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Its Hot in Here!

26 Mar

Last Sunday-Thursday I was in Colorado with my dad for my spring break, I wish I was still there. Monday I Snowboarded at Loveland Basin from open to close as a warm up for Tuesday. Tuesday I Snowboarded at Keystone, first when you get there you have to ride a Gondola up to the top of the mountain which took 5 minutes (I felt like I was going to the top of Mt. Everest). Then you get off the Gondola and go down the backside of the mountain which takes forever because keystone is huge it makes Loveland look like Snow Creek. I boarded at Keystone from open to close and probably didn’t even ride half the trails, it was awesome. Wednesday I went Breckenridge from open to close crossing it off my bucket list. I thought Keystone was awesome but Breckenridge is amazing, while I was there I rode the Imperial Express chair lift like 20 times. It’s the highest chair lift in north america ending at 12,840 feet, riding it was also on my Bucket list. When you get off the Imperial Express lift you can hike/climb 50 yards to the summit of Peak 8, I did this 5 times and had to sit a rest at the top like an old man every time. Then to get down you have to board loose snow on a super steep Double Black Diamond slope, it was pretty Zesty.I have started working at the marina and I have to say I love my job. I get free soft drinks, slushy’s, discounted food, and I work on with and around boats all day, that’s awesome.

Also I was told today on my first day back from break that the Air Conditioning will probably not be turned on in my hall until next semester when I wont be here, fml. There is no where in Dieterich hall to escape the heat, its hot every where, and even some of the academic buildings don’t have a/c, which pisses me off because I pay a lot of money (6,748 dollars exactly) to live on campus in Dieterich, and even more to attend classes so the least NW could do is keep all their students from dying of heat stroke.I only have a month left though then I am done, and I cannot express how ready I am to get outa here!

Peace, Love, and Sweaty’ness

Live A Little



27 Feb

True Story!

Last Monday was Mr. Dieterich, which is basically a talent/fashion contest for any male residents of Dieterich hall who wanted to compete. Ten guys did it this year including me, it was in the lobby on a stage with a sound system and everything, I did not plan anything out like everyone else did.

First up was a Q & A session: Favorite Food- Red Bull, Favorite Color- Tye Dye, What famous person would you date if you could – Jennifer Aniston, Place you would most like to travel and why- The end of a rainbow because I want my pot of gold. I defiantly was in the lead after the Q & A round. Next was up was the Swimwear portion which I rocked with my Lifeguard swagg. After that was the talent portion, I couldn’t Snowboard or Mountain Bike on stage so I just sat down on stage pulled out some stuff and made a Nutella, Pop-Tart, Cookie sandwich which I then signed with a sharpie and gave to a judge who I made eat it.

Next was the formal wear portion so I were a flannel and did some dancing. I would say I got the most laughs and I ended up getting third which I thought was pretty good since I made a sandwich for my talent, and didn’t dress up for formal wear.

Sunday was Red Bull Schlittentag at Snow Creek. It was 60 degrees (wtf its still winter) so the snow was way to slushy for our (me, Cody, Tristan) sled and well we didn’t win.

But I did pull off a SICK, ZESTY No Footer of the jump at the end.

 Peace, Love, and Happiness

Live A Little


Nutella Makes You Puke RAINBOWS

20 Feb

Challenge Accepted

Kendyl, Morgan, Tristan, Cody, 20 other people I taught this year, MY BAD. lol

Nutella makes you puke rainbows! It’s That Good!

Last week was pretty boring. Some time last week Northwest sent out an email saying that due to budget cuts the aquatic center would be closed within 2 weeks, and it would eventually be abandoned or renovated for a different use. Our rec center already sucks but without the aquatic center it’s just downright crappy. Also last week Northwest sent out another email to all students saying that due to budget cuts several majors will cut after this year and many of the professors who teach classes for the majors that get cut will be let go. Well that emailed in particular pretty much pissed off the entire student body here (a lot more than the aquatic center one). Because basically if you are not a senior and your major got cut then your options are to transfer or change majors, it doesn’t matter how much coursework you had already completed for it. A lot of the ones that got cut were specialty education and art majors which are the only reason some students came here. So a lot of people are in a bad mood and I feel like this school is one angry person away from a giant protest. My major is safe and I am leaving anyways, but I think a protest could be fun.

