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3 Apr

It’s been an exciting week here at little old Drury. On Saturday, the basketball team played in the NCAA DII quarterfinals, and beat the defending champions 107-97 in Louisville. Drury took a bus full of Fanthers (fans+panthers) to support them and I watched them on CBS Sports at home with my family while I was there for Easter. I hadn’t gotten to go to any games this year because I worked pretty much every day they had a game, but I realized it’s pretty exciting to watch a winning team. Especially when one of the starters sits five feet away from you in your Principles of Advertising and Public Relations class.

Now they’ll be playing for the championship on Sunday in Atlanta. Students have the opportunity to go to the game again, for only $20! I decided not to go, because I have to work Monday night and I have a lot of stuff due next week, but then I started feeling cognitive dissonance about my decision, aka: I really wanted to go. I realized that I would probably regret it if I didn’t go, so I said #YOLO and decided I was going. They told us we could sign up at lunch, and they’d take 2 buses for sure which could take a total of 100 people, and they would get a third one if there was enough demand. Yesterday at the first available time, a friend and I tried to go to sign up in between Spanish classes.

What nobody was expecting was that the line would look like this.


After 40 minutes in a line that wasn’t moving, my friend and I decided to go to the class we were supposed to be in so we could at least try to get 50% of the participation points. I gave my money to some friends who were further ahead in line and asked if they would sign me up. Later one of them texted me and said that we were on bus #3. They said that bus #3 isn’t guaranteed because they were not anticipating this many people wanting to go, but they are pretty sure they can get it. Apparently by the end of yesterday, there were over 200 students signed up, enough for more than 4 buses. Wow.

Did I mention that our president canceled classes for Monday in order to encourage more Fanthers to attend the game? (The professors are pissed.)

This week I’m feeling blessed to go to such a spirited, supportive, and close-knit school.


P.S. Here’s a video I found one time about the evils of Google translate. As a language student I find it especially funny because I have to admit that Google translate is still my friend (sometimes when I need to get the general idea of what I’m reading, not when I’m writing something. I promise.) I sent this video to my Spanish teacher and she said she’s going to show it to her 101 and 102 classes.

Wednesday (technically Thursday)

20 Dec

Well this is my obligatory Wednesday post for the week, although it will probably be my last one until school starts again in like 5 weeks (woohoo).

Because on Friday, I leave for Germany!!! Hip hip hooray! So then 1/3 of our chrisman2college crew will be in the lovely continent of Europe.

So what have I been doing this week in preparation? Monday my mom gave me my credit card for the first time and I went on a shopping spree for myself. Tuesday I dyed part of my hair purple, because you know what, I’m 20 and  #YOLO. Today I went shopping for craft supplies to make Christmas gifts for Moritz and his sister, and this evening I made said gifts. And painted my toenails.  And dyed some more of my hair. (#YOLO)

But guess what one thing I haven’t been doing is? If you guessed packing, then you’d be correct. I never pack until the last possible minute. And my room is still in disarray from coming home from college, because I never unpack either. I haven’t even begun to sort through what’s clean, what’s dirty, what I need to take, etc… and I probably won’t until a few hours before I leave for the airport. Also this is probably the reason I always realize something I forgot when I get to the airport, like last time it was toothpaste in a 3 oz or less tube, so I had to buy some for like $7 at the airport gift shop so when I arrived in Germany 12 hours later my breath wouldn’t smell.

Ummm, in case you hadn’t heard, I got all A’s and a C+ this semester, making this my first “C” ever (or at least when it actually counts) since 6th grade when I got it in band for never turning in my practice records. Thank you, Calculus, for thwarting my opportunity for the Dean’s List this semester. I’m so excited to be done with math FOREVER though 🙂

Well, talk to you all in about 3 and 1/2 weeks and I’ll send you postcards, I think I have everyone’s address!



5 Dec

Although it’s clearly the very best month of the year, things have been a little on the hellish side so far.

Here’s a word of advice: never work with an architecture student on a big project, because they will be too busy spending 12 hours or more in the architecture (architorture?) studio every day and not giving a damn about whatever project they’re supposed to be working on with you. Which is understandable, you know, it’s just annoying when I have to research Springfield’s “Natural Disaster Preparedness Action Plan” and write a proposal on how to improve it complete with a financial analysis in the form of a 6+ page paper that my teacher is actually going to submit to the city of Springfield.

We’ve also had our first “roommate conflict” in the house. The other night I heard Kayla complaining to Deidre about me and Caitlin. I don’t think she knew I was home, but I was actually standing in my room with my ear pressed up against the door. Then she proceeded to write a very rude and passive aggressive note on our whiteboard, rather than talk to us about the problem. That went over very well. The next day we had a “house meeting” which consisted of Kayla yelling at me and Caitlin. Also Deidre didn’t say a word even when we asked her to. So then I had to go to work, and I left in very dramatic fashion with Kayla maybe realizing that she was wrong as I walked out the door because she said “Cathy,” and put her hand on my shoulder but I said “I don’t want to talk right now.” But when I got to my car I realized that I had left my purse in my room, but I didn’t want to ruin my soap-opera exit by going back in to get it. So I just drove to work without my license, #YOLO.

