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the end

10 May

Hello all!

I write this from the comfort of my own couch while watching House Hunters International on TV. I woke up at 11:30 and it’s a great feeling indeed.

My last week was pretty good, I’d say. I don’t remember much about the weekend. Monday I picked up my final photo assignment and I found out I got a 91% in the class… WTF! I was pissed because I got an A on every assignment and didn’t understand how that equated to me getting an A- in the class… That was until I re-read the syllabus and apparently you lose 15 points every time you don’t come to class (Stupid, I always got my assignments done early, so why would I come to class another 3 times for 3 hours each when I had nothing to work on?!) but anyway after I realized that I had in fact “earned it”, I wasn’t mad anymore.

I got a 97% in Multimedia (video) class. I had a final paper due for Alpha Seminar about my first year of college. We turned it in on Tuesday and our final consisted of eating pizza and having to dance out the door when we left. I’ll paste the last paragraph of my paper here because I believe it’s relevant to my “first year of college is over” post.
“With that, I am feeling a lot more confident about my next year, assuming it really does arrive in mid-August as I finally suspect that it will. I’ve learned a lot this year – a moderate amount of academic skills, and an extreme amount of oh-shit-I’m-almost-an-adult skills. All in all, I have immensely enjoyed my first year of college and it was less agonizing than expected.”

Monday I didn’t have any finals so Caitlin and I went to this cute little crepe restaurant downtown for breakfast. I had a strawberry, banana, and Nutella crepe. Yum. I began packing, but I took pictures of my room first so I would always be able to remember how it was my freshman year. I’ll post them because I know Morgan is the only one who really saw it!

Tuesday I had my Spanish final which I didn’t study much for because I had an “I don’t care” attitude. YAY!

Wednesday, after 5 hours in the library on Tuesday night (which I mostly didn’t study but instead read “Full House Reviewed,”
(which I highly recommend if you are at all familiar with the show and want to laugh)) I had my computer science final. I think I did decently.

My mom came yesterday at 2:15 and I had to check out at 4:30. We took things to the car, and then walked over to a friend’s Summit apartment so I could show my mom the set up of where I’ll be living next year. Then we went to the on campus fast food place, and we got something to eat. Too bad I still had $115 Panther Bucks left… oops!

In all, I was feeling pretty sad to leave and it was such a weird feeling! I’ll miss living in Wallace Hall… at least until I think about the boys on the floor above me who apparently decided it was time to drag their furniture around the room every night at 2:00am…

My first and last days in Wallace Hall

Today I looked online and saw that I earned a B+ in Spanish but my teacher bumped my grade to an A-! I posted a twitter status about it saying “A- in Spanish, heck yeah!” until I saw that another girl in my Spanish class had posted “B in Spanish, so happy!” 27 minutes before me, so I thought that was in bad taste and deleted mine. At 3 today I went to UpDog and filled out my tax forms… I start Monday! Can’t wait 🙂

I hope to see you guys soon!

30 Things I learned from College

17 Apr

30 Things I Learned from College

1. Attendance of  lectures is optional (Most my professors posted their lecture notes online along with test dates, meaning I only needed to show up for test)

2. Do not type a paper the day its due

3. Bed Time is never until after Mid Night

4. Do not do a project the day its due

5. You become a professional people watcher

6. Fraternity bro’s are as crazy as in the movies

7. If the trash starts moving around and making noise it should be taken out

8. Combine Shampoo and Body Wash so you don’t have to buy them as often

9. The school pond is infested with E Coli

10. Pepperoni Lunchables get nasty after 30 meals in a row

11. People actually drink Jungle Juice out of nasty hairy bathtubs

12. Colleges in the middle of nowhere produce more alcoholics then a bar with an entrance and no exit

13. Pizza can get unappetizing after several months

14. You skip classes because you are to lazy to climb out of your loft

15. No more than 2 cups of coffee or cans of Red Bull should be consumed daily, anymore and you start to shake and scream.

16. Easy classes are easy, hard classes are I wouldn’t know

17. The larger a class the less a professor cares

18. Labs Suck

19. Labs should be attended

20. The internet is meant to be explored During lectures

21.  That moment during a math test when the answer you get after minutes of work isn’t one of the choices, so you pick D because it hasn’t been picked for a while

22. Professors that suck at speaking English suck at teaching

23.  Microwaves are the most important devices on the planet

24. A dorm room is like a clown car, you can fit hella amounts of people in a dorm room

25. Whatever seat you pick the first day of class is yours for good, students are territorial

26. 99% of students are constantly moving, tapping legs pencils etc..

27. Laundry is best done after mid night

28. Most meals come from vending machines

29. All the socks you lose are under your bed

30. Its hard to hide a dog in a dorm room, its even harder to train a dog to use a littler box

My last few weeks have been very uneventful. This is my last week of classes, then I have finals next week, then I am done. I took my loft down today and didn’t feel like setting up my bed frame so I just set my mattress on the floor and that’s how I am keeping it. That is all.


Nutella Makes You Puke RAINBOWS

20 Feb

Challenge Accepted

Kendyl, Morgan, Tristan, Cody, 20 other people I taught this year, MY BAD. lol

Nutella makes you puke rainbows! It’s That Good!

