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We’re Going to Hogwarts!!

14 Nov


Yesterday we bought our tickets to Hogwarts. Well not literally because the fact of the matter is Hogwarts is fictional, unfortunately. ūüė¶ But we are officially going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour and I couldn‚Äôt be more excited!! Also we‚Äôve been researching tours for Stonehenge, and looking up different attractions for our other destinations. I really cannot believe it‚Äôs pretty much one week away. WHAT!???

On Tuesday, I attend a 4-handed piano recital for my music appreciation class. It was based on new age composition pieces. It was weird and so abstract, I didn‚Äôt really realize music could be that way. But I guess it was ‚Äúweird‚ÄĚ from my perspective because it was first of all, a type of music I‚Äôm not familiar with, thus pushing me out of my comfort zone. It was a new experience though and I didn‚Äôt particularly hate it.

This past weekend I worked at the HV. Sunday was probably the worst of the days. We started to get a rush around 9am. Someone came through the line buying various groceries and 2 glass jars of concentrated juice. They said plastic was fine, so I proceeded to place the jars in plastic, tear the bags off the hook, lift up said bags to put in the basket, and BAM. The plastic bag rips open at the bottom, jars fall out, crash to the floor and juice and glass ends up everywhere. Long story short, it took me at least an hour to clean it all up. After sweeping up the glass, I had to re-mop the floors at least 3 times because there was always one spot that I seemed not to notice was still sticky. Then I had to re-dry the floor 3 times since it was in a heavily trafficked area. Thankfully they let me go on break after that. It was rather embarrassing.

Tomorrow/this weekend we’re having a sort of get-together before we leave for Londey Lond. Derek is coming down, T-monies is making an appearance. And John is coming too, which is going to be the QUERDEST OF THE QUERDS. I’m so suppes suppes nerve nerve. I mean this has been going on since like July, but I didn’t think meeting up was ever literally going to happen. But it is. LIKE WHAT?!!

Peace out, girl scouts.


Bucket List!

24 Dec

Five or Six years ago around my freshman year of high school I typed out my bucket list for a school project, I have added to it a few times over the years but mostly it has sat on my flash drive untouched. So I decided to see just how many things I have actually done on this list.

Bucket List

  1. Learn to Break Dance
  2. Learn to Surf
  3. Learn to Wakeboard
  4. Learn to Water Ski
  5. Learn Bike Back flip
  6. Learn to Snowboard Back flip
  7.  Learn to Long Board
  8.  Learn to 360 on a Snowboard
  9. Learn to Superman on Bike
  10. Learn to table on bike
  11. Go Scuba Diving
  12. Go Stand up Paddle boarding
  13. Cliff drop 20+ feet on snowboard
  14. Learn to Wall flip
  15. Learn to Method on Snowboard
  16. Learn to Whip on Mountain Bike
  17. Week+ Kayaking trip
  18. Climb up a 14,000 foot mountain from bottom to top
  19. Get a college degree
  20. Mountain Bike in Utah
  21. Mountain bike in Vancouver
  22. Snowboard in Vancouver
  23. Get Dread Locks
  24. Drive across North America
  25. Drive across Canada
  26. Drive to Alaska
  27. Spend a night on a mountain
  28. Go to or throw a Huge epic Party
  29. Go to Burning Man
  30. Hike the Grand Canyon
  31. Go on a several night backpacking trip
  32. Go on a week + road trip
  33. Travel to another continent
  34. See a wild Bear
  35. Snowboard 100 days in a winter
  36. Work at a ski resort
  37. Run from the police
  38. Drive to the top of Trail Ridge Road
  39. Drive to the top of Pikes Peek
  40. Go white water Kayaking
  41. Go on  a overnight Kayaking trip
  42. Go to a huge rave
  43. Visit Yellowstone national park
  44. Visit Yosemite national park
  45. Visit Glacier national park
  46. Visit every national park
  47. Fly in a airplane
  48. See the northern lights
  49. Master ultimate Frisbee
  50. Bowl more then 120
  51. Score a goal on a bicycle kick
  52. Climb all of Colorado’s 14eeners
  53. Explore a cave
  54. Go zip lining
  55. Go to the Winter X Games
  56. Go to Summer X Games
  57. See a rain forest
  58. Go over 150 MPH
  59. Go to a playoff game at Allen Fieldhouse
  60. Go to a chiefs playoff game
  61. Go to a Royals playoff game
  62. Go to a college football playoff game
  63. Go to a Sporting KC playoff game
  64. Rush the field after a playoff game
  65. Compete in a Snowboard Competition
  66. Snowboard in the backcountry
  67. Climb Mt. McKinley
  68. Go bouldering
  69. Go to New York city
  70. Go to Chicago
  71. Go to Denver
  72. Go to Milwaukee
  73. Go to Seattle, WA
  74. See Niagara Falls
  75. Go to Boston
  76. Go to Salt Lake City, UT
  77. Go to Moab, UT
  78. Go to Las Vegas
  79. Visit every Province in Canada
  80. Go to the most eastern part of Main possible
  81. Go Snowboarding in Europe
  82. See the Himalayas
  83. See the seven natural wonders of the world
  84. Hike Yosemite Half Dome
  85. Meet Shawn white
  86. Meet Louie Vito
  87. Play Humans Vs. Zombies
  88. Camp on snow
  89. Learn to Ski
  90. Hit 60 mph on snowboard
  91. Party in another country

