s kind of a maniac driver and Howard took an off ramp going way to fast and we seriously thought the van was going to tip (just imagine 14 girls screaming at the same time). When we finally got to the hotel it was really sketchy, there were atleast 20 people outside smoking and several sketchy people inside in the lobby. Usually there are 4 of us to a room, but since only 18 of us went it was only Stephanie and I in our room. When we walk in our room the sheets are messed up like someone had slept there and I guess I had a really nervous look on my face because I scared Steph and we practically ran out of there (thoughts of scary movies were running through my mind, like someone hiding in the shower). The coaches room was the same way, I guess they double booked the rooms so they started to look for a new hotel. We waited in the lobby while everyone else was in their rooms, besides the coaches. These are the group texts Jefferson sent out: “Evacuation plans are being considered… Standby”, “Move out!!”, “2 minutes to evacuate! Save yourself and your teammates”, and “THIS IS NOT A DRILL!”. It was quite comical, but we ended up getting to stay in a Holiday Inn (that never happens) and we had a really good breakfast. Sunday we played Drake and we beat them 1-0 and we played Winona State and we lost 3-0, but our goalie was out so that played a factor in the second game. My mom, Kellan, Tristan, and Babs came to the game so I went home with them so I didn’t have to ride in the van and we walked around campus for a while because Tristan is thinking about going there.

I pulled my second legit all nighter Sunday night, studied all night for anatomy and then went strait to class at 7:45am. My end of the school year checklist still has way too many things on it, but I’m working on it.

May the odds ever be in your favor during finals week. I want to go Katniss Everdeen on my anatomy final, but I will probably end up more like rue, being ravaged by it.

Keep it Classy!


P.S. It’s almost summer! I can’t wait!!!

P.P.S. Sorry this is so long. Listen to Mountain Sound by Of Monsters and Men. It is awesome.


19 Apr

Hey bros!

On Tuesday, people classified as freshmen registered for classes for next semester. That was super stressful for me because I tend to freak out in those situations, and also a couple of the classes that I wanted to take were on the verge of being completely filled so I had to rearrange several things right before registration opened. And also since everyone seemed to be pressing the “submit” button right at 10 PM, the server crashed. I had to re-click submit like 4 times. And because of that, I’m not sure if I will be getting into the WWII and the Holocaust class. But I’ve been emailing people about it, because 17 is a silly number for maximum number of students. SHM. #smallschoolprobs

Also this week, since I won’t be living in the sorority complex, I’ve been on a search for a roommate for next year. I was originally planning to live with another soccer player, Lauren. We’ve had several classes together this year. But she found out today that she gets to live in the sorority complex. Kim, a girl from our hall, didn’t have a roommate either… until now! So now and a some of other girls from our hall are planning to live in the same building/hall next semester. Totes looking forward to that!

Yesterday was JewellStock. Basically the school brings in a bunch of inflatables (including the obstacle course inflatable from project grad) and everyone just hangs out outside. There was also free cotton candy and free dinner. Well I don’t think it’s really “free” because we’re paying a lot to be here…. I had a lot of cotton candy… Kendyl had significantly more. So she was on a sugar high for quite some time. I also injured myself going down the big inflatable slide because my arm rubbed up against the side of the slide the whole way down. Pretty sure it took off a few layers of skin. It’s a little sore today and I think there are some blisters that formed… Gross.

Today I had a Psych Test. And for some random reason my nose started bleeding in the middle of it. That WOULD happen to me. But it’s a good thing I had some napkins in my backpack. Also today my hall also went to Los Compas for dinner for 3 dollar tacos. Apparently it’s the cool hangout on Taco Thrusdays for Jewell kids because pretty sure a third of our school population was there. And after that we went to Lemon Tree (like Yogurtini, only in Liberty). YUM.

Tomorrow we don’t have classes because it’s colloquium day. So I’ll probably get to sleep in for a little bit, which will be nice. Then this weekend is going to be super busy. Saturday I’m volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House (my sorority’s philanthropy) for a couple hours. Then one of my hall-mate’s wants to go check out a church’s evening weekend service. Then Sunday I work. And I have to be back here for our dorm’s pageant. I’m rapping a small section and dancing for part of our hall’s presentation. It will be awesome!!

Three weeks, bros. Hopefully anatomy doesn’t kill me. Literally. I’m really worried for my sanity and how my brain is going to hold all of that information for the comprehensive final. I hate anatomy. But not as much as I hate the instructor….


