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Year In Review

16 May

As of yesterday, my semester/year has finally ended, and to be honest it’s kind of bittersweet. Coming to Mizzou was never really a plan that I had planned on following through with. Though it’s been an adventure adjusting to this new environment, I feel like I made the right choice, and I hope that I’ll be able finish my education here (fingers crossed for nursing school!). That isn’t to say that I regret my year at Jewell, because I don’t. But I guess if there’s one thing I regret it’s not making the decision to come to Mizzou first, if that makes sense… Haha.

This Spring semester has most definitely, hands down, been the most challenging/stressful semester I have ever gone through. This week especially. I hate finals. It probably could almost classify as a miracle that I’ve even made it out alive. But still, for the most part I’ve enjoyed every class that I was in.

Here are some highlights/lessons learned/favorite memories of my year at Mizzou (in no particular order or importance).

  • Getting my first speeding ticket, also getting my first parking ticket (the latter was yesterday, when I almost missed my last final.)
  • Seeing Imagine Dragons preform… FOR FREE. And seeing Passion Pit and Matt & Kim for a small fee.
  • Being sick for 6 weeks. Not cool man. I’m better now though.
  • Microbiology 2800. I don’t care who you are/what your major is, you need to take this class to know the hilarity/awesomeness that is Dr. Furrer. Besides that, subject matter/teaching wise, it’s probably the best class I have ever taken. Ever.
  • Getting 2.5 snow days.
  • I can procrastinate like no body’s business. Thank you Netflix, FB, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Imgur. That being said, apparently my body can’t handle stress that is usually a result of procrastination very well (see point #3).
  • The closest I got to an all-nighter was sleeping only for 2 hours…. On many, many, many nights.
  • Ellis library is freaking awesome. Although scary as well (I’m sure librarian Kendyl could tell you more so than I can)
  • Getting a lot of free things, including shirts and lots of food.
  • Attractive male in my history class.  He was real attractive.
  • I miss music/violin more than I thought I would, probably one downside to coming to MU.
  • I’ve been able to appreciate my family and KC a lot more now that I’m 123 miles/1.5 hours away.
  • The basement of the Student Union has very comfy couches that are GREAT for naps.
  • I probably spent too much in the bookstore on clothing/apparel and books. Gosh I really hate buying books.
  • Never take a “5 minute nap” during a study break. It never ends up being 5 minutes, no matter how hard you try to make it last only 5 minutes.

I can’t believe that I’ve just finished my 2nd year of college. CRAZY!! However I’m getting super excited for summer! Even though I’m going to be so majorly busy, wahhhh!!

Peace out for now!

PS. Sorry Cathy for kind of copying the premise of your post!!

PPS. I just got a little depressed, guys. I googled Kansas City Explorers to find out their schedule this summer. I found out that they’re moving to Irving TX because there wasn’t enough corporate support in KC to keep there here. 😦

Here We GO

6 May

I love Snapchat. And I really love seeing the beautifully awkward faces of my friends for a few moments, it really brightens my day.

Finals are in full swing. Holy Moly! The stress level I am at right now is probably not healthy. Also, the amount of caffeine I have consumed and will consume by the end of this week will not be healthy. My eyes are already doing funny things and I haven’t been looking at a computer screen, I’ve been reading essays like it was my job. It’s awful. I hate English so so much. I am so bad at it and I hate it. I hate English. I will be done with this class on Tuesday morning, so only  a solid 24 hours of working on this portfolio and I’m done. However, I have to study for my cumulative Meteorology exam that is Monday afternoon while finishing this portfolio. I’ll bet you $4 that cumulative is the worst word you can hear the week before finals.

On a completely different note: I have a gnarly sunburn on my legs. It looked almost purple yesterday and is still radiating heat. It’s great… but no worries, I can wear shorts here because it’s warm and don’t have to worry about jeans rubbing up against my legs. Also, I noticed I only have tight pants- not fun with a sunburn y’all.

Well I better stop my study break and get back to it! Can’t wait to see you all soon, and in one piece.