If I were to retype this now is would easily be over 500 items long. But I do most things spur of the moment which is why this list sat untouched on my flash drive for years. I will probably never add to it or look at it again, if I do anything else on this list it will be because I woke up one morning and thought to myself¬† “I am going to do (insert awesome thing here) today”.

Next weekend I plan on going backcountry snowboarding off Loveland Pass. I plan on hiking from my car at the summit along the top of the peaks until I am about a half mile into the backcountry, where I will hopefully find fresh powder and not trigger a avalanche. Wish me Luck!

Days I Have Snowboarded This Winter: 46

Peace, Love, and Happiness

Live A Little


Imaginary Money Spending Spree!

28 Apr

The last 2 weeks went by really slow. First 2 weeks ago was our school hosted city-wide soccer tournament, which included our club team, the girls soccer team, the football team, the local high school team,  along with other teams consisting of professors and older people. But it was during the day on a Sunday so I had to work, bummer. The club team won the whole thing though going 3-0.

Then Sunday night I realized I had 300 extra dollars in food money when I got my weekly email stating how much meal money have left and how much I was supposed to have. So I went on an epic spending spree with what is basically imaginary money in my mind. I went down to the vending machines in my hall and filled up my backpack with candy and chips then bought every one in the lobby that I knew candy, the next night I ordered 80 dollars of pizza hut, and I also bought a hugely overpriced 24 pack of Red Bull for 70 dollars from the food court.

That¬†Thursday night 2 guys on the third floor of my hall through an end of the year DANCE PARTY in THEIR DORM ROOM. They had a stereo hooked up in one of their closets to save space, and the other closet was filled with water bottles full of different colors of rainbow¬†colored¬†alcohol.¬†They¬†didn’t turn anyone away, people kept knocking on the door and they kept¬†squeezing¬†them. It was a pretty awesome party, dancing at their Dance Party was pretty much just jumping up and down do to the masses of moving¬†body’s¬†around you. I don’t know if any of you have ever seen any of the memes that show cartoon characters puking rainbows, but later that night people were actually puking rainbows from drinking to many water bottles full of colored Vodka, which was pretty cool as far as puke goes. The RA’s in my hall are not super strict but I think they had to of bribed their RA because every body knew party was going on, the music was super loud, and people were constantly¬†loudly¬†entering a room already packed wall to wall with people.

