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Of Monsters and Men

1 Jun

On may 21st Me, Megan, Kendyl, and Cathy went to the Of Monsters and Men Concert at Crossroads in downtown Kansas City, Mo.

We met the Band

While walking to the concert venue we spotted the band playing basketball in the street and got a picture, and Kendyl touched them ^



El fin! Hasta enero, Springfield. Hasta pronto, amigos :-)

15 May

I am free! 🙂

This is a little bittersweet though. It’s been the best semester of college by far, potentially the best of my life ever. It was much needed after the worst semester of college and my life ever last semester. But this one has been awesome. I am a little sad it’s over and that I won’t see a lot of my friends and professors or be on Drury’s campus until January. But then I remember I’m going to LONDON in 3 months so I stop being sad pretty quick.

I actually haven’t been that stressed out this week. I’ve been stressed all semester, in a good way though. It kept me busy and kept me going all the time, but I just feel so satisfied when I check things off my list of things to do, so I’ve been managing my time really well. Considering how much I’ve been working, I’ve had to. So I never got panicked-stressed out.

Friday night we had our final Summit project presentations. Here’s me and my roommates outside our house wearing our Volunteer shirts we got from the shelter.


Today I had my final presentation of my research project. I still can’t believe that dang project that wouldn’t go away is… gone. If anyone’s interested in learning about Media Framing of the Sandy Hook Shooting and wants to read a 17-page paper about it, hit me up. My mom told me she thought it would be really boring but it kept her attention. So there’s a testimonial, if you’re skeptical.

I got my final grades for my two Spanish classes where I have an awesome teacher. 97.75% in Spanish 302 and 97.6% in Senior Seminar! I got a 98% on both of my final papers. The other day I was talking to my professor and she said I’ve really improved a lot and I am probably one of the ones who have improved the most.

Here’s a picture of me and my class at her house after the Iniciación ceremony for the Sigma Delta Pi honor society! Those little kids are another professor’s kids.


I’m really going to miss my Spanish class!

I don’t know what to do with myself now. Probably eat a lot of food, right? I’ve been having a lot of Chipotle and pizza lately.

Or maybe I should work on cleaning this:


… Nah. I’m going to enjoy my freedom for now.

Here’s a list of some of the best things about this semester (no particular order):

  • Going to Atlanta to watch the basketball team win the national championship
  • Getting the outstanding sophomore in the communication department award
  • Eating dinner at my Spanish professor’s house with my class
  • Winning extra credit for our research poster
  • A cat named Georgie at the animal shelter
  • Getting prepared to go to London
  • Making new friends with people in my classes
  • Being addicted to the Jodi Arias trial (Guilty- first degree premeditated murder)
  • Going to St. Louis for a weekend with Caitlin
  • Not having any classes I hate
  • Not having calculus which is the ultimate class I hate

I’ll be home on Friday night, see you guys for Dirty Dancing on Saturday night! I’ll make some snakes. Oops I meant to say snacks, but it’s funny that I said snakes instead so I decided not to change it.

And t-minus six days until the Of Monsters and Men concert! That kind of snuck up on us, didn’t it? Hooray!


P.S. Let’s come watch Andy Roddick play on the Springfield Lasers tennis team sometime this summer! I don’t really know anything about him but I know you guys do.

P.P.S. I’m still in shock it’s summer now. IT’S SUMMER RIGHT NOW. It feels like it was just last summer, right? I’m so excited for pie-worthy stories and sitting on the big rock at Bass Pro and being scared of creepy people and raccoons. Can we go camping on your property again, Kendyl? I wonder if Nick will be allowed this year.

P.P.P.S. How is it that we graduated from Chrisman 2 years ago? How is it that we just finished our SOPHOMORE YEAR OF COLLEGE?


21 Feb

First, I’d just like to extend a HAPPY SNOW DAY to all who were trapped inside while like 5498 feet of snow accumulated outside. It was a interesting storm.

