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I rapped and danced. say wut?

26 Apr

On Friday I attended my RA’s graduation party. There were puppies, ducks, bunnies, and kittens that people could play with (except I couldn’t play with the kittens. But they were so cute!) We also made forts out of cardboard boxes. And I ate a lot of sour gummy worms and peanut butter m&ms.

On Saturday I volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House with my sorority. We made breakfast for the people staying there, which was torture because I hadn’t eaten all morning and we weren’t allowed to eat anything we made. I went home later that night because I had to work the next day.

On Sunday I worked. It was really not that busy because it was kind of chilly. The manager left pretty early and it was a bunch of high school kids running the place, plus me and Derek. So not much got done after that and we all basically just sat around waiting until we could go home. It was kind of awkward because all the high schoolers talked about all their high school things and it made me a bit glad that I am no longer in that hell-hole. After work, I went straight back to school because we had rehearsals for our dorm’s padaegent Miss Ely. The 5 halls nominate a contestant and there’s like a talent, q&a, and evening wear portions, and the whole hall could be involved. So I rapped, and danced. It was a grand ole time! And our hall won!! It was awesome.

Here’s the video  of the talent portion I danced in. Our shirts spell out “milkshake.”

After Miss Ely, I pulled an all nighter for anatomy, which wasn’t worth it since I did HORRIBLY on the quiz. I just hate that class. But I think I’ve already mentioned that. After the quiz, I skipped my psych class to sleep. #winning

Yesterday, after walking back from my class, I saw these weird looking tropical trucks driving onto the quad area. Little did I know that there was going to be FREE SNO CONES ON THE QUAD FOR EVERYONE!! One of the reasons I like going to Jewell, you get lots of free stuff. However I only got one sno cone because by the time I went back to get a second one around mid-afternoon, they had apparently run out of ice. WTF. The sno cone truck runs out of ice. You would think they would have a rather large supply supply of it right?! WRONG. OH THE IRONY. Makes me angry. But whateves.

Today was STEAK NIGHT at dinner!! Here’s  a glorious picture of that meal. I always get stuck with the dinky steaks though. But it was gooooooood dinky steak, for sure. Also I went to Mosaic (a little campus worship service) for the first time tonight. It was nice.

Tomorrow is my sorority’s formal. I kind of want to go but I kind of don’t want to. Since all underclass men have to wear black/white/gray/no colors (the seniors are the only ones who wear color) I’m re-wearing a dress from homecoming or courtwarming a couple years ago… I don’t remember which dance it’s from. I just didn’t want to stress about having to look for a dress.

Then Saturday is my last Symphony Concert of the year. This music has been nothing but stressful (as if I needed more stress on top of anatomy). I’m not sure if anyone is really ready for the concert actually. I’ll let you know how that goes.



Posting 10 mins before deadline #winning

1 Mar

This week has been pretty busy for me (one of the reasons i’m typing this blog entry at 11:21, I know I’m cutting it close. Don’t burn me at the stake please.)

Monday- Had an anatomy quiz. Pretty much we have to treat the quizzes like tests. They’re pretty hard if not as hard as the tests. Worst feeling in the world is when you feel confident with your answers and get your test/quiz back and realize you were wrong. Sucks to suck bro.

Tuesday- Had an interview with Jackson County Parks and Rec in the morning. I got really paranoid when I arrived to the marina because I wasn’t sure if I was at the right place. The interview itself was kind of interesting. The interviewer told me he didn’t really know how to interview people. And the questions he did prepare to ask me, I apparently was flying through. Which I didn’t know if it was a good or bad thing. But anyway I got the job (yay!). Then I went back to Pimpdence because my 12:25 class (also my only class) for the day was canceled. So I went to Poppy’s for a doughnut, lounged around my house for a bit, visited my GMa and Uncle, and visited my dad and step-mom after that and ate lunch with them. Once I got back to Jewell I had symphony rehearsals. And also this is the day I became car-less. My cousin’s car is getting fixed and needed to borrow someone’s car to get to work for the week… That car happened to be mine. Sucks to suck. I’ll get it back this weekend hopefully. Also our “Mom-Dot” week started Tuesday! Got a lot of stuff and t-shirts and stuffed lions (my sorority’s mascot)! They’re so cute! Also, this is the night it stormed like crazy. And pretty much all of the wifi on campus went out until the next afternoon. That was torturer.