Red Bull Schlittentag is this Sunday and Me, Cody, and Tristan are going to dominate. Our sled (Our Whip) is done just needs to be painted. We used power tools for a good 5 hours and nobody was hurt (minor miracle).

I am so happy classes at Northwest end the last week of April. I’m ready to move out of my prison cell of a dorm room and to start working this summer, and to get tan (mostly I just want a tan). Also spring break is only a few weeks away and I have been eagerly awaiting it since January

Peace, Love, and Happyness

Live A Little


This is me procrastinating.

16 Feb

What up, broskis. Not much going on here because I’m procrastinating my studying (what’s new?).

Anyway this past weekend, Kendyl told you about our spontaneous road trip to NWMS. That was was interesting, but pretty fun. Except having a car that doesn’t have cruise control really does suck for driving long distances.

This week has been super stressful. Pretty much every night this week, I’ve been up until 2:30-3 in the morning worrying about various classes (specifically anatomy). Thankfully it snowed Sunday night/Monday morning and anatomy at 7:45 was canceled. So that meant that we didn’t have to take the quiz that was scheduled, and that gave me an extra 2 days to study. And also I got like an extra hour of sleep, which was nice.

On Valentine’s day, all the single ladies of our floor got together and ordered chinese take-out and played cranium. The chinese was actually pretty tasty. And during Cranium, Lei and I were partners, which didn’t work out too well because we came in last place. But that night was nice because I didn’t have symphony rehearsals and I wasn’t stuck in the band room for 3 hours of my life. However I ended up studying for anatomy (again) until late, which sucked.

Yesterday we had Formal Introductions for all the new Greeks. It was fancy-schmancy-ish. But basically all of the frats went around to each wing of the sorority complex and you walked down the staircase with a new frat guy and they said your name…. blah blah blah. We all also had to mingle… gross. For the most part it was quite entertaining though, because you got to see who made it into frats. One frat prepared a song, another did a Q and A session with a new sorority girl and frat guy, and they brought roses for every girl. We sang a song back to the frat who sang. And our song was…. provocative to say the least. Here’s some of what we sang: “we’re tired of being proper and prim”… “start life over leading it full of sin”…. something about “drinking margaritas in between class”…. “swinging on an outhouse door” with a nightie or something…. and the purpose of a nightie is “to be removed.” Yeah, I cannot begin to describe the awkward-ness I felt when I was singing that song… especially since I drink margaritas and like to swing on outhouse doors all the time. The whole introduction process took about 2 hours. After we got back from the complex, my whole hall got a little crazy and slap happy, and we all went to the costume closet and picked a bunch of random crap to wear and took pictures. That was actually quite fun. (Kendyl has the proof… lol.) Then after that, Kendyl and I went to the anatomy lab to finish looking at stupid bones. I ended up staying up until like 3:30 because I had another assignment that I procrastinated (The teacher didn’t even check my work today! so basically I stayed up for nothing!! pissed.)

Today I haven’t done anything too exciting. Had anatomy lab. I painted my nails. Vacuumed the floor. Studied for anatomy. Went to written communications (probably one of the lamest classes ever). Today we worked on citations. And apparently we have all been doing them wrong, and we’re not allowed to use citation machine because it’s also wrong. The teacher border line wack. She’s the biggest grammar nazi ever, no joke.

Anyway, here’s my pop culture reference of the week:

Jeremy Lin. Linsanity.
He’s chinese like me!!! And he’s also freakin’ baller. Aweee yeeeah.

That’s it from me!

Bucket List #82

13 Feb

Saturday was the Session Massacre Slope Style competition at Snow Creek ^, at the end of last winter I decided I was going to compete in it. But when I broke my hand and had surgery on it my doctor told me not to Snowboard until it was healed (I have no idea why I listened to him), so I missed a month  of our very short 3 month Missouri ski season at Snowcreek, and I knew I had almost no shot at qualifying for the podium round and absolutely no chance at placing on the podium so I didn’t enter it :(… Next year though (If im still living in Mo) I am going to place in the top 5, and Kendyl is going to take first in the very uncompetitive girls Slopestyle competition.

I am becoming more and more tired of living in Maryville every day. If classes here were free (Classes are only free in every students wildest (INSANE(CRAZY(NEVER GONA HAPPEN DREAMS)))) I would just drop out, I am that tired of constantly being bored to death. But classes here are not free (although here they cost far less the national average for 4 year university’s, such as the ones every one else attends :)), they cost a few thousand dollars so I feel obligated to finish out the year.