I woke up super early today because I think I was just paranoid it was going to be really bad outside and I wanted to be sure I had enough time. But actually nothing was really happening weather wise. Around 9ish, the snow really started to get nasty, which included thunder/lightning snow. And since my first class was supposed to start at 11, I was planning on leaving pretty early given the circumstances. Anyway, as most of you know, I don’t particularly like to skip class unless it’s absolutely necessary. This was one of those times. The rest of the morning I watched the Today Show (my guilty pleasure), and Anderson Live. Then the stupid university decided that at 12 o’clock, at the peak of the storm, that they should probably cancel classes and close the university. Probably because a lot of the main roads were just parking lots. But that’s a rant for another day. The point is, I didn’t have to be on campus until 6:30 today. PTL.

Anyway me and Kens were pretty hungry so we decided to walk up to Taco Bell since it was probably not a good idea to drive because most of the roads were still un-plowed and my car was/still is under like a foot of snow. It was was a pretty good snow-venture. Except we almost got run over by a car and it was pretty windy so snow flakes pelted at our faces. Ouch.

Our 2nd snow-venture happened around 6. Kendyl was getting REAL stir-crazy. So we decided to go build a snowman outside. Snowman plan failed since the snow wasn’t really the greatest for snowman-making. Then we decided to walk to HyVee so Kens could buy a juice box for less than .90 cents (that was all she had). They didn’t have individual juice boxes for sale but luckily they had 2-liter Dr. Peppers on sale for .77 cents!

Also they just announced that all classes are canceled tomorrow. WHAT UP!! Oh and Of Monsters and Men tickets came in today!! 89 days left until the concert!

Last Friday, there was a weinermobile sighting on campus. So me and GBabs and Kens took a little adventure in search of it . When we got to campus it was gone. But we took some cliche pictures with the Columns on the Quad to make up for it. Then when were about to turn on to our street… WE SAW THE WEINERMOBILE turning the other direction!!! I might or might have not made an illegal U-Turn, but we followed it to the hotel we think they were staying at. And while the drivers went inside to check in, we took some pictures with the weinermobile. Not going to lie, it was pretty awesome.

Today I stumbled upon this video from the Today Show. Not going to lie, I cried a little bit from laughing so hard. Two of the many British things I love!

“The way you do your hair gets me flabbergasted.” BAHAHAHA.


PS. Nick is alive.  You may be lead to believe otherwise since he hasn’t blogged in about 3 months. I saw him with my own eyes the other day. lol.

Very Important Things

20 Feb

The most noteworthy things from my week:

1. Chocolate fountain on Valentine’s Day

2. The Christian group I am in has started a new small group at our favorite coffee shop, The Potter’s House.

3. The other day when I was driving, I cut someone off and when I looked in my rearview mirror, the guy was doing exaggerated clapping for me. AKA, he was pissed.

4. Oreos

5. I have a shit ton of stuff to do in the next two and a half weeks

6. Of Monsters and Men!!!


P.S. Facebook is literally my enemy right now.

Batteries Not Included

13 Feb

Sunday night (aka the early hours of Monday)

12:35 am – get into bed and turn out the lights

12:36 am – set alarms

12:37 am – close eyes and try to fall asleep

12:42 am – hear a loud beep in the hallway… and another 30 seconds later… and another…

12:43 am – realize it’s the smoke detector

12:44-12:45 am – hope it will stop on its own

12:46 am – go out into hallway to talk to Caitlin about what to do

12:47 am – decide to call the CA (like an RA but for apartment housing)

12:48 am – security picks up the phone and says they will be right over

12:49 am – change into more appropriate clothing in which to greet security

12:52 am – security arrives

security: the battery needs replaced

me: we know that

security: do you have a 9-volt battery?

me: uh, no?

security: well, we can’t do anything for you

me: so we’re just supposed to let this beep all night?

security: well, unless you have a 9-volt battery…

me: well I already said that we don’t

security: well, you could go to wal-mart, they’re still open…

me (kind of pissed): alright bye

12:55 am – security leaves

12:56 am – me and Caitlin stare at each other

1:05 am – me and Caitlin drive to the nearest gas station to buy said battery

1:18 am – we return home

1:28 am – I finally figure out how to replace the stupid battery

1:30 am – I finally go to bed, peacefully and sans beeping noise

This just made me really pissy because that was not the first time that one of our smoke detectors had done that this year, and the other two times we were not required to provide the battery. @DUprobz.


