Yo…I’m Nick, a student at Mizzou in CoMO, Missouri. I’m studying Chemical Engineering with emphasis in Biochemistry, so my life consists of a lot of boring (but secretly awesome) Chemistry, Calculus, and ResLife. Yeah, I’m a P.A. so a.k.a. my life currently sucks. I forgot to mention that I’m a sophomore (typical). I like to play volleyball, ultimate, run, do research (at MU Research Reactor), help others learn, read the Bible, and read about organic chemistry (lame). I know my picture is all serious with the shirt and tie; I’ll change it when I find time to. I’m thinking of pursuing an advanced degree that is linked to my affinity (no pun intended) for chemistry, biology, engineering, and genetics, and cancer. YOLO. #I<3π (a.k.a. I ♥ ln(-1)/√(-1)).

One Response to “Nick”

  1. A Midwest American Girl September 5, 2013 at 10:15 pm #

    The fact that you play volleyball makes my day 🙂

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