29 Apr

Weather Report: The past few days have been marvelous. With a High pressure system moving slowly over the north central part of Colorado, clear skies and warm weather have been abundant. Unfortunately  after many days of sun, pink skin is bound to happen! Especially because of the altitude… However, Tuesday and Wednesday will be days to recover, rain/snow mix is headed my way just in time to be reminded that it is not summer quite yet.

Summer is so close. Just think, in two weeks, most of us will be considered juniors in college. When did we grow up? And how do we prevent it from happening?

But before we can think of summer, it’s time for Hell Week and then Finals. Starting Monday my finals begin. I have a 30 minute lesson plan to give. This is the longest lesson plan I’ve created and I’m so glad I have a partner to do it with me. Teaching in front of children isn’t scary really, but teaching in front of 25 college students who are supposed to act just as excited and involved as children is not quite as fun. But, once that is over, that is one class complete!

I am nowhere near ready for the summer to be here. I don’t have everything ironed out in my house situation yet, I still have a ton of Navs stuff to prepare for, I have three finals on Friday May 10th, I have to find a place for my things over the summer which I haven’t packed yet, I have graduation parties to attend, and I have friends moving away that I want to spend time with. To much to do with so little time. If I could spend these last two weeks doing anything I wanted I would be playing Rummy with Ryan and Tori, making grad gifts for all my senior friends, playing soccer and tennis with all my friends, and planning camp games in my spare time.

Well, instead of day dreaming, I’m going to night dream… It’s about time I get on a good sleeping schedule.


p.s. I would like to complain for a moment: the ac in my room insists on blowing hot air. I sweat more in my sleep than I do at the gym

p.p.s. I can’t wait to watch Dirty Dancing with you guys at Kendyl’s. We need to eat unhealthy things while this is happening…

La vida loca

24 Apr

I am living the crazy life.

I’ll spare you the details of everything I need to do in the next 3 weeks, because you probably don’t really want to hear about them and I don’t want to think about them.

Over the weekend I went to St. Louis with Caitlin. It was pretty fun. On the 3.5-hour drive, I was keeping up on the Boston bomber suspect search via Twitter. My favorite part was when, right in the middle of breaking news tweets that the suspect had been located, the Associated Press felt the need to announce this:


Yes, what an opportune time to mention Kim Kardashian’s divorce. We all care about that so much and there was definitely nothing else exciting going on at this moment.

Anyway, we got to Caitlin’s house and of course her mom was watching it all unfold on TV so her dad got us Qdoba and we ate and watched them get the suspect. I was really interested in seeing what happened.

Then we got Dairy Queen and went to bed. We woke up at 11:30 and went to the St. Louis Zoo which was really nice, and it was free! It was the perfect day to go to the zoo. It’s a lot different than ours. Afterwards we went to the Arch. We didn’t go up in it because that probably costs money and we’re poor but it was fun to walk around outside. We saw a lot of people taking prom pictures in pretty dresses.


It made me want to go to prom again (ours was 2 years ago yesterday) but then I realized that having to be in high school again would not be worth it. If someone offered me $1 million to go to high school again for a year, I honestly can’t say whether I would or not. That’s a lot of money but high school just sucks soooo bad.

I saw this on someone’s twitter the other day. I find it accurate.


That’s all for now. Maybe talk to you next week if I still have my sanity.



11 Dec

I figured I would continue Morgan’s theme of just title-ing (titling?? lol) the post by the day of the week, mainly because I can’t think of a fun title. I hope everyone else continues this for the rest of the week (that means you Cathy, Megan, Derek) lol jk

I finished my last final today, thank goodness and hopefully I did alright on it because it was bit more difficult than what I was expecting.

I have a huge to do list tomorrow to get everything ready before I leave on Thursday morning. Is this real life??

I did about a 1/4th of the insanity workout Tristan was doing tonight and I about died; I guess I can only improve from that.

Keep it Classy.


P.S. I apologize for this terribly borring post.