P.S. Yesterday I overslept by 3 hours. Oops. I had class at 9:30, 11:00, and 12:00, and I woke up at 11:09. Shit. I left my apartment at 11:22, with makeup on and decent clothes and looking overall  presentable, which I’m pretty proud of.


Looking back, looking ahead

12 Dec

So today was the last day of the first semester of my second year of college. That’s a lot of ordinal adjectives. Also, I’m now in my final two days as a teenager, before I enter the abyss otherwise known as “the 20’s”. So I thought I’d just take some time to look back a little at both of these things.

This semester has been a really hard one for me – and I don’t mean that my classes have been hard. I didn’t necessarily like many of them considering that they were all basically Gen Eds, but if that was the extent of my problems this semester, then that probably would have been okay. As you guys know, on the first day of the semester I got some terrible news and things got off to a bad start for me, and it never really could come back up after that. Also, I guess I’ve begun to view the world in a different way than I ever have before, and while that itself isn’t bad, it can be unsettling and uncomfortable at times. But I also realize that this is a part of life that is important, because of course nobody sees everything the same way for their whole life.

Even though there were some bad days, there were also a lot of good things that happened too. I finally was able to find a job, and it’s one that I really enjoy and is easy to balance along with school. I volunteered at the animal shelter and the puppies, kittens, and three other volunteers named Lori, Chase, and Jason never failed to make me smile. I made some new friends and hung out with “old” ones more. I called my mom a lot when I had bad days, and that always helped. I feel like we got even closer this semester. I spent time with my family when I went home, and I went to a Sporting KC game with my dad. I feel like I’ve learned to appreciate people more and the time I have to spend with them.

As far as turning 20 is concerned, I have kind of mixed feelings about it! On one hand, I’m excited to leave behind the negative connotations that come with the title of “teenager”, because personally at age 19 and maybe 18 I never really identified with being a “teenager” anymore. I’m excited to start something new. On the other hand, I’m sad to leave behind the negative connotations that come with the title of “teenager”, because it represents new freedom, immaturity, teen pregnancy (jk), irresponsibility, being carefree, and it gives you an excuse for when you mess up. I’ve had a lot of really great experiences as a teenager, like my first trip to Europe, and some really bad experiences as a teenager. It’s weird to think that soon I will be moving into the next decade of my life (the one that precedes “the 30’s” – yikes) and that this age group is usually highlighted by real jobs, bills, marriage, and sometimes children. That is seriously disconcerting and also really freaky.


Overall, I’m excited to be moving forward. I’m glad that The Semester From Hell is over, and I’m pretty indifferent about leaving my teenage years, but I like to see these endings as opportunities for fresh starts. I am determined to make the best of them and enjoy every moment. I hope you guys enjoyed my first philosophical post. I recommend that you go listen to some Of Monsters and Men because they are the soundtrack of my life right now, and I’m going to spend some time with my family before I leave for Germany in 9 days!


P.S. I just convinced my mom to let me have a birthday party next week, you’re all invited (except I already know that Kendyl and Derek can’t come). But the rest of you have no excuse.

P.P.S. Sorry for ruining the title pattern of the weekdays, but I feel like it didn’t really fit with mine 😉

Fall Break… Kind of.

30 Oct

Well it turns out that Mizzou doesn’t have a Fall break so I just had to create my own by just not going back to school.

Friday night was the free Imagine Dragons concert for homecoming week and it was off the chain. My ears continued to ring for two days so I think that tells you how awesome it was.

I drove home after the concert so I could watch Tristan run in his sectionals race the next morning. He got 19th place so he gets to go to state in Jeff city this weekend!

While I was home I my mom took me shopping and I was finally able to go to Forever 21 (it had been much too long) and we went to Costco so I could get an ice cream bar (if you haven’t had one from the food court there, trust me it will change your life).