The next week was finals week and I actually studied a lot………….. more than I normally do but still not a lot, but I think I did fine on my finals. Wednesday of finals week was my Advanced climbing¬†facilitators class¬†final, the whole class just teaches you how to teach other people the knots and techniques they need to know to climb. Our final for the class was to supervise and run climbing¬†activities for a 7th and 8th grade field trip out to the climbing¬†facility.¬†¬†It was pretty fun I actually like working with youth, and it made me feel old. That class has got me really into climbing and in the two days of my summer so far I¬†have¬†already went climbing 3 times at a cliff out at the lake. I also¬†discovered that there is a huge indoor climbing¬†¬†facility in Blue Springs called IBex, I plan on climbing there a ton this summer.

I’m¬†officially¬†done with classes, my finals have been taken and its time for summer.

Derek Neely

I rapped and danced. say wut?

26 Apr

On Friday I attended my RA’s graduation party. There were puppies, ducks, bunnies, and kittens that people could play with (except I couldn’t play with the kittens. But they were so cute!) We also made forts out of cardboard boxes. And I ate a lot of sour gummy worms and peanut butter m&ms.

On Saturday I volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House with my sorority. We made breakfast for the people staying there, which was torture because I hadn’t eaten all morning and we weren’t allowed to eat anything we made. I went home later that night because I had to work the next day.

On Sunday I worked. It was really not that busy because it was kind of chilly. The manager left pretty early and it was a bunch of high school kids running the place, plus me and Derek. So not much got done after that and we all basically just sat around waiting until we could go home. It was kind of awkward because all the high schoolers talked about all their high school things and it made me a bit glad that I am no longer in that hell-hole. After work, I went straight back to school because we had rehearsals for our dorm’s padaegent Miss Ely. The 5 halls nominate a contestant and there’s like a talent, q&a, and evening wear portions, and the whole hall could be involved. So I rapped, and danced. It was a grand ole time! And our hall won!! It was awesome.

Here’s the video¬†¬†of the talent portion I danced in. Our shirts spell out “milkshake.”

After Miss Ely, I pulled an all nighter for anatomy, which wasn’t worth it since I did HORRIBLY on the quiz. I just hate that class. But I think I’ve already mentioned that. After the quiz, I skipped my psych class to sleep. #winning

Yesterday, after walking back from my class, I saw these weird looking tropical trucks driving onto the quad area. Little did I know that there was going to be FREE SNO CONES ON THE QUAD FOR EVERYONE!! One of the reasons I like going to Jewell, you get lots of free stuff. However I only got one sno cone because by the time I went back to get a second one around mid-afternoon, they had apparently run out of ice. WTF. The sno cone truck runs out of ice. You would think they would have a rather large supply supply of it right?! WRONG. OH THE IRONY. Makes me angry. But whateves.

Today was STEAK NIGHT at dinner!! Here’s¬†¬†a glorious picture of that meal. I always get stuck with the dinky steaks though. But it was gooooooood dinky steak, for sure. Also I went to Mosaic (a little campus worship service) for the first time tonight. It was nice.

Tomorrow is my sorority’s formal. I kind of want to go but I kind of don’t want to. Since all underclass men have to wear black/white/gray/no colors (the seniors are the only ones who wear color) I’m re-wearing a dress from homecoming or¬†courtwarming¬†a couple years ago… I don’t remember which dance it’s from. I just didn’t want to stress about having to look for a dress.

Then Saturday is my last Symphony Concert of the year. This music has been nothing but stressful (as if I needed more stress on top of anatomy). I’m not sure if anyone is really ready for the concert actually. I’ll let you know how that goes.



thank goodness for dryer sheets

25 Apr

Not gonna lie ‚Äď it‚Äôs a little difficult to type right now, on account of all the shit that is on top of my desk. By the way, I cleaned it on Sunday. Yes, it‚Äôs messy again. I would attribute this to the fact that I have about 0 motivation right now.

Seriously all I want to do is sleep. Went to bed on Monday night at 10:30 pm, woke up for class at 7:30 am, decided 9 hours was not enough, proceeded to go back to sleep until 10:30 and not go to class… and was tired all day. Wanted to go back to bed by 6:30.