My grades right now are good, in fact they are the best they have ever been in my entire 19 years and 4 days long life. But I’m not sure I can do this academic thing for another three years, or at the least I just do not want to go to college for another 3 years or even 3 months for that matter. My thought process for planning out what I will be doing this time next year is very much affected by money in that college cost a lot of money and a job will get me a lot of money, and if I do both one year of college still cost way more money then I will ever make in one year of work. So im leaning on work (Work > College).

One of the things on my long bucket list is #82 Work and Live at a Colorado Ski Resort for an entire Ski Season. Next fall I think I will take a break from college for a year and go to Colorado to cross off #82. Then for the next 3 years after that I am going to finish getting my degree.

Also I signed up for the Mr. Dieterich competition in a few weeks which is open to all male Dieterich hall students. You win if you are judged well enough in a few different categories: Q @ A about yourself, doing a talent, and the fashion portion in which you wear something you deem to be dressy (I’m going with flannel and jeans) and second a swimwear show (Lifeguard uniform duh), this thing is mine to win.

Also this Song ^ plays in the rec center all the time and it’s probably permanently stuck in my head. Kanye West-Monster

This ^ is called slacklining the other day there was a group of people doing this between trees on campus and I knew some of them so I walked over and gave it a try. All you do is try to stand and balance on the slackline without falling off, its pretty fun, although I feel like its a hippy activity. Mabye I am crazy but I think it would be super fun to slackline across a big canyon like the guys in the video.

Peace, Love, and Zesty’ness

Live A Little


Warm in February? Child Please!

6 Feb

It snowed in Maryville over the weekend, and it is supposed to snow here again tonight. Boo Yeah!

Nothing special has happened during the last week, except for the stupidly warm weather. Snow Creek closed friday night due to a rain storm and warm weather (What the Hell its february), and since my cheap season pass only includes friday and saturday nights I was bummed I couldn’t go snowboard. Also Kansas lost to Missouri saturday night in a game I chose to watch over going snowboarding, so I was even more bummed.

The last few days and all of my classes I have been daydreaming about sled ideas for Red Bull Schlittentag which is a custom sledding competition that is coming to Snow Creek Feb 26th. Below is a video of Red Bull Schlittentag at  a different ski resort.

My team Will win this ^, So far im leaning on a pool party theme in wich the sled will be a plastic kiddy pool mounted on cheap snow boards, and it will be filled with water. This is my Sled I designed during Sociology today its pretty Zesty


That is all for now,

Peace, Love, and Zesty’ness

Live A Little


Life after the X Games

1 Feb

I was busy driving back from Colorado Monday and I was busy sleeping Tuesday so I am posting today.

2012 Winter X Games

So this last weekend was the 2012 Winter X Games which were freaking ZESTY. I have already decided I am at the least going to go to the next 9 Winter X Games to make it 10 Straight. Even if 9 Years from now I end up being one of those people we may of (We 100% did) bad mouth for bringing a baby or small child to the X Games (I Really really Really hope that isn’t me), though I now understand that you gotta do what you gotta do, no matter what to go. First off me and Cody went Skiing and Snowboarding on the way to the X Games at Loveland Ski area, located at 10 thousand feet. We were a little out of breath and dizzy the entire time from being so high up, but it was totally worth it, we hit every trail no matter how hard or how stupidly dangerous it was. I really wanted to and still do want to drop out of college and go work there all winter every winter FOREVER!

Normal Life

Indoor soccer with the club soccer team started up last week and I am constantly sore and dead tired from it. I have been back from Colorado for 2 days and I have already went through 7 cans of Red Bull I will admit it I have a problem I am addicted to Red Bull, but I quit drinking pop so its all good and healthy. I also have a really bad habit of falling asleep in class, so that’s where Red Bull come in handy. I am also doing something this semester that I have never done in my life, which is study for a test more then a day in advanced. I am studying for test I don’t have for weeks, sorry if that’s just a norm for you guys but I am proud of my self for it.

This Picture  is supposed to be a Lazy College Senior but it applies to me, so I guess I have all ready matured to the level of a college senior, Right?

Life After the X Games sucks!
Peace to your Double Corks, Love to you Backside Rodeos, and Happiness to perfect 100’s

Live A Little


Disco Pogo



Wait, You have to be awake to attend Geology?