10 Dec

This monday has been an okay one so far. I woke up at noon and got ready by 4pm. I found This Old House on my tv with cable! (which is like my favorite show ever besides Ask This Old House). And tonight starts the midnight snacks at the dining hall- I think tonight is chili cheese covered things.

I spent the weekend at the Broyer’s house in Castle Rock just to get away from campus before Finals aka week of dread. And It snowed like crazy on Saturday night. It was gorgeous. In Greeley it’s been so dry. It snowed for 3 days in a row in October which was super, but not a flake since so I’m a little disappointed. Also, Tori’s neighbors collaborated to make the best Christmas lights display that is synched to a radio station. It is literally the craziest thing I’ve ever seen, even more out-there than Kendyl’s neighbor and that one house on Liberty street with the house-sized sleigh in the front yard. (if you haven’t seen it yet, shame shame)

No one in Greeley is that crazy about Christmas lights, so I’m excited to go down to the plaza and see the lights! But- I must make it through finals week first. Bleh- There are too many pins on pinterest that describe my feelings about finals that I spend hours in the library laughing at pictures more than I do studying. I hate the library and have only been 5 times this semester, 4 of them being last week and this week “studying” for finals. Last week was horrible. I had 2 finals on Thursday that I was not prepared for. My Geography final required me to take 4 online quizzes over 8 chapters in the book which were due at 7am on Thursday and I started them at 11pm Wednesday. And our library closes at midnight (which is the stupidest thing ever, for real) so 4 of my friends and I went searching for a place that stayed open past midnight. The only place we could find was McDonalds. I was so looking forward to going to IHOP and smelling syrup but it was closed, boo. Mickey-D’s was not only the last resort for studying, but was THE place to be to fix the drunchies (drunk-munchies) after hitting up Whiskey River. We met a lot of great people. One freshman boy had lots of interest in our table of studying and was real chatty for a long time. He talked to us for about 10 minutes and right before he left he told me that I was the prettiest person at the table and wanted to know what my thoughts were on dating. That ended well. And the story has more detail but it’s better to tell in person. But my things did get done and I know I got an A on one final and a solid B on the other!

Good luck on your finals week, I hope freshmen don’t distract you too much and more studying gets done than snacking (:

See you soon!!


p.s. Derek please be safe with all the new passes opening, also you should make a snowman and post a picture of it and you standing next to it so we know you have all of your limbs over break..

p.p.s Happy Birthday Week Cathy!!!! ❤

Christmas Spirit

6 Dec

Today was my last day of the semester. No finals and no more assignments. WAHOOOO! It’s been a pretty good semester at Mizzou and on many different levels, I’m happy about the change I decided to make with colleges. I couldn’t be more excited that I get an extra week off for break! I had been counting down the days to when I could finally drive back home and now I really can’t believe it’s here and that I’m actually at home. No place like home for the holidays!

image (1)Once I got back home, I put up a small Christmas tree and Christmas lights in my room. My room is super festive to say the least. I think it might be because my whole room is kind of small, so all the lights just reflect back on each other, giving it a more festive feel. Haha! My tree is one of those trees that has the lights attached already. The top half isn’t working. And as much as I love Christmas, I don’t think I’m going to go through each bulb to see which one is causing the whole thing to go out. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Well I guess I do, I’m just too lazy to do it.  Also today, I decided to go on a baking spree. I made roughly 6-7ish dozen sugar cookies in the shape of stars, Santa, Christmas trees, Santa’s boots, sleighs, and bells. I wasn’t expecting to make that much.. I just found an easy recipe online and started making it. I didn’t think 5 cups of flour was going to be THAT much… until I put it in the bowl and started mixing it. Good thing my mom stocked up on HyVee’s baking sale though. I am still in the process of icing them all. But I’m taking a break from it because my hand and neck hurts. I think I just might finish it tomorrow though because I’m pretty tired and also because I’m out of icing. This is also my first sugar cookie making experience. And it’s been pretty good so far. I was so worried that they were going to come out bad.