I was planning on going back Sunday night, but then I learned that Tristan’s cross country banquet was on Tuesday and there would be fried chicken and mashed potatoes, so I weighed my options and clearly skipping class on Monday was the best choice.

I register for classes tomorrow so I have my classes picked out and I’m planning on taking chemistry, Bio lab, health sciences 1000 and 3300, Political Science, and Greek mythology.

I’m really lacking motivation currently, so this is all I got.

Keep it Classy.


P.S. I found out today that Of Monsters and Men are coming to Kansas City for the Night the Buzz stole Christmas, but I won’t be here, so that’s unfortunate.

Also, the only followers we have on twitter are all of us and Tristan. It’s kind of pitiful.


24 Apr

The last few weeks have been super super busy for me. The week before last was initiation week for my sorority so we had things almost every night. We had history night, family night, sister share night and then initiation on Friday where we did secret sorority things. It’s a secret, you wouldn’t understand (that is an office reference for those of you who are fans). Then that Saturday I worked 7:00am-12:00 with Kelsey at the marina (I think one of the only people that doesn’t consume copious amounts of alcohol and smoke weed). Then that evening we had our Crown Formal which was nautical themed. I didn’t bring a date because all the guys here are royal douches. It was a lot of fun and we basically just danced the entire time because well it was a dance (if you were wondering yes, I am still a terrible dancer. There are some things College just can’t change). Then that Sunday we played a soccer game against Benedictine, my coaches twin brother’s team. I seriously wish I had taken a picture of them both standing on the sideline because it was hilarious because they are basically the same person.

Last Wednesday we had this thing called Jewellstock and it was AWESOME! There was copious amounts of food and cotton candy. They had a ton of inflatables, which I love and big wheeled tricycles. I just wish it was Jewellstock every day. Then Friday was Colloquium day and I had to go see a couple presentations so I went to a music one (Zac was in) and I went to one on homelessness in schools. If I didn’t have to do this for class I probably wouldn’t have, but it was good. Also Friday after practice we had to help with a Fundraiser which consisted of us basically sitting on a bench and watching people hit golf balls for 3 and a half hours. I hit a golf ball for the first time in my life and let me tell you I’m no Tiger Woods (because I suck and I didn’t have multiple affairs). I was supposed to get two people to come, but lets get real, I live in Independence, I don’t know anyone who golfs. The only person who would have gone was Tristan, but he had a track meet.

Saturday I went to my Sorority moms wedding and got some yummy cake and punch afterwards. It was very pretty and she looked beautiful. Then afterwards I went thrifting with Megan and Mary Ann. I found this awesome retro green fondue pot, a Patagonia wind breaker (thanks to guans), and a mirror with a cool frame which I plan to pinterest the shit out of (yes pinterest can be used as a verb). Then at 3:30 we had to meet at the maybee center to leave for our games in Iowa on Sunday. Let me tell you how cheap our school is, we took one 15 passenger van (I was on this with 14 other people and our stuff), one of the girls SUV that held 5 people and then our goalie coach drove separately, the ride was just such a joy. We went to one of our player’s houses that lives in Iowa and her family made dinner for us. It was so delicious, it was lasagna, baked ziti, fruit, veggies, olive garden breadsticks and salad, and tons of delicious deserts. I ate so much food. It was the bomb. Then we hung out there for a while. We watched Jefferson play guitar hero which was hilarious. First of all he doesn’t ever cuss so when he messed up he would yell “Bleep it”. Then he also was doing herkies (cheerleader things I don’t know how to spell it) while he was playing. On our way to our hotel we got separated from Jefferson who was driving the SUV because he’s kind of a maniac driver and Howard took an off ramp going way to fast and we seriously thought the van was going to tip (just imagine 14 girls screaming at the same time). When we finally got to the hotel it was really sketchy, there were atleast 20 people outside smoking and several sketchy people inside in the lobby. Usually there are 4 of us to a room, but since only 18 of us went it was only Stephanie and I in our room. When we walk in our room the sheets are messed up like someone had slept there and I guess I had a really nervous look on my face because I scared Steph and we practically ran out of there (thoughts of scary movies were running through my mind, like someone hiding in the shower). The coaches room was the same way, I guess they double booked the rooms so they started to look for a new hotel. We waited in the lobby while everyone else was in their rooms, besides the coaches. These are the group texts Jefferson sent out: “Evacuation plans are being considered… Standby”, “Move out!!”, “2 minutes to evacuate! Save yourself and your teammates”, and “THIS IS NOT A DRILL!”. It was quite comical, but we ended up getting to stay in a Holiday Inn (that never happens) and we had a really good breakfast. Sunday we played Drake and we beat them 1-0 and we played Winona State and we lost 3-0, but our goalie was out so that played a factor in the second game. My mom, Kellan, Tristan, and Babs came to the game so I went home with them so I didn’t have to ride in the van and we walked around campus for a while because Tristan is thinking about going there.