Wednesday- Had my violin lesson. Pretty sure my instructor kind of knew I didn’t practice much. I probably practiced a whole 2-3 hours in 2 weeks. I’m supposed to practice 20 mins daily for a total of 2 hours and 20 mins per week. Or 4 hours and 40 mins in two weeks. Whoops. Then for my sorority we had part 1 of 3 initiation ceremony. Then after that I had my symphony concert. I was also paranoid this day because I couldn’t remember if the concert was at 7:30 or 6:30. I asked one person then had to confirm with like 2 other people that it was 7:30. Jist of the story is that I freak out a lot. That went… interestingly to say the least. During one movement of a piece (<– that was music lingo LOL) I’m pretty sure I didnt play a single note. I was lost from the get-go. We’ve had only rehearsed all the music TWICE before the concert. So yeah… interesting. Also we played one song with the Chapel Choir, which Zac Smith sings in. But that piece was actually decent because the singers drowned out our out of tune notes. HAHA.

Today- I actually made it to that one classed I over slept last time on time. And I ate at the Cage (like a fast food shop in the union) twice today. Not good on my stomach to say the least. PAH! probs tmi. Sorry bros. Today I also had part 2 of 3 initiation ceremony for my sorority. And today was the last day for Mom Dot stuff.

Tomorrow is our last initiation cereomy where we’ll  no longer be classified as “new members”. And we’ll be “Deltas” instead! I’m actually kind of excited for that! Also tomorrow is Friday, which I am totally looking forward to because that means SPRING BREAK will be one week away!! I am in dire need of a break.

Also, this week, I’ve gained a new obsession. Its name: One Direction. The next hottest boy band ever. They’re British!!!! And really good looking. However most of them are a bit younger than me but there is one that’s a couple months older than me. He’s definitely my fav. Me and Lei pretty much listen to their 3 singles that have been released in the States on repeat. They’re better than Justice Beaver (someone made cupcakes for his bday today. there were left overs in the dorm kitchen. they even had Justin Beiber napkins. SMH).

Okay that’s all from me for now.
Peace out!


Crappy Day

23 Feb

Hey broskis. What up.
Today has probably been one of the worst days of college so far. For one I got minimal amount of sleep because I procrastinated my annotated bibliographies. I thought it was going to take like a couple hours tops. But I was wrong. I finally left the union around 4am. Then I had to study for my anatomy lab test, which was at 7:45 this morning. So after getting back from the union I studied a bit in our hall lounge, took a little nap, woke up and studied for like 20 mins before class, then went to class. It was a really grand night. Then after my anatomy test, which consisted of knowing the axial and appendicular skeletons, as well as viewing slides of tissues (which for the most part looked like pink blobs under the microscope), I decided to get some decent sleep before my 12:25 class. Well I overslept my alarm and I woke up at 1:30. I absolutely HATE skipping class, unless it is absolutely necessary (ie: the winter x-games). Maybe that’s the Asian-ness of me. But I had a choice of words I said to myself when I realized that I missed class. THEN… Kendyl and I decided to go to lunch and once we got to the Union I realize that my ID is missing from my lanyard. So then I had another choice of words I said to myself. Luckily my ID fell out of my pocked outside the union so I didn’t have to search long for it.

In happier news, Saturday I played in my first symphony orchestra concert. BRYAN BUSBY WAS THERE AND SAT LIKE 5 FEET BEHIND ME. It was kind of awesome. OH! And after the first half (the half that I played in) at intermission, I was walking backstage, and because it was dark and couldn’t see much of anything, I kicked a case of some instrument, AND almost ran in to Bryan Busby. That’s right, I almost ran in to BRYAN BUSBY. I was like “Oops, I’m sorry” then he was like “Oh you’re fine!” NBD, bro, I almost ran into Bryan Busby. But anyway it was a nice concert because most of my family was there to see me. And most of my hall came and surprised me with flowers. Anyway, the orchestra as a whole did pretty awesome, me on the other hand…. lol. Our next concert is in 6 days. I’m actually kind of excited for it, because for one the music is super cool and is somewhat more manageable for me to play, and we’re playing Two Door Cinema Club, which some music major here arranged for orchestra. But there’s no professional musicians in this concert, it’s just all Jewell Strings, so that will be a bit interesting…

Yesterday I went to my first Ash Wednesday service, and it was interesting because they did the ash cross thing on the forehead of everyone. And my friends and I that went weren’t sure if there was like etiquette for it, like when it’s okay to wash it off. (pretty sure mine just rubbed off eventually) Tonight most of our hall is going to see a free screening of 21 Jump Street. I can’t go however because I have a bible study, which I’m actually looking forward to. And Kendyl has to work in the Library. Oh and yesterday I actually applied for a position at Jackson County Parks and Rec for the summer. Hopefully I’m not too late…. I really need one of those job things… Sorority life is really making me dirt poor.
That’s it for now borskis. Peace out girl scouts.