In other news… My mom has recently been addicted to some Chinese soap opera (yes, they exist). If she’s not cooking or at work, she’s on the computer watching that stupid show. Anyway, today she was starting to get frustrated because the internet has been cutting in and out and she couldn’t stream it on her computer, and she was making me do all the trouble shooting to try to fix it. Finally I got it work… and I could have sworn she was crying at the end of one of the episodes. SMH is all I have to say about that… Haha.



5 Dec

Although it’s clearly the very best month of the year, things have been a little on the hellish side so far.

Here’s a word of advice: never work with an architecture student on a big project, because they will be too busy spending 12 hours or more in the architecture (architorture?) studio every day and not giving a damn about whatever project they’re supposed to be working on with you. Which is understandable, you know, it’s just annoying when I have to research Springfield’s “Natural Disaster Preparedness Action Plan” and write a proposal on how to improve it complete with a financial analysis in the form of a 6+ page paper that my teacher is actually going to submit to the city of Springfield.

We’ve also had our first “roommate conflict” in the house. The other night I heard Kayla complaining to Deidre about me and Caitlin. I don’t think she knew I was home, but I was actually standing in my room with my ear pressed up against the door. Then she proceeded to write a very rude and passive aggressive note on our whiteboard, rather than talk to us about the problem. That went over very well. The next day we had a “house meeting” which consisted of Kayla yelling at me and Caitlin. Also Deidre didn’t say a word even when we asked her to. So then I had to go to work, and I left in very dramatic fashion with Kayla maybe realizing that she was wrong as I walked out the door because she said “Cathy,” and put her hand on my shoulder but I said “I don’t want to talk right now.” But when I got to my car I realized that I had left my purse in my room, but I didn’t want to ruin my soap-opera exit by going back in to get it. So I just drove to work without my license, #YOLO.

In other very important news, I bought some nail polish on eBay last week. It’s called Maybelline Color Show Sequins, and it was limited edition for the month of November but it was the sparkliest nail polish I ever saw in my life so I just knew I needed to have it. The bad part was that I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE so I had to go with good old eBay. I’m practically a pro at that by now. Hopefully it will arrive before I get home next week, but here’s what it’s going to look like.


I still have class for the rest of the week but these classes consist of fiestas and watching videos, I just have a lot of shit to turn in beforehand.


Imaginary Money Spending Spree!

28 Apr

The last 2 weeks went by really slow. First 2 weeks ago was our school hosted city-wide soccer tournament, which included our club team, the girls soccer team, the football team, the local high school team,  along with other teams consisting of professors and older people. But it was during the day on a Sunday so I had to work, bummer. The club team won the whole thing though going 3-0.

Then Sunday night I realized I had 300 extra dollars in food money when I got my weekly email stating how much meal money have left and how much I was supposed to have. So I went on an epic spending spree with what is basically imaginary money in my mind. I went down to the vending machines in my hall and filled up my backpack with candy and chips then bought every one in the lobby that I knew candy, the next night I ordered 80 dollars of pizza hut, and I also bought a hugely overpriced 24 pack of Red Bull for 70 dollars from the food court.

That Thursday night 2 guys on the third floor of my hall through an end of the year DANCE PARTY in THEIR DORM ROOM. They had a stereo hooked up in one of their closets to save space, and the other closet was filled with water bottles full of different colors of rainbow colored alcohol. They didn’t turn anyone away, people kept knocking on the door and they kept squeezing them. It was a pretty awesome party, dancing at their Dance Party was pretty much just jumping up and down do to the masses of moving body’s around you. I don’t know if any of you have ever seen any of the memes that show cartoon characters puking rainbows, but later that night people were actually puking rainbows from drinking to many water bottles full of colored Vodka, which was pretty cool as far as puke goes. The RA’s in my hall are not super strict but I think they had to of bribed their RA because every body knew party was going on, the music was super loud, and people were constantly loudly entering a room already packed wall to wall with people.