Thank Goodness it’s another break

5 Apr

Yep. That’s right. Easter break is here. No classes until Tuesday!

On Friday I went to see the music department’s opera, which was actually super good, and super short, which was also good. Then Saturday I went to see the ballet at the Kauffman. Honestly I was so tired from work that I dozed off a little bit  at the end, and I missed probably the most exciting parts, according to the people I sat around. The beginning was weird because… well I have no other way to describe it other than “it was werid.” Haha. So that was my cultured weekend….

This week in reality was super short since we didn’t have class on Tuesday. But since there was a break waiting for us at the end of the week it of course felt like it was super long. Tuesday we had advising meeting to figure out our plans for next semester. I’ll be taking Chinese. Super excited about that actually. And I’ll also be taking Physiology (if I don’t decided to take it at Blue River over the summer), Pilates, violin, symphony and WWII and the Holocaust, which is supposed to be a really good and interesting class. Anyway, since it was a shortened week, I had no motivation to do much of anything. So I read the Hunger Games and finished it yesterday (basically mine and Kendyl’s room was a “reading hunger games” room because that’s all we did for like 2 days. lol). OMG. It was sooo good. I’m going to see the movie tomorrow in the morning. I’ve been watching Youtube videos on the movie since I finished dinner. Yeah… not being productive.

This week was also initiation week for the newest members of my sorority. Basically they joined after I was initiated. So I was down at the complex a lot this week, and I had to stay at school today until about 7 because today was the BIG ceremony, when I could have left at around noon. That was a bummer. Also I’m apart of my sorority’s team in BOTAB (battle of the air bands), which is a fundraiser for some frat where you dance. Yeah. I didn’t want to but they sort of guilt tripped some girls into doing it because at the first rehearsal there were apparently only 6 girls who showed up. Yesterday’s rehearsal… there was 10, including me. Still kind of pathetic, but oh well.

Anyway, in other news #anyonebutKANSAS. And also Happy Easter!! 😀


There’s something on the floor…

4 Apr

I feel like not much has happened, yet I don’t know where the whole week went since last Wednesday.

Thursday I had to do a “funny” project for video class with a partner… first, I don’t know anyone in my class of 10 people. Second, this project is not for a grade so why would I want to do it?
Anyway, a girl named Lindsey who is on the soccer team, and in the sorority with a certain reputation, asked me if I wanted to be her partner so I was. She is really nice. We went to her apartment and pretended we had a club where we obsessively painted our nails and it turned out better than we were expecting.

Usually on the weekends I hang out with Caitlin, but this weekend she went to Truman State to visit her two best friends, so I was like well now what? Anyway, I ended up laying outside on a blanket in the sun with Kayla for 2 hours (after properly applying sunscreen, of course). Then we hung out in her room for a while, played tennis outside, and then decided to WALK to downtown Springfield around 9:00pm. The walk seems much longer than the drive, but we always have lots to talk about so it was fun. We went to Starbucks in the Bistro Market, and then proceeded to the newly renovated Park Central Square where we witnessed some 15 year olds smoking cigarettes and acting like, well, 15 year olds. I was grateful to be wearing a sweatshirt that proclaimed DRURY across the front, so everyone would know we were at LEAST college age, in case there was any doubt.

Also, there was a fight somewhere I think and so then the whole slew of police cars, a firetruck, and a ambulance came blaring by. Then we saw a guy running around on the roofs of buildings. And some people who were in a sword-fighting club just doing their thing at the square. We went to Jordan Valley Park, and eventually returned back to school around midnight.

Saturday I just acted like a bum and finished my research paper that was due Monday. Sunday I didn’t do much either. I laid out with Kayla again, and skyped, so that was important!

Monday was not noteworthy, other than getting froyo at a place downtown that is not very good… it’s not a franchise, maybe that’s why, but their cheesecake bites taste more like cornbread…

Yesterday sucked big big balls. I wanted to skip photography because I’ve finished the next project, but noooo then he sent an email and was like “yo guyz I need u to B here Tuesday bcuz im liek gonna go over the final assignment.” Well DAMN. I got my butt out of bed at 7:30, went to class at 8, stayed for 15 min as he explained the assignment, and went back to bed at 8:30. POINTLESS. Got up at 10:30, cause we had a meeting about picking our apartment for next year at 11. We were 3rd to choose and got the 2nd floor, YES! That lasted until 11:30, and then I had class starting at 11:30 until 1:30. Then class from 1:30 to 3. Then an interview for Drury Ambassadors at 3:30, and then a meeting for this honor society at 4:15. Yes, yesterday really sucked big balls. It’s like everyone was just like “oh hay how can we make Cathy have the most busiest day everrrrr” and then they planned accordingly. Aaand that’s my soapbox.