23 Jan

To start off this post I must state that I cant really do anything productive this week, because I am to excited to go to the winter X games, to go to Colorado, to go Snowboarding in Colorado, to see Shaun White, and just a little bit excited to hear/sing All star by Smash mouth 100 times (The same goes for Kendyl times 5).

With that being said the last two  weeks have been  boring typical weeks consisting of going to class, learning, sleeping and eating. Except for Geology which I have Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 10:00 am. I have already slept through it twice once each week so far, and I have only had it five times, and one of those times class was cancelled after five minutes because the projector was broke. So I have only been to two Geology lectures in 2 weeks. On top of that I am going to miss it this Friday and Monday for Colorado. So next week I will have attended Geology 5 of 9 times, I don’t think that’s good, especially for my favorite class.

Really the only interesting thing that has happened here so far this semester was Saturday night when Ron let his roommate Dylan (The Beard) punch him in the face for twenty dollars. Dylan is a bouncer at a bar back in Nebraska where he has been stabbed, and shot in the leg, he is buff. It would take several thousand dollars for me to let Dylan punch me. Any ways so Dylan found some MMA fighting gloves making it .0000000000001% less stupid of Ron for letting him do it. Then Ron took off his glasses closed it eyes and BAM, Dylan did not hold back at all, Ron was so dizzy and out of it afterward that he was barely able to grasp the twenty dollars Dylan gave him.

Sunday I played soccer for the first time since November. We only played for a hour and a half but I am so out of shape that I thought I was going to die. I took a 30 minute hot shower afterward because I was immediately super sore.

On another note it is currently Snowing cats and pandas. This is the 4th time we have gotten a quick heavy snowstorm that only dumped a inch or less.

Colorado in 3 Days and Counting, X Games in 5 Days and Counting!

Peace, Love, and Happiness

Live A Little



Living The Honey Badger Life

16 Jan

I am am living my life right  like the Honey Badger, which is my FAVORITE animal.

Honey Badgers opinion on most things: Honey Badger don’t give a shit!

This semester I am taking 14 credit Hours. Monday I only have Geology from 10-11:50 am, so far I like it allot and find most of it interesting enough to pay attention the whole time, except for the one day we discussed chemistry (I hate chemistry its the reason I am not a geology major).

Tuesday I have Sociology from 9:35-10:50, its not near as fun as Mr. Vickers class was, but its not to bad. Then I have Art appreciation from 3:35-4:50 pm, it is the most boring class ever! My Professor shows us picture after stupid picture, and she  just goes crazy over analyzing them. One picture she showed us was a bunch of random black straight lines crossing randomly over each other with a white background, and she related it to Lions chasing a water buffalo in Africa. Straight lines = Lions in Africa, hell no they don’t. (she is freaking crazy). My opinion of that class is the same as the Honey badger.

Wednesday I only have Geology again, but starting on February 27th I have Ropes Challenger course facilitator training from 4:30-7:30pm out at the lake. This class is once a week for only the second half of the semester for 3 easy a credits which I need badly (more on that later). This is the hardest climbing class they have, the whole class is about them teaching us advanced climbing skills and safety and what not. If I finish this class which I will (It was pretty much made for me), then I will be a certified climbing instructor and I will be able to get a job next year assisting with the other climbing classes.

Thursday I have Sociology and art again, but I also have Geology lab from 1-2:50 pm which so far I like.

Friday I only have Geology again.

I am on academic probation from last semester which means that to be able to attend school there next year (not sure I even want to), I have to get my whole GPA including last semesters classes above a 2.0. Last semester I had a 1.3 GPA I know I am bad student but that’s low even for me. So to get it up I cant have any F’s or D’s, I can have one C and I need some A’s. Hints why I took easy classes. Being kicked out of school is the motivation I needed because I am actually trying and paying attention in all of my classes for the first time in EVER EVER EVER.

Peace to your Pet Honey Badgers, Love to your inner Honey Badger, and Happiness to your Honey Badger thoughts!

Live A Little



19 Nov

The Northwest campus is dead, half of the student population decided go home and skip class monday and tuesday so they could have a longer break. This is the only saturday night I been here that I have not heard about a party or dance or anything, its a ghost town here, also its 30 degrees with 60 mph wind gust (ehh).

