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From the Wild West

11 Nov

Well hello there strangers!

Let me start by saying 12 DAYS UNTIL LONDON!
I’m so excited that all of you will be in London together for the holiday. I’m a little sad that I can’t travel there with you, but I know you will have so many stories to tell that it will seem like I was right there with you experiencing it all. Please take lots of pictures and ooh send a postcard!

Recently, out here in the wild west, the living hasn’t been too wild. My life has been pretty routine. Boys and Girls club is still the highlight of my week and school is my least favorite thing in the world right now. Unfortunately, last week I could not go to club because my car broke! (I feel the need to give my car a name.. what do you guys think? Should I name my car? Or just refer to it as ‘my car’?) Luckily, I found a really nice body shop very close to my house and school and they were able to fix the problem in just 2 days. Also, I am very blessed to have parents who have jobs and are able to help me financially because there is no way I would have been able to pay for those fixings on my own.  They cost a pretty penny… but now I have a car that runs beautifully.

I’ve started making a wall of postcards that I’ve received from you guys. It’s grown so much! I wish I was on top of my letter writing game so I could return the favor. My wall is full of postcards from all over the world and I love love it! Copenhagen, Denmark; London, England; Washington D.C.; Venice, Italy; Helsinki, Finland; Columbia, Missouri; and even Arizona! I cannot wait to visit all these places, and hopefully with some of you!

But until that day comes I will be doing Insanity workouts. Yes. Ugh my whole body hurts. Three of my roommates are doing the workouts with me and we have been doing pretty good for about a week. Though I really don’t know why I’m putting my body through this, it’s kind of fun. We’ll see how I feel about the whole process once I’m a little farther into it…

Well, that’s all folks! Love you, miss you, and I can’t wait to actually hang out with you in real life over Christmas break!

P.S. I got on an indoor soccer team! Oh my I miss soccer way too much… Also I’m loving all these new people I’m playing with. They are actually pretty good and (cross your fingers) I might get to play outdoor with them in the Spring.

P.P.S. 44 days until Christmas! 34 days until my birthday! 33 days until Cathy’s! Ah it’s so close to the best time of the year I can hardly stand it! AH!!!

Queen of Procrastiation

15 Apr

I have declared myself Queen of Procrastination. I have far too many subjects that follow my lead. I apologize for being such a great leader in this quality.
Instead of writing this post I should be writing a critique on a piece of artwork. EW.
Also, HI MOM!  (I just found out that she reads this blog! ha)
So—- jk— I’m already done with my critique, I had vegetables for dinner, and my room is clean. (It’s like the game 2 truths and a lie, but reversed)
A few weeks ago I went to advising and wasted 30 minutes rewriting my plan. The only thing that changed this time around was that now I get to take 6 credits over a summer or winter term. Yipee for declaring late in the game! But, what I failed to do was ask my adviser if it was possible to declare a minor in Outdoor Adventure Programing, that’s a real thing, although I don’t think it’s possible unless I want to stay in college FOREVER. Which I certainly do not. College is really unexciting when you don’t really know what you want to do when you really grow up.. the only reason I want to minor in the Outdoor Program is because it’s almost exactly like what I will do for summer camp. I love summer camp, just not the other 3 seasons around summer and all the stuff I have to do during those extra seasons. Man, I’m tired of not really loving school.
Another good reason I am procrastinating is because I just did laundry. This is a good thing! I haven’t done laundry since spring break and I ran out of clothes. Bad thing, all my new clothes that I got over spring break need to be hang dried. Aint NOBODY got time for ‘dat. So I have clothes laying on every flat surface around my room and that is preventing me from going to bed, I have a really hard life, too many clothes so I can’t sleep in my nice bed. #FirstWorldProblems

This Tuesday I will be in a Kindergarten classroom reading to 6 six year olds for 30 minutes. I am excited but not ready. I went last Thursday for the first time and it was a blast. But this time, I’m not so sure, my book is kinda stupid, especially compared to the first book I read which they loved. — I’m sure they will find ways to entertain me if we have time left. Last time, we spent 5 minutes introducing ourselves. As we went around the circle, each student added something to my original question of “What is your name?” By the time the sixth kid got to say her name she spelled it, stated her first, middle, and last name, repeated all that information, said she liked to read, and showed me her socks. It was fantastic. They are so excited that an adult wants to spend time with them. I love it. I just hope that they all wear pants this week, last week one girl showed us all her new underpants by doing a summersault in her dress. Oh Kindergarten…
I’ll let you know how it goes.


p.s. 26 days until I’m home! and 37 until I go to camp!