Last week was pretty boring. Some time last week Northwest sent out an email saying that due to budget cuts the aquatic center would be closed within 2 weeks, and it would eventually be abandoned or renovated for a different use. Our rec center already sucks but without the aquatic center it’s just downright crappy. Also last week Northwest sent out another email to all students saying that due to budget cuts several majors will cut after this year and many of the professors who teach classes for the majors that get cut will be let go. Well that emailed in particular pretty much pissed off the entire student body here (a lot more than the aquatic center one). Because basically if you are not a senior and your major got cut then your options are to transfer or change majors, it doesn’t matter how much coursework you had already completed for it. A lot of the ones that got cut were specialty education and art majors which are the only reason some students came here. So a lot of people are in a bad mood and I feel like this school is one angry person away from a giant protest. My major is safe and I am leaving anyways, but I think a protest could be fun.

Red Bull Schlittentag is this Sunday and Me, Cody, and Tristan are going to dominate. Our sled (Our Whip) is done just needs to be painted. We used power tools for a good 5 hours and nobody was hurt (minor miracle).

I am so happy classes at Northwest end the last week of April. I’m ready to move out of my prison cell of a dorm room and to start working this summer, and to get tan (mostly I just want a tan). Also spring break is only a few weeks away and I have been eagerly awaiting it since January

Peace, Love, and Happyness

Live A Little


Shit. It’s Tuesday.

17 Jan

I don’t know about the radio, but I think its ok to say shit on a blog.

After getting back to Jewell last night I realized that somehow I ended up with way more stuff than I had taken home. It took me almost 3 hours to get everything unpacked.

You may not be able to tell, but this is a little bit messier than my side is normally.

Today was the first day of classes and I only had one, Social Psychology, which I think I’m going to like because I had the same teacher last semester and really liked her class. Then walking back from class I find a parking ticket on my car. The thing is I knew it was going to happen I was just too lazy to go out and move my car last night.

Keep it real

P.S. Sorry but, I didn’t have much to work with only being back a day.


14 Jan

This weekend (actually today) Tori and I rearranged our room. Bunk beds= more room for activities! Except we need ideas for activities….
Let me tell you about my life since Christmas Break:
Sunday, left with so many bags it was ridiculous. Ran on to the plane and sat next to a sleeping man. He woke up to order a drink, and eat his pretzels aka the greatest person to sit next to on a plane. Besides the sleeping man, there was 2 crying babies, a very talkative old man sitting directly behind me, and a cat. A girl brought her CAT on an airplane: gross.
This week, I’ve gone to class, avoided the dining hall as much as possible, heard too much talk about the Broncos and Patriots, and gone grocery shopping.
Classes are tough and I don’t want them. Oh and I have so many pictures up on my walls and I just lost some wall space and have to find new homes for these pictures (mostly of you guys) and my new wall is the same size but you can’t really see the pictures unless you get all the way into my room, but I will be oooohTay. This new picture dilemma means I get to buy new frames and photo collages! I like these things a lot.
Well that’s all for now!
Enjoy the snow in Missouri while I get to look at dead grass and just plain coldness meh
❤ Morgan

Titles are hard

9 Sep

Tonight’s dinner: french toast sticks, sausage, endless supply of syrup and chocolate milk. It was delicious. College has one thing right… chocolate milk.
In other news, last night my suite mate Chelsea and I went to the hang-out room (which is not mine, but is Joe and Tunde’s) and watched 2 scary movies at like 2am. Two! First of all, I have only watched 3 scary movies in my life (including the ones I watched last night). Second of all, best friends and/or boyfriends are a requirement when watching scary movies. Of those two things, neither are here so no more scary movies for me.

So before I get into the details of the scary movie night, I’ll give y’all the DL on my floor mates.

Tori: room mate and friend from elementary school

Chelsea: suite mate and the closest friend I’ve made here.

Stephanie: other suite mate..

Joe: boy who lives down the hall and is a one week (so far) recovering alcohol drinker.

Tunde: hard-core black guy, super funny

Andrew: hangs with Joe all the time and is from rich country CO

Matt: he’s kinda idiot, he’s small and mexican and hates scary movies just as much as I do

Okay, so there are others on my hall but these are the ones I see the most. Last night, went into Joe and Tunde’s room and they had already started the first movie, paranormal activity 2, and there were 3 other girls from north side in there too. I stared out sitting on the floor alone but moved to the already packed bed because I could hide behind people. By the time the second movie was in, my arm was numb from it being squeezed so hard, the other girls had left, and Tunde was telling us scary stories whilst eating a calzone that smelled like heaven(from DP Dough’s… ever heard of it? I had not). Also, during the second movie Matt, see reference above, decided he wanted to scare me during the long pauses of the movie… I screamed, then punched him. After the movies were over, it was Joe’s idea to head down to the basement of our hall which is rumored to be haunted. Thankfully I’m a fast runner and ran straight to my room avoiding the ghosts I was sure to  be downstairs.

Thursdays are my favorite. No class and can sleep in peace since Tori has class. So if y’all are bored on Thursdays in the after noon, don’t hesitate to chat, hangout, or Skype. (:

Writing your phone number on other’s whiteboards, is that classy or what?! I walked into my room this afternoon and a phone number with a smile and short message awaited me. Too bad it is not form a boy from the 5th floor.. seems like all the cute ones are on the 5th floor hiding.

Oh and I really like writing letters. It’s my new hobby. And thank goodness for CPE last year or else I wouldn’t know how to make an envelope!


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