I registered for classes thursday at midnight and only got two that I orginally wanted, ropes course and commercial recreation. I am only taking 13 credit hours next semester because all the gen eds filled up in .2 seconds (not kidding). I will have a ton of free time with which I probably wont do anything productive. My grades this semester are not great im pretty sure im going to be on academic probation next semester, mabey that will motivate me (doubt it).

Im still looking into tranfering next year and I have narrowed it down to Northern Michigan, The University of Montana, and Colorado State. Im wanting alittle more to stay at Northwest (just alittle bit). The main reason I want to transfer is because there simply is nothing to do here in your free time, all the schools im looking into tranfering to have outdoor activity clubs, but Northwest doesnt. So me and some other guys are going trying to start one its called the Northwest Missouri State outdoor adventures club (we have a facebook page so its pretty legit). Im going to have to give a speach in front of student senate to get them to vote for us to be official. In the speech I have to tell them what are goals are for the club and what we are trying to accomplish, im going to be honest and tell them that we are going to try to take as many trips as we possibly can to get away from this super boring place so we can have some freakin fun that doesnt involve partys. If this club gets made official I would be president (thats right me president of a organization), and I will probably stay here next year, if its not made official I will likley leave to go to another college, or be a bum (a happy bum) and work at a ski resort.

Today was our first playoff game at MoWest and we won. I get to cross number 93.Rush the field after a college playoff game. off my very long bucket list. I cant wait to cross off number 84. Go to winter X Games, and 117. Meet Shawn White in Jan at the X Games in Aspen, Co (swagggazz).
Live A Little
Peace to yo dreadlocks, Love to your dreadlocks, and Happyness to your dreadlocks
Im pretty sure I made alot of errors in my grammar and I dont care.
Grammar Hippy

Homecoming Weekend

23 Oct

This weekend was Homecoming weekend here at Northwest Missouri State University, and it was pretty epic. Friday was walkout day, a day when no one including professors comes to class. No school friday meant a big party night on Thursday (thirsty thursday), me and some other people from my dorm walked to a house everyone from our dorm usually goes to, but when we got there the roomates were arguing and threatening to call the cops on each other if a jungle juice party was to happen. So we left and went back to our hall where amazingly we were not able to find another party here in partyville. So that night was a bust.

Friday night all the frats were finishing up their floats for the homecoming parade so they didnt throw any partys, and we once again couldnt find a house party. Then someone said “Lets buy some booze and go party out in a corn field” and thats what almost everyone did. You know its going to be a interesting night when its started off with someone yelling “Lets go make some mistakes and bad decisions”-Wasn’t Me. They’re were six cars full of people mostly from my dorm following each other out to a random field in the middle of nowhere. I have never seen a more clear night sky it was amazing we were seeing shooting stars everywhere in the sky.We were in that field from midnight until 3:30 am or so. Anytime a car on the nearby highway passed by everyone would freak and go hide or run to the cars. Its kind of hard to describe it but that night was pretty epic.

Saturday I had to be up at 5 am becuase I was in the homecoming parade for shirtless bearcats so I just stayed awake after I got back from the field. We had to line up for the parade a hour before it started and it was 40 degrees and very windy (Thats pretty cold when you dont have a shirt on). I had lost my voice by the end of the parade and I still had the football game to go to against Washburn who we killed to the point that it was boring to watch. I was tired after the game so I went to sleep and commited what I consider a crime as a college student, I slept through my saturday night and another corn field party (smh). I was awoken at 2 am by Joe (redneck), Garret(redneck), and Eric who were all sideways drunk. Joe and Garret started boxing in my room and really hitting and hurting each other while laughing, and Eric complained about not being able to sleep because his roomate was with a girl in their room. They left and then I was awoken at 3 by a different Joe and some girls he was with who were wondering why I didnt go to the corn field with them again, to which I told him because no body frickin woke me up (smh).

Today (sunday) I went and ate breakfast in the foodcourt for the first time all semester with all the super hungover guys from my dorm, and when I am motivated enough I need to finish by six page paper on Asian carp for my comp 1 class (I have 5 and a half left to type).

Bucket List: Party in a Corn field CHECK

Live A Little

Peace to yo Fridays, Love to your Saturdays, and Happyness to your Sundays

Random Thoughts

16 Oct

We are all about half way through our first semsters of college now and well for me its starting to get old(just the academic part). I was never someone who enjoyed sitting watching listening and learning day in and day out in high school. I went to highschool for 4 years and never once put 100% into any school work (except the 3 Justin Bieber essays I wrote for Mr. Dial-70% average on them).