The next week was finals week and I actually studied a lot………….. more than I normally do but still not a lot, but I think I did fine on my finals. Wednesday of finals week was my Advanced climbing facilitators class final, the whole class just teaches you how to teach other people the knots and techniques they need to know to climb. Our final for the class was to supervise and run climbing activities for a 7th and 8th grade field trip out to the climbing facility.  It was pretty fun I actually like working with youth, and it made me feel old. That class has got me really into climbing and in the two days of my summer so far I have already went climbing 3 times at a cliff out at the lake. I also discovered that there is a huge indoor climbing  facility in Blue Springs called IBex, I plan on climbing there a ton this summer.

I’m officially done with classes, my finals have been taken and its time for summer.

Derek Neely


24 Apr

The last few weeks have been super super busy for me. The week before last was initiation week for my sorority so we had things almost every night. We had history night, family night, sister share night and then initiation on Friday where we did secret sorority things. It’s a secret, you wouldn’t understand (that is an office reference for those of you who are fans). Then that Saturday I worked 7:00am-12:00 with Kelsey at the marina (I think one of the only people that doesn’t consume copious amounts of alcohol and smoke weed). Then that evening we had our Crown Formal which was nautical themed. I didn’t bring a date because all the guys here are royal douches. It was a lot of fun and we basically just danced the entire time because well it was a dance (if you were wondering yes, I am still a terrible dancer. There are some things College just can’t change). Then that Sunday we played a soccer game against Benedictine, my coaches twin brother’s team. I seriously wish I had taken a picture of them both standing on the sideline because it was hilarious because they are basically the same person.

Last Wednesday we had this thing called Jewellstock and it was AWESOME! There was copious amounts of food and cotton candy. They had a ton of inflatables, which I love and big wheeled tricycles. I just wish it was Jewellstock every day. Then Friday was Colloquium day and I had to go see a couple presentations so I went to a music one (Zac was in) and I went to one on homelessness in schools. If I didn’t have to do this for class I probably wouldn’t have, but it was good. Also Friday after practice we had to help with a Fundraiser which consisted of us basically sitting on a bench and watching people hit golf balls for 3 and a half hours. I hit a golf ball for the first time in my life and let me tell you I’m no Tiger Woods (because I suck and I didn’t have multiple affairs). I was supposed to get two people to come, but lets get real, I live in Independence, I don’t know anyone who golfs. The only person who would have gone was Tristan, but he had a track meet.

Saturday I went to my Sorority moms wedding and got some yummy cake and punch afterwards. It was very pretty and she looked beautiful. Then afterwards I went thrifting with Megan and Mary Ann. I found this awesome retro green fondue pot, a Patagonia wind breaker (thanks to guans), and a mirror with a cool frame which I plan to pinterest the shit out of (yes pinterest can be used as a verb). Then at 3:30 we had to meet at the maybee center to leave for our games in Iowa on Sunday. Let me tell you how cheap our school is, we took one 15 passenger van (I was on this with 14 other people and our stuff), one of the girls SUV that held 5 people and then our goalie coach drove separately, the ride was just such a joy. We went to one of our player’s houses that lives in Iowa and her family made dinner for us. It was so delicious, it was lasagna, baked ziti, fruit, veggies, olive garden breadsticks and salad, and tons of delicious deserts. I ate so much food. It was the bomb. Then we hung out there for a while. We watched Jefferson play guitar hero which was hilarious. First of all he doesn’t ever cuss so when he messed up he would yell “Bleep it”. Then he also was doing herkies (cheerleader things I don’t know how to spell it) while he was playing. On our way to our hotel we got separated from Jefferson who was driving the SUV because he’s kind of a maniac driver and Howard took an off ramp going way to fast and we seriously thought the van was going to tip (just imagine 14 girls screaming at the same time). When we finally got to the hotel it was really sketchy, there were atleast 20 people outside smoking and several sketchy people inside in the lobby. Usually there are 4 of us to a room, but since only 18 of us went it was only Stephanie and I in our room. When we walk in our room the sheets are messed up like someone had slept there and I guess I had a really nervous look on my face because I scared Steph and we practically ran out of there (thoughts of scary movies were running through my mind, like someone hiding in the shower). The coaches room was the same way, I guess they double booked the rooms so they started to look for a new hotel. We waited in the lobby while everyone else was in their rooms, besides the coaches. These are the group texts Jefferson sent out: “Evacuation plans are being considered… Standby”, “Move out!!”, “2 minutes to evacuate! Save yourself and your teammates”, and “THIS IS NOT A DRILL!”. It was quite comical, but we ended up getting to stay in a Holiday Inn (that never happens) and we had a really good breakfast. Sunday we played Drake and we beat them 1-0 and we played Winona State and we lost 3-0, but our goalie was out so that played a factor in the second game. My mom, Kellan, Tristan, and Babs came to the game so I went home with them so I didn’t have to ride in the van and we walked around campus for a while because Tristan is thinking about going there.