In other news, my parents have officially told me Moritz can come on vacation with our family this year 🙂

In other other news, I was woken up at 1:00 am by some girls in my hallway being very loud and exclaiming. I went to the door, opened it to ask them to be quiet and they said “Someone shit on the floor!” But they were quiet after that.


Posting 10 mins before deadline #winning

1 Mar

This week has been pretty busy for me (one of the reasons i’m typing this blog entry at 11:21, I know I’m cutting it close. Don’t burn me at the stake please.)

Monday- Had an anatomy quiz. Pretty much we have to treat the quizzes like tests. They’re pretty hard if not as hard as the tests. Worst feeling in the world is when you feel confident with your answers and get your test/quiz back and realize you were wrong. Sucks to suck bro.

Tuesday- Had an interview with Jackson County Parks and Rec in the morning. I got really paranoid when I arrived to the marina because I wasn’t sure if I was at the right place. The interview itself was kind of interesting. The interviewer told me he didn’t really know how to interview people. And the questions he did prepare to ask me, I apparently was flying through. Which I didn’t know if it was a good or bad thing. But anyway I got the job (yay!). Then I went back to Pimpdence because my 12:25 class (also my only class) for the day was canceled. So I went to Poppy’s for a doughnut, lounged around my house for a bit, visited my GMa and Uncle, and visited my dad and step-mom after that and ate lunch with them. Once I got back to Jewell I had symphony rehearsals. And also this is the day I became car-less. My cousin’s car is getting fixed and needed to borrow someone’s car to get to work for the week… That car happened to be mine. Sucks to suck. I’ll get it back this weekend hopefully. Also our “Mom-Dot” week started Tuesday! Got a lot of stuff and t-shirts and stuffed lions (my sorority’s mascot)! They’re so cute! Also, this is the night it stormed like crazy. And pretty much all of the wifi on campus went out until the next afternoon. That was torturer.

Wednesday- Had my violin lesson. Pretty sure my instructor kind of knew I didn’t practice much. I probably practiced a whole 2-3 hours in 2 weeks. I’m supposed to practice 20 mins daily for a total of 2 hours and 20 mins per week. Or 4 hours and 40 mins in two weeks. Whoops. Then for my sorority we had part 1 of 3 initiation ceremony. Then after that I had my symphony concert. I was also paranoid this day because I couldn’t remember if the concert was at 7:30 or 6:30. I asked one person then had to confirm with like 2 other people that it was 7:30. Jist of the story is that I freak out a lot. That went… interestingly to say the least. During one movement of a piece (<– that was music lingo LOL) I’m pretty sure I didnt play a single note. I was lost from the get-go. We’ve had only rehearsed all the music TWICE before the concert. So yeah… interesting. Also we played one song with the Chapel Choir, which Zac Smith sings in. But that piece was actually decent because the singers drowned out our out of tune notes. HAHA.

Today- I actually made it to that one classed I over slept last time on time. And I ate at the Cage (like a fast food shop in the union) twice today. Not good on my stomach to say the least. PAH! probs tmi. Sorry bros. Today I also had part 2 of 3 initiation ceremony for my sorority. And today was the last day for Mom Dot stuff.

Tomorrow is our last initiation cereomy where we’ll  no longer be classified as “new members”. And we’ll be “Deltas” instead! I’m actually kind of excited for that! Also tomorrow is Friday, which I am totally looking forward to because that means SPRING BREAK will be one week away!! I am in dire need of a break.

Also, this week, I’ve gained a new obsession. Its name: One Direction. The next hottest boy band ever. They’re British!!!! And really good looking. However most of them are a bit younger than me but there is one that’s a couple months older than me. He’s definitely my fav. Me and Lei pretty much listen to their 3 singles that have been released in the States on repeat. They’re better than Justice Beaver (someone made cupcakes for his bday today. there were left overs in the dorm kitchen. they even had Justin Beiber napkins. SMH).