In college though since we get to choose our majors and what we learn about I was able to enjoy learning atleast for a few months during which I actually had awesome grades. Now im not really interested in my major anymore (probably because I quit watching animal planet when I came to college), making me not really interested in learning about it which has brought be back to my academic days in highschool of just getting by and not learning anything.

College is fun (alot better then working at McDonalds full-time)(not better then getting paid to watch ultimate frisbee)(Well it might be better)(ya it is better without the academic part).

Next semester im changing my major to parks and recreation management (classes include: Ropes course training, kayaking, racquetball, and the killer: advanced ropes course class). I hope that is a major I can get myself to focus and learn about (It will be hard (: but I think I can learn about Kayaking).

I am cheap (veryyyy cheap). College is expensive, so if next semester im still not feeling it I think I might quit, then work for Jackson count parks and rec for the summer, then go work at a ski resort in Colorado all winter (Matt Spydell did this, that guy is my hero). If I like my new major then im going to work at Jackson count parks and rec for the summer then I will go back to college at: Northwest 10%, Northern colorado 30%, Mesa state in grandjuction colorado 20%, Northern Michigan 20%, Colorado State 20% chance.

I dont really care about having alot of money as long as I am where I want to be and I am doing what I want to do, and thats why im not so sure I need or want a college education. I am having the time of my life here but I feel like I could be doing something even better, somewhere else.

I try to be all about doing what I love, and “Living A Little”, and Idk where I will be next year or if I will be in college but I probably wont be here, and I will be somewhere I 100% want to be.

Live A Little

Peace to yo Coffee, Love to yo Coffeee, Happyness to yo coffeeee

Top This Morgan

30 Sep

So ya Northwest MissouriState is a SUPER HUGE BIGTIME THE SKY IS BLUE party school. But I go home on weekends alot and I dont want to party during the week even though theres people who do (around half my floor) so I had not been able to attend any partys until this last weekend.
Friday me Dylan(The Beard) and his roommate Ron along with Garret(A cowboy redneck from Nebraska) minus my roomate(went home for the weekend) went going to a rave,  It was in a trashed house that had blankets on every window so the Po Poes(Police) couldnt see inside. There were black lights everywhere, there was non-stop techno music playing the enitre night. I learned that people dont really drink that much at raves they just do drugs(alot of drugs). The entire house smelled like pot, everybody was writing on each other with highlighters, alot of people were barely clothed. Its hard to explain it but it was all that plus dancing and I think everyone there might of been High from second hand pot smoke. We left around 3am it was the most fun ive had so far. If you get a chance go to a Rave.

Saturday I got painted for the football game which we won 70-17 we are in first place and its so nice to actually go to a school with a winning football team(not william chrisman).

Then that night around 10 me Dylan, Ron, Garret, and Kate went to a Jungle Juice house party (Jungle Juice is Vodka or hard liquor mixed with fruit juice). It was kind of boring after a while it was just people sitting around and getting wasted. Dylan who was picking up girls and does not drink asked me if I would let Ron(his roommate) sleep in my room so he could have a girl he met over, I said why not. Ron at that point had drank 6 cups of Jungle juice he was wasted. I got bored at the party and left to go to a party with some peeps from the shirtless bearcats. At 2am Dylan called me saying he had a girl in his room (he is a manwhore) and he needed me to come get Ron from his room, and saying I was going to enjoy seeing Ron. When I got back to the dorm  and walked into Dylan and Rons room I could immediately tell that Ron was high as a freakin kite. Anything I said made him laugh. Dylan informed me that Ron had drank 8 cups of jungle juice and and then smoked pot for atleast a hour. After leaving Dylan and his girl, I took Ron to my room where he staired into the airconditioner for a good 5 minutes laughing and saying he felt like he was flying. Then I told him to do some sit-ups to sober up a bit (I needed entertainment), he then laughed and asked how to do a sit-up to which I said just sit-up which he did then fell over and passed out drunk for the night. The next morning there was a big wet spot on my carpet, when I asked Ron about he said he woke up in the middle of the night still drunk and poured a bottle of MY apple juice out on my carpet because he didnt want to drink from the bottle (smh child pleaze).