8 Dec

Tomorrow is my last final. It is Math at 8am… Oh man I don’t want to get up to take it. But it’s my last one. Then I have the rest of the day to pack all of my things in 3 small duffle bags, wash my sheets, clean the bathroom, clean my room, clean out the fridge, return books. I totally forgot about returning books until like 4 hours ago. So don’t forget you guys!
Oh and all the people on my floor have decided that freshman 15 is gained during finals week. Here are the reasons why:
1. You are super stressed so you snack a lot
2. You have to study a lot, so you stay up late and this stresses you out and you have to eat some stuff and eating late is bad for you because it like goes straight to fat or something
3. You have to clean out your fridge because the things will stink or rot by the time you come back to school.
4. The snacks you have accumulated will be stale if you leave them- hence you eat them all.
5. If you have the largest meal plan (like I do) then you have lots of extra swipes. So, to use them up you go to the “To Go” part of the cafe and get tons of snacks that you either a) give away to hungry boys and they all love pudding or b) eat them whilst studying late at night
6. Everyone is in the Christmas spirit and gives you cookies all the time. It’s great but I hate cookies now.
That’s all folks, back to studying now
Only 2 more days!

Seven days left

4 Dec

My countdown seriously started at like 90.. and now it’s at 7! 7 days until I get to see my bed, my sister, the rest of my family, and drive my car, and see YOU! (Well some of you)
Over Thanksgiving break I did not come home, even though I really wanted to it was too expensive to get a plane ticket. I went to Chelsea’s house and played with her 2 HUGE dogs. They are BIG, and I don’t if you guys know this, but I am like deathly afraid of big dogs. Fear overcome! (kinda). Okay, so the food was great, and then we had to come back to school. 20 min out of Greeley we could smell it again. Blah, not the greatest “welcome back to school” smell that exists. The next week went by real fast which is great! That leads to this week:
Monday- Geology Final (cumulative)
Tuesday- finish English paper
Wednesday- English paper due at noon
Thursday- ride the bus to central campus just for fun (never done this before, lil frightened) oh and I have to ride it next semester
Friday- Ethnography due (4 pages… 0 written now), MATH final (also cumulative), pack <3, clean the room, eat dinner out with roomie for the last time this semester, pack more!
Saturday- Wake in the wee small hours of the morning, find my way through DIA by myself, Get on plane, ARRIVE HOME at approximately 3:55pm
I am not opposed to you all coming to the airport and giving me a welcome home parade with balloons 🙂 just kidding.
Oh, interesting thing happened this morning at the dining hall. I wasn't actually there, this happened before noon and I was still in bed but the story is good anyways. My friends, Kendal and Chelsea, decided they wanted waffles. Kendal then decided that she wanted them on her face. (Actually she didn't want them on her face, but it just happened that way) Well Kendal fainted and burnt her face on the waffle iron. She is okay! DOn't worry. Her face is in the healing process. And I learned where the clinic is on campus! Okay, so this morning the story wasn't funny at all, but now we can laugh at it and Kendal approved of this post.
Hmm, well now there are only 6 days left until my plane trip!
Confession: I really want to have a movie marathon this week during finals, like 25 movies this week. SO that's 5 a day. I want to so bad, but this is a terrible idea.

Team Green

3 Nov

My indoor soccer team is called team green. It’s great. And you should see the for real uniforms that we are ordering. Let’s see if I can figure out how to add a link here.
It’s the green tank/legit jersey deal. Pretty hard to see, but this is a picture of our team in action! (And only one member on our team currently owns a jersey but there are 3 people from my team in that picture, just to clarify.)
Well last week was our first game, and we lost by one goal. This week, we played a team that was down a player the whole game and took them into a shoot out. A shoot out in indoor gym soccer…. it was weird. Anyways we chose the wrong people to shoot. However, out of all the folks on our team, I was mentioned to shoot but gave my place quickly away to a girl who was really begging and whiney because she hadn’t scored yet. Oh well, next time we are going to win! (probably)
Oh! In other big news it snowed like a foot Tuesday night! It is cold. 30 degrees and everything is covered in snow. I really want to wear my sunglasses to class.
p.s. I used the proofread button on this post thing, no writing errors were found. Proud grammar nazi right here.
See some of you soon!
countdown: 37 days ’til I’m home!
That’s all,

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