My week has not been terribly eventful. Friday I job shadowed a really nice lady named Andrea, 2010 Drury grad (holla) which was fun and made me feel like I might actually know what I want to major in. Her job seemed really awesome. Friday night, Caitlin and I ordered pizza and made fudge and watched a movie. Saturday I slept in of course.

Then Saturday night I went downtown to a sketchy looking theater where my roommate was in a play called Enron, which is about an accounting scandal. Caitlin came too, because she is an accounting major and she helped tell me what was happening. That theater reminded me of the Tower of Terror haunted hotel at Disney World, we even had to take a creepy elevator to the fourth floor and everything was covered in ancient wallpaper. During the play, Clayton Worley (old debate partner) texted me to tell me that he wanted to date the Mallinsons’ German exchange student, Lisa… he wanted advice. Lolcatz.

After the play is when it gets interesting. There is a senior in my computer science class who is Indian and we are really good friends. He apparently throws really good parties (like so good the cops almost always get called), but I had never gone to one. He was having his last one on Saturday, and I got invited via private Facebook event, so I decided to go with Kayla because she‚Äôs on the party scene so I figured it wouldn‚Äôt be awkward. Well, I met up with her around 11:30 and she was with this Filipino guy who is apparently a swimmer, and she said ‚ÄúI‚Äôve been at the swimmer party, let‚Äôs go back there for a while first.‚ÄĚ So I was like, okay. We went back and she gave me something to drink in the ever-famous Red Solo Cup (it was Kool-aid and something else) but it tasted fine, and I was kind of like you know what, YOLO. It was super awkward and crowded at this party, and as soon as the clock struck 12, all the guys took off their shirts. I was kind of weirded out. At about 12:30 she said we could go to Anish‚Äôs and I was like okay!

We got to Anish’s house, which was like 100 yards away, and the atmosphere was way different. First, it was a house so it had a kitchen, with probably at least 50 bottles of different alcohol on the counter, and a living room with big stereos where everyone was dancing. There was also a blacklight and my dress looked super cool in it. I was way more comfortable at this party. Kayla was mostly paying attention to this Filipino guy so I wandered around and found… my roommate! Neither of us really parties so it was unexpected for us to see each other there. Kayla disappeared without telling me she was leaving but I didn’t really care because I knew more people there. After a while I wandered through the kitchen and Anish was there and told this guy who was apparently the drink mixer to make some shots for us. I trusted Anish enough to figure it wouldn’t be spiked with roofies. So anyway, I think mine was mostly Mountain Dew. I mean that was good, I definitely wasn’t drunk and honestly I don’t think anything I drank had any effect on me at all. Except I danced on a coffee table, but I promise it wasn’t as weird as it sounded. Everyone took turns doing it. Also, at one point I used the bathroom and there was no toilet paper, but the washer and dryer were in the bathroom and there were dryer sheets on the floor, so guess what I used? Tmi?

Around 2:30 the stereo overheated and I started talking to this other Indian guy who offered to walk me home so he did. And I thought he wanted to ask for my number so I asked if he had facebook and 10 minutes after I got inside, I had a friend request. Awks. I just accepted him yesterday because I figured two days was okay to wait, and today he messaged me ‚Äúheyy‚ÄĚ and I don‚Äôt think I‚Äôll respond.

Overall, I had a really good time and I think this is something I will want to do more often next year. You just have to find the right environment. Too bad Anish is graduating.

In other news, Caitlin and I are going to Independence this weekend because Becky has prom and so I was planning to go home and Caitlin wanted to come with me. Also, my mom made me a last-minute dentist appointment because two of my teeth have felt uncharacteristically rough in the back and I am kind of paranoid about it and can’t wait a whole 3 weeks until my 6 month checkup. Good dental hygiene is muy importante.

I made a video about mustaches. I’ll enable you guys to watch it because it’s protected; I didn’t want to embarrass the people who are in it. Hahaha.