Peace to your shirts, Love to yo money, and Happyness to your rubber ducks
Live A Little

The longest thing I have ever written

20 Sep

Monday morning I decided I am not going to play Club Soccer anymore, because I dont have the time and I keep rolling my left ankle.

I am going to try play for roller hockey club team with the Dylan(The beard), Bigs(Thats what everyone calls him), and some other guys from my floor. I have not roller bladed in more then two years(it cant be that hard) but I did dominate hockey in gym all 4 years of high school(238 goals not that I counted). This last saturday me, bigs, Dylan, and my roommate drove down to KC in the swaggon waggon to get hockey gear. I accidently took drowsy cold medicine before we left so on the way back Dylan had to drive because I couldnt stay awake. That made him the 3rd person ever besides me to drive the swaggon waggon( my dad, Saara, Dylan).

Last Friday night was the hall council retreat(the worst night of my life). Are leaders made it sound awesome, but the food sucked it was tacos that im pretty sure had been soaked in grease for 3 weeks before we ate them. It was around 35 degrees the whole night and none of the buildings had heat, and all I had was one hoodie and 1 pair of jeans. The mattress I slept on was hard as a rock and covered in dirt. They said it was a super nice retreat, but you could barely call the thing I slept in a shed. They made us do a bunch of icebreakers and social games which I wouldnt mind if alot of the hall councils from the other hall werent so freaking weird. Some kid kept bugging me wanting to discuss the health care crisis, because when it was brought up in group talk I said we should be more like Canada(all the weird hall council kids hated Canada). Last I found out that every one in hall council except for Dieterichs council gets mad when you refer to Dieterich as The Dirty D (me and dylan then refered to it as the Dirty D every chance we got) because they said that nickname gives a negative vibe to the building (pssh Child Please). Me and Dylan are still working on planning a Dirty D I mean Big D aww scew it Dirty D dance party that were hoping to have in sometime in the next 3 weeks.

Also this last week I joined the shirtless Bearcats a coed club dedicated to watching sporting events with there shirts off (will be a interesting club to be in during football playoffs when its 30 degrees and snowing).

People I Know:

Dylan: talks to every person he sees, always knows where there is a party, and has a amazing beard

Matt: lives across the hall from me really nice but he has a potty mouth, while studying in the library yesterday he very loudly cussed every time he got a answer wrong on the practice quiz I was reading to him (he didnt know you are supposed to be quiet).

Bigs: Hes from Maryland, i dont know his real name(nobody does) but he is big(hints his nickname), his room is completely trashed (imagine 5 hoarders living in one dorm room). I also found out he snowboards so I have someone to go to snowcreek with this winter.

Eric: used to party every night, until this last friday night when he was so drunk that he didnt even remember me talking to him as he went into his room with a girl who he also doesnt remember.

Dr. Easterlae: my freshmem seminar teacher, and my favorite teacher, he created my major (hes old) and even though he is the most distinguished proffesor in the science department several people have told me that he doesnt believe DNA exsist(im not kidding) because DNA wasnt heavily researched until after graduated college so he never realy learned about it and refuses to believe it exsist. He has crazy stories, alot about when he hitch hiked all over america as a teen.

Casey: Shes on hall council with me, and she made up some disease friday night so she could leave the miserable lake early

Peace to Yo turtles, Love to your grass, and and Happyness to your hair follicles



13 Sep

Sunday i found out that me and Dylan(The Beard) won the election, hes president and im vice president of dieterich hall. That evening we had a celebration star gazing party in front of the Dirty D(my roommate went to bed)(Boo)and volley ball game at like 11 that night with guys from the 5th and girls from the 6th, and by the end of the game everyone was in their underwear and sports bras(domino effect of clothes being shedded) then a bunch of us chilled in two girls rooms (i think their names are mckensie and hannah im 30% sure no 10% sure) and ate cookies(they had a ALOT of cookies)(I LOVE COOKIES).

Then today(monday) I attended a wildlife club meeting where there was free food(I LOVE FREE FOOD)then at  8PM me and Dylan(The Beard) attended are first hall council meeting(bleh) but it wasnt to bad we found out that this friday night us and the hall councils from the other buildings all get to go spend the night out at the lake in fancy log cabins and do leadership stuff like climb there huge super tall and deadly obstacale course (Live A Little)and we were also told that we get free food all night (I zoned out when i heard free food)(I love free food)(Even more then I love non-free food). After the meeting we played sand volley ball again with the same peeps from sunday night(this time clothing stayed on) plus my roommate(surprised he was even awake).