I pulled my second legit all nighter Sunday night, studied all night for anatomy and then went strait to class at 7:45am. My end of the school year checklist still has way too many things on it, but I’m working on it.

May the odds ever be in your favor during finals week. I want to go Katniss Everdeen on my anatomy final, but I will probably end up more like rue, being ravaged by it.

Keep it Classy!


P.S. It’s almost summer! I can’t wait!!!

P.P.S. Sorry this is so long. Listen to Mountain Sound by Of Monsters and Men. It is awesome.

Treat Yo’ Self

14 Feb

Sometimes you just have to “Treat yo’ self”

So I decided to treat myself to a snowboard. You may be thinking “What the hell Kendyl, you live in Missouri,” and I am completely aware. The thing is I’ve only snowboarded once, but I loved it. I sucked, but falling on my butt 100 times was actually really fun (I’m sure staying up is more fun, but I haven’t gotten to that skill level yet.) I also fully plan to win a snowboarding competition one day and maybe be the female equivalent of Shaun White and Morgan will be the female equivalent of a really good skier because I don’t know any famous skiers names(ok so maybe that’s a little out of reach.)

Friday we treated ourselves to a mini road trip, Guano, Lei, Derek, and I drove up to Northwest to visit the Dirty D. Which trust me, the name is very accurate, the whole place smells like ass. Also there was a guy working the front desk who I swear could have been Shaun White’s brother.

I have found out that I love being in the car, although sometimes it might suck, most of the time it is pretty great. The car rides are half the fun of everything.

Sunday night Guano and I (<< look at that grammar :)) stayed up until 4:00am studying for our anatomy quiz in the union. On our way back to the dorm we got to walk through the wonderful snow! Also on Monday it was a snow day miracle and my 7:45am and 12:30pm classes were canceled so the only class I had was Responsible Self at 1:30. Then instead of practice at 3:00 the whole team watched an inspirational soccer movie called “Rise and Shine: The Jay DeMerit Story” which was actually pretty good, and better than doing ball skills on the basketball court. Then after my chapter meeting Guano, Lei, and I made a super sexy snowman which we named “Mittens Romney” and did some seductive poses with him 😉 << winky face. And now I’m at the perch treating myself to a caramel macchiato… and a Dr. Pepper.

I also forgot one of the best things that happened was we learned the real meaning of Zesty from Urban Dictionary. Zesty- adjective used to describe someone that has done something gay. The example they gave was “You got on a pink shirt!? You ol’ zesty ass nigga!”

Here are some of my current favorite songs. I’m showing this to you because some people that only listen to rap, Katy Perry, and Justin Beiber need a little help finding good music, but I tried not to single anyone out there.

1. Somebody That I Used to Know- Gotye

2. Tongue Tied- Grouplove

3. Little Talks- Of Monsters and Men

Sometime this week I plan on making my bucket list that way I can cross things of when I accomplish them!

Keep it Classy wherever you might be.


P.S. I was going to write about things that were trending on yahoo, but I have no interest in most of those things, so here is a purple squirrel that was trending a week ago.

Purple Squirrel

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