I’m Kendyl, a freshman at William Jewell College  Sophomore transfer student at Mizzou.  I am roommates with Guano and my bro Pit. I am 6 ft. tall (kind of proud of that) and play soccer. I also spend my time desensitizing books as a librarian in the school library. I am currently jobless and on the search. I’m Majoring in nursing and psychology with hopes to be a nurse practitioner in an oncology department of a hospital someday, but if we’re being honest I have no clue where I’ll in the next 4 years.  I am a Health Science major and planning on getting my clinical doctorate in physical therapy.



I love crafting and making cards to send to people, I’m a shopaholic and impulse spender, I share an obsession of Shaun White and his red hair with Derek, I love photography, and the movie Dirty Dancing (Crazy for Swayze), I am not a big fan of little kids (putting in nicely), I have a Beta fish named Draco (the replacement for Toby) I’m not an animal person, I love Florence + Machine and anything with bicycles on it, and junk food is one of my many weaknesses.

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