PEACE to yo dogs, love to yo cats, and happiness to yo souls

Live A Little

Dirty D VP

6 Sep

Today I was pressured into running for Vice President of Dieterich Hall (The Dirty D) by The Beard(refer to previous post) who is running for president. My campaign slogan is “Expect the Unexpected…. Do you like Squirrels???? I do!!”  and its on posters in every bathroom and elevator. The election is in a week I dont care if I win but if I do ile be The Dirty D VP! Peace, Live A Little!!

First week & The Dirty D a nickname makes it cooler

1 Sep

So I still have yet to be given homework, yesterday the JWs grill opend in the food court(its soooo GOOODDD), also yesterday I practiced with the Northwest club soccer team and got invited back to practice with them again tonight(HOLLLAA). Last night after soccer practice I went and played glow in the dark frisbee(colored glow sticks coordinated the teams) it was really fun.

I have been living on The Dirty D 5th floor for a week now and heres the scoop: 1. If I walk around the floor around 9oclock on any night I can prob find atleast one sock on a door knob(yes its what you think it means).2. Saturday around 4p.m while walking to the bathroom I could here someone having very loud sex in there room(there was no sock on his door knob).3. The building itself besides looking like a prsion at times( plain concrete walls) is actually pretty clean.4. Its HOT.5. Theres a guy who I call The Beard that just goes from room to room trying to start partys and be loud {constantly}, and pick up ladys( he scares me to).6. My roommate is messy(TO SAY THE LEAST)(HES @#$%&ING MESSSY)leaves everything laying around his desk is covered in clothes along with our floor, he leaves his laptop, phone, and ipod laying around on the floor(ive stepped on all of them).7. The guy I mentioned earleir THE BEARD has a complete @#$%&ing sound system in his room( he is 8 rooms from me and I can still feel my kidneys vibrating when hes playing music) I thought we were being bombed the first time he turned it on.9. There is a guy from Nebraska on my floor who explained to me in detail how to make turtle soup(I didnt even mention turtles).10. There is a Dirty D dance party in the works for the coming weeks and its being planned by THE BEARD and his sound system(If you thought Prom was a grind fest).. More to come Some Time


Northwest/ The Dirty D

31 Aug

So I have been at Northwest Missouri state for 5 days now and well its been pretty ight. Thursday I moved in(took one trip to carry all my stuff to my dorm), then I went to a MANDATORRYRYY 1 hour meeting for every one living on The Dirty Fifth floor( all i heard was blahhhh blahhh cowboy blaahhhh naked cow blah blahh blahhh). Later thursday night there was a social activity on the football field that all freshiess had to go to. It was two hours of icebreakers and social activities where i introduced myself a lot had to lick a girls shoe smell a girl’s hair tell 20 random people i loved them, and sing some J biebs(I enjoyed all of it).

Friday was alot of mandaatorryy stuff that I don’t remember but that night there was a dance party out in the gardens( I got my groove on big time holllaaa Ladies wooo wooo), and then a late night frat thing where i got free FOOOD.

Saturday I woke up early and played ultimate frisbee for 3 hours, then i ate at papa johns at the student union, then i played frisbee again,then papa johns again(kenndaa aint got nothing on how much I eat) then that night i went to another frat thing(aka for free food and more ladies).

Sunday I slept through breakfast played ultimate frisbee went to a frat barbecue( awesome  food again), then I played soccer until the sun didn’t shine.

Monday I didn’t do work in either of the 2 classes i had(Games on my laptop). I ate lunch with my entire floor after classes( my floor isn’t dirty but they are frickingg crazy), then I played soccer some guys from the northwest club team for 4 hours(I’m out of shape from all that papa johns).

Then today food class food class class food frisbee Ladies soccer fooodd blogg.. All in all I like northwest so far, I spend most my free time playing frisbee and soccer i hope to make the club team when there’s trouts in a few weeks, I eat a lot of peanut butter and Nutella, the internet here sucks, I walk a lot, I eat a bacon egg and cheese biscuit every morning, and as of this morning im addicted to COFFE and yea there’s a SUPER WALMART here. PEACE Playaass Derks out

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