Okay that’s all from me for now.
Peace out!


This is me procrastinating.

16 Feb

What up, broskis. Not much going on here because I’m procrastinating my studying (what’s new?).

Anyway this past weekend, Kendyl told you about our spontaneous road trip to NWMS. That was was interesting, but pretty fun. Except having a car that doesn’t have cruise control really does suck for driving long distances.

This week has been super stressful. Pretty much every night this week, I’ve been up until 2:30-3 in the morning worrying about various classes (specifically anatomy). Thankfully it snowed Sunday night/Monday morning and anatomy at 7:45 was canceled. So that meant that we didn’t have to take the quiz that was scheduled, and that gave me an extra 2 days to study. And also I got like an extra hour of sleep, which was nice.

On Valentine’s day, all the single ladies of our floor got together and ordered chinese take-out and played cranium. The chinese was actually pretty tasty. And during Cranium, Lei and I were partners, which didn’t work out too well because we came in last place. But that night was nice because I didn’t have symphony rehearsals and I wasn’t stuck in the band room for 3 hours of my life. However I ended up studying for anatomy (again) until late, which sucked.

Yesterday we had Formal Introductions for all the new Greeks. It was fancy-schmancy-ish. But basically all of the frats went around to each wing of the sorority complex and you walked down the staircase with a new frat guy and they said your name…. blah blah blah. We all also had to mingle… gross. For the most part it was quite entertaining though, because you got to see who made it into frats. One frat prepared a song, another did a Q and A session with a new sorority girl and frat guy, and they brought roses for every girl. We sang a song back to the frat who sang. And our song was…. provocative to say the least. Here’s some of what we sang: “we’re tired of being proper and prim”… “start life over leading it full of sin”…. something about “drinking margaritas in between class”…. “swinging on an outhouse door” with a nightie or something…. and the purpose of a nightie is “to be removed.” Yeah, I cannot begin to describe the awkward-ness I felt when I was singing that song… especially since I drink margaritas and like to swing on outhouse doors all the time. The whole introduction process took about 2 hours. After we got back from the complex, my whole hall got a little crazy and slap happy, and we all went to the costume closet and picked a bunch of random crap to wear and took pictures. That was actually quite fun. (Kendyl has the proof… lol.) Then after that, Kendyl and I went to the anatomy lab to finish looking at stupid bones. I ended up staying up until like 3:30 because I had another assignment that I procrastinated (The teacher didn’t even check my work today! so basically I stayed up for nothing!! pissed.)

Today I haven’t done anything too exciting. Had anatomy lab. I painted my nails. Vacuumed the floor. Studied for anatomy. Went to written communications (probably one of the lamest classes ever). Today we worked on citations. And apparently we have all been doing them wrong, and we’re not allowed to use citation machine because it’s also wrong. The teacher border line wack. She’s the biggest grammar nazi ever, no joke.

Anyway, here’s my pop culture reference of the week:

Jeremy Lin. Linsanity.
He’s chinese like me!!! And he’s also freakin’ baller. Aweee yeeeah.

That’s it from me!

This post is very random. FYI

3 Feb

Today I saw a video on breading cats. I dont know if you’ve heard of it before. But here’s a picture.

I’m not the biggest fan of cats (for one I’m allergic but depending on which cat they are, they can be cute) but I found this rather hilarious.

Anyway, XGames were freaking awesomely ganstalicious and nothing less!! My appreciation for Shaun White has definitely gone up. And seeing him make history by getting a perfect score was so so so great! I’m sure it’ll be something I tell my kids one day. LOL.
Also, I ended up joining a sorority– the little bit socially awkward sorority (i had no other choice actually. there are some girls I know I’ll be okay being around and have a good time and what-not, but there are others that I don’t think I would have said a word to ever if I wasn’t in this sorority). I’m not sure how well it will go, I just have to see. But I can almost safely say that I will be flat broke if I don’t get a job soon. I just emailed a lady about getting a job on campus. We’ll see how that goes… I’ll keep you updated.
Last night I didn’t go to bed until about 2.30. Not good when you have class at 7.45. I totally didn’t even hear my alarm go off the 7 times it did. When I woke up, I was like “Hum… it’s awfully bright outside for 7 am” little did I know it was 7.43. I got ready in like 5 minutes (probably a record time).

That it for now. Hope you’re all swell!

Look what I found in my psych book!!

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