I pulled my second legit all nighter Sunday night, studied all night for anatomy and then went strait to class at 7:45am. My end of the school year checklist still has way too many things on it, but I’m working on it.

May the odds ever be in your favor during finals week. I want to go Katniss Everdeen on my anatomy final, but I will probably end up more like rue, being ravaged by it.

Keep it Classy!


P.S. It’s almost summer! I can’t wait!!!

P.P.S. Sorry this is so long. Listen to Mountain Sound by Of Monsters and Men. It is awesome.

The Easter Bunny came!

8 Apr

So I don’t remember much about the week, I was bored and busy and whatevs. I did get to change my major this week; I am now officially an Anthropology major! Which means that my 200 level geology class and my organismal biology class are useless. Yipee.

BUT the fun started this weekend! Thursday I went to this cute little burger place called JB’s that reminds me of Hiboys and I love it. They make their own root beer and the floats are phenomenal. I also went to our Spring Dance Concert. It was different, but a new experience and I hope to continue to go to our school plays and productions after I finish my Theatre class. Friday Tori, Kendal, and I headed to Castle Rock for the weekend. That evening the three of us plus Kyle went to see the Hunger Games, my second time to see it and it was just as great. Saturday we had lunch at a New York style pizza place and that was divine. Saturday also included shopping, we spent the whole day driving from place to place and I only bought one thing. One Thing!

Then Easter! Tori’s mom got all of us Easter baskets, I love presents and candy and that’s what Easter baskets are all about. I woke up ridiculously early this morning and would you like to know how that happened? Well their mean rat/dog (really it’s a pomeranian) scratched its way into Tori’s room and found my air mattress and decided that pounding her front paws on my mattress would be a great idea. I was not too happy for a little bit but then I ate a cinnamon roll and opened my basket and I was okay ha.

I don’t want to go back to school or even think about how soon finals and lab practicals are. ugh.

peace out and don’t get cavities please



8 Dec

Tomorrow is my last final. It is Math at 8am… Oh man I don’t want to get up to take it. But it’s my last one. Then I have the rest of the day to pack all of my things in 3 small duffle bags, wash my sheets, clean the bathroom, clean my room, clean out the fridge, return books. I totally forgot about returning books until like 4 hours ago. So don’t forget you guys!
Oh and all the people on my floor have decided that freshman 15 is gained during finals week. Here are the reasons why:
1. You are super stressed so you snack a lot
2. You have to study a lot, so you stay up late and this stresses you out and you have to eat some stuff and eating late is bad for you because it like goes straight to fat or something
3. You have to clean out your fridge because the things will stink or rot by the time you come back to school.
4. The snacks you have accumulated will be stale if you leave them- hence you eat them all.
5. If you have the largest meal plan (like I do) then you have lots of extra swipes. So, to use them up you go to the “To Go” part of the cafe and get tons of snacks that you either a) give away to hungry boys and they all love pudding or b) eat them whilst studying late at night
6. Everyone is in the Christmas spirit and gives you cookies all the time. It’s great but I hate cookies now.
That’s all folks, back to studying now
Only 2 more days!

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