Enough of my rambling.

We’re almost done, dawgs.


30 Things I learned from College

17 Apr

30 Things I Learned from College

1. Attendance of  lectures is optional (Most my professors posted their lecture notes online along with test dates, meaning I only needed to show up for test)

2. Do not type a paper the day its due

3. Bed Time is never until after Mid Night

4. Do not do a project the day its due

5. You become a professional people watcher

6. Fraternity bro’s are as crazy as in the movies

7. If the trash starts moving around and making noise it should be taken out

8. Combine Shampoo and Body Wash so you¬†don’t¬†have to buy them as often

9. The school pond is infested with E Coli

10. Pepperoni Lunchables get nasty after 30 meals in a row

11. People actually drink Jungle Juice out of nasty hairy bathtubs

12. Colleges in the middle of nowhere produce more alcoholics then a bar with an entrance and no exit

13. Pizza can get unappetizing after several months

14. You skip classes because you are to lazy to climb out of your loft

15. No more than 2 cups of coffee or cans of Red Bull should be consumed daily, anymore and you start to shake and scream.

16. Easy classes are easy, hard classes are I¬†wouldn’t¬†know

17. The larger a class the less a professor cares

18. Labs Suck

19. Labs should be attended

20. The internet is meant to be explored During lectures

21. ¬†That moment during a math test when the answer you get after minutes of work¬†isn’t¬†one of the choices, so you pick D because it¬†hasn’t been picked for a while

22. Professors that suck at speaking English suck at teaching

23.  Microwaves are the most important devices on the planet

24. A dorm room is like a clown car, you can fit hella amounts of people in a dorm room

25. Whatever seat you pick the first day of class is yours for good, students are territorial

26. 99% of students are constantly moving, tapping legs pencils etc..

27. Laundry is best done after mid night

28. Most meals come from vending machines

29. All the socks you lose are under your bed

30. Its hard to hide a dog in a dorm room, its even harder to train a dog to use a littler box

My last few weeks have been very¬†uneventful. This is my last week of classes, then I have finals next week, then I am done. I took my loft down today and¬†didn’t¬†feel like setting up my bed frame so I just set my¬†mattress¬†on the floor and¬†that’s¬†how I am keeping it. That is all.


Let’s Mate, lawl

28 Mar

The last half of my spring break was a lot like the first: uneventful. But I loved every minute of it.
I got to hang out with Nick on the plaza on Saturday! Yay!

Sunday I left home at 4, and when I got back to school at 7 the sun was still out! Yay again! I was pretty happy to be back, not happy about the classes that would inevitably follow, but it is what it is.

Monday I found out that I got a 93% on my Spanish oral presentation ‚Äď I‚Äôm very happy because that guy never gives A‚Äôs. If he does, it‚Äôs usually a 90. So 93 was quite welcome to my eyes. It was a pretty easy day in that class; since he‚Äôs from Argentina he made this big presentation about it and we got to hold a 1,000,000 (peso?) bill because he said inflation was so bad that he was a multimillionaire. Then he got out this suspicious little silver cup with a thick metal straw and told us about this drink called ‚Äúmate‚ÄĚ (no, not MATE like “the animals MATEd”, but mate pronounced like ‚Äúmott-ay‚ÄĚ). It looked like drugs. But anyway he said he drinks it every day and he said we could try it too. So he gave it to one girl and she was about to wipe off the straw and he said NONONO that‚Äôs a symbol of friendship when people all share the same straw. Anyway, whatever I drink wine after people at church so I decided to try it. It tasted NASTY. Well I don‚Äôt like tea so that probably didn‚Äôt help my perception of it. But I would not recommend it.

Monday night, some friends were having a surprise party for my ex-suitemate Alexis. It was at Springfield Incredible Pizza Company, and the price was incredible…Y HIGH!! But it was good, and we played some laser tag.