PS. Idk if you saw this on my FB… But it’s creepy and quite hilarious.

I’m getting old.

9 Feb

Today I am officially 19.5 years old. (It is also Derek’s birthday. Happy birthday Beibs.) And it really got me thinking. I’m almost out of my teens!! I mean I still have 6 more months… But then that’s it!!! Then I’ll be 20! Woah, man… That shit cray.

In other news…
Remember how I blogged about my first symphony rehearsal and how I told you there was a photo shoot because some local magazine was doing a feature on the Liberty Symphony? Well here’s the article that the picture is in. I saw it and was like “EW.” For one I look like I had been smoking something…. Good thing I don’t roll like that (LOL. that was punny). Anyway my first Symphony concert is one week from Saturday, so I’m getting nervous about that because we don’t get a lot of time to practice as a whole group. But thankfully there are professionals that actually know what their doing. Also Bryan Busby, the weather guy, plays the timpani with the Liberty Symphony! So that should be exciting (I’m probably the only person that’s excited by that, lol)!

Also today in my written communications class, we went over the differences between their, there, and they’re as well as the differences between your and you’re, and it’s and its. And before we talked about that, we talked about pronouns and how to use them. I can’t believe I’m paying money to go to that class. SMH.

Anyway, that’s all for now.
Peace out, girl scout.


Stuff that happened this week

19 Jan

I’ve decided that I’m a pretty pathetic blogger. Everyone has at least 8 blog posts. But me… I only have four including this one.

I got back to Jewell on Monday night. And surprise! There’s mold in the fridge. And being the good roommate that I am :D, I cleaned it out.

Tuesday was the first day of class. Luckily for me, my first class didn’t start until 12:25. I thought the class started at 12:35. So around 12:19ish I decided to double check where the classroom was. THEN I see class starts at 12:25. So then I’m like “OH SHIZ. I’M NOT GOING TO BE LATE TO MY FIRST CLASS ON THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS.” So I basically sprint to class. And after all that running in freezing cold weather, I get to the general vicinity of the classroom and there’s people standing outside. Come to find out the door was locked, teacher didn’t have a key, so we had the first 15 minutes of class in the hallway. Also Caleb Sims is in that class, and I almost had to be partners with him for an intro-project thing. But if you guys have heard how I accidentally added him on FB, there was no way I was going to let that happen because that would have been super awkward (not to mention he’s also just awkwardly quite anyway). Thankfully there was a girl who didn’t have a partner yet.

Tuesday was also my first symphony rehearsal. The hours leading up to it however were not so good. I was a nervous wreck. And I almost threw up walking over to the music building. (Sorry, that last part was probably a bit graphic!) But for one, there’s quite a few snobby choir kids in symphony. For two, I knew the music wasn’t going to be exactly easy. And 3, I wasn’t sure how things worked, like where I was supposed to sit, where I was supposed to leave my violin case, etc. Silly thoughts, yes. But I always think that way. Some of the choir kids weren’t snobby, the music was challenging and I found where I was supposed to sit and where to put my case. Anyway rehearsal is from 6-9:45. Yes, 3 hours and 45 minutes. That Shit CRAY. Also there’s like a 10 year old in symphony (it’s not just for the college kids but the community and professional musicians) that plays cello.  That shit also cray. She’s just that good. There was also a photo shoot during rehearsal because the Liberty Symphony is being featured in some local magazine (it’s supposed to be online soon. I’ll post a link when it’s up).

There was free ice skating Tuesday night at Crown Center but after I got back to my dorm after rehearsal, I realized that I was too exhausted to do anything but sleep.

During break, I don’t think there was a time where I got up before 11. Most of the time I actually got up around 2 or 3 (just in time to watch Arthur! LOL). And so since my first class this semester starts at 7:45 am, it was REAL grand waking up to my 7 o’clock alarm. It’s like high school all over again. Anyway so it’s day 2 of waking up at 7. After class I usually take a nap, which is nice. (Kendyl does this too… She’s napping as I type this.)

Also my Basic Psych teacher, reminds me of Mr. Stacy. Except he’s a little bit shorter, not quite as funny, and not quite as friendly. But anyway, when I realized the resemblance, it took a lot from me to hold in my laughter.

Anyway, that’s all for now!

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