Yesterday was really fun, not really. It wasn’t too bad though. My photography teacher was surprisingly agreeable and OK’d all my prints on the second copy (after making some changes)… usually it takes 3 or 4 tries. But maybe he just knows we’re all starting to run out of paper. I had class until 3, and then Moritz and I finally skyped! That was so nice. The good news: His tests are finally over!!!!!! The bad news: that means like a week of solid partying (I won’t comment on that). The other bad news: his schools he applied to STILL haven’t received anything from him. Hmmm. But anyway, we got to talk a lot and it was super awesome.

Last night I went to an informational ‚Äúmixer‚ÄĚ about becoming a Drury Ambassador, AKA working with alumni when they come to visit. I didn‚Äôt really want to go but I decided to. You had to get invited and about 60 people showed up. They said they only wanted to get like 15-20 new people but you have to interview for it. So now after going I think it would be cool to get, but if not oh well I don‚Äôt really care.

Today I had advising with my alpha professor to pick my classes for next semester‚Ķ FFFFFFFFFFFF. (Hint: I’m having a hard time choosing classes that don’t all meet at the same time. My professor suggested a class which would meet a requirement, which is from 3-4:30pm T/H, entitled, “The Bible, Sex, and Sexuality.” The class is taught by an openly gay woman professor who is also a devout Christian. Sounds interesting, but I don’t wanna be in class until 4:30! Hence, my pickyness regarding class times is causing my problems.)

Keep it real


Top This Morgan

30 Sep

So ya Northwest MissouriState is a SUPER HUGE BIGTIME THE SKY IS BLUE party school. But I go home on weekends alot and I dont want to party during the week even though theres people who do (around half my floor) so I had not been able to attend any partys until this last weekend.
Friday me Dylan(The Beard) and his roommate Ron along with Garret(A cowboy redneck from Nebraska) minus my roomate(went home for the weekend) went going to a rave,  It was in a trashed house that had blankets on every window so the Po Poes(Police) couldnt see inside. There were black lights everywhere, there was non-stop techno music playing the enitre night. I learned that people dont really drink that much at raves they just do drugs(alot of drugs). The entire house smelled like pot, everybody was writing on each other with highlighters, alot of people were barely clothed. Its hard to explain it but it was all that plus dancing and I think everyone there might of been High from second hand pot smoke. We left around 3am it was the most fun ive had so far. If you get a chance go to a Rave.

Saturday I got painted for the football game which we won 70-17 we are in first place and its so nice to actually go to a school with a winning football team(not william chrisman).

Then that night around 10 me Dylan, Ron, Garret, and Kate went to a Jungle Juice house party (Jungle Juice is Vodka or hard liquor mixed with fruit juice). It was kind of boring after a while it was just people sitting around and getting wasted. Dylan who was picking up girls and does not drink asked me if I would let Ron(his roommate) sleep in my room so he could have a girl he met over, I said why not. Ron at that point had drank 6 cups of Jungle juice he was wasted. I got bored at the party and left to go to a party with some peeps from the shirtless bearcats. At 2am Dylan called me saying he had a girl in his room (he is a manwhore) and he needed me to come get Ron from his room, and saying I was going to enjoy seeing Ron. When I got back to the dorm  and walked into Dylan and Rons room I could immediately tell that Ron was high as a freakin kite. Anything I said made him laugh. Dylan informed me that Ron had drank 8 cups of jungle juice and and then smoked pot for atleast a hour. After leaving Dylan and his girl, I took Ron to my room where he staired into the airconditioner for a good 5 minutes laughing and saying he felt like he was flying. Then I told him to do some sit-ups to sober up a bit (I needed entertainment), he then laughed and asked how to do a sit-up to which I said just sit-up which he did then fell over and passed out drunk for the night. The next morning there was a big wet spot on my carpet, when I asked Ron about he said he woke up in the middle of the night still drunk and poured a bottle of MY apple juice out on my carpet because he didnt want to drink from the bottle (smh child pleaze).

Peace to your shirts, Love to yo money, and Happyness to your rubber ducks
Live A Little

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