In other very important news, I bought some nail polish on eBay last week. It’s called Maybelline Color Show Sequins, and it was limited edition for the month of November but it was the sparkliest nail polish I ever saw in my life so I just knew I needed to have it. The bad part was that I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE so I had to go with good old eBay. I’m practically a pro at that by now. Hopefully it will arrive before I get home next week, but here’s what it’s going to look like.


I still have class for the rest of the week but these classes consist of fiestas and watching videos, I just have a lot of shit to turn in beforehand.


Classy like Chrisman

28 Nov

I agree with Kendyl, Thanksgiving break was awesome and definitely too short. After eating way too much food for about 5 days straight, I’ve now resumed the standard position of Starving College Student.

One of my favorite parts about Thanksgiving break was that we put up the Christmas tree on Friday night and decorated it on Saturday. We never used to do it this early, but the rule was always that it had to be up before my birthday (December 14th), but last year since I wouldn’t be home from college until after the 14th, we did it at Thanksgiving, so the tradition continues. Another one of my favorite parts of the break was when our next-door neighbor Don (the mayor) called and said he had 6 tickets for the Missouri Comets (pro indoor soccer) game that night, and did we want them? We definitely wanted them! I guess I should mention that the other 4/5 of my family have been to 2 Comets games in the past year, also free tickets from the mayor. I am so happy I got to go this time! I asked if I could invite Nick since there were only 5 of us and so Nick went with us too.

The best part of the Comets game was that we got to sit in one of the Box Suites! There was free popcorn, pretzels, and pop and it was so splendid. I had never been in this arena in the Independence Events Center before, so when we were walking through a hallway to our suite, I asked “Where do all the peasants sit?” This was funny because for some reason “Peasant” was a word that Becky kept using to describe us (me and her) because we don’t have Instagram and have DumbPhones. (AKA no Internet). But anyway, I was seriously feeling like high-class royalty during the game.

Then I had to come back to school blahblah. I am trying not to “let the man get me down” by remembering that in 2 weeks from today I will be out of here! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! (Dory voice) Also, 24 days until Germany! Where are you guys doing over Christmas break? I leave December 21st but I am free from the 11th until then! When are you going to SUOMI Kendyl??

Also, the drama with Chrisman right now is so horrible but in a strange way I’m gonna just say this: It’s probably the first day ever ever that I kind of wish I still went to school at that wretched place. Because I bet that was a really funny and interesting environment to be in today, and also I really enjoy intense awkward social situations. S/O to T-Laugh if you’re reading this, you should totally comment and tell me how the day was.

I think I am going to make cookies tonight. #YOLO

Keep it Classy like Chrisman


Red Bull Stratos

14 Oct

Did anybody else watch Red Bull Stratos live on Discovery Channel this morning. If you don’t know about, basically a guy named Felix Baumgartner jumped from a capsule at the edge of space 24 miles (128,000 feet) above earth, then he free-fell for almost five minutes breaking the sound barrier before deploying his parachute and landing safely on his feet 10 minutes after he first jumped. I think Felix Baumgartner might be the all time king of YOLO.



Live A Little

-Derek Neely

Work Hard, Play Hard

14 Oct

Copper Mountain got more snow this week, this picture is of the village at the base of the mountain where I will be living, only 18 days until I move there.

I have been researching guide jobs for next summer and I found a company I like called Ace Adventure Resort located in West Virginia. They have a lot cool guide jobs like white water rafting guide, zipline guide, atv guide, rock climbing guide, kayaking guide, sup board guide, mountain bike guide and more. Also its all located in a very scenic area of the Appalachian Mountains, and it looks like there would be a lot of awesome stuff to do when I am not working all for free. The catch is if employed by them my choices for housing would be my own tent on an employee campground for free, or a very basic cabin with no electricity and I would live in one of these from may to october. Although living in a cabin for several months would be a cool experience and I would be able to save up a lot of money  I am not sure if I want to do it. Not having electricity means I would have to cook food over a campfire or a wood stove which would be a healthy alternative to all the microwaved food I currently eat, and I would probably even have to do laundry by hand seeing as no electricity means no washing machines. The resort looks like it would be a ridiculously awesome place to work at though, and who knows if I do decide to apply there and get hired mabey I can convince some friends to work there with me (Cough cough fellow chrisman2college bloggers). You can check them out at http://www.aceraft.com/

Besides working I am still spending a lot of time rehabbing my knee, I have been running every day for the last two weeks and doing various knee exercises designed to strengthen it. Hopefully it will be healed up soon before I start snowboarding here in a few weeks.

Next weekend I will not be posting, I am going down to Bentonville, Arkansas to camp, mountain bike, cliff jump, and eat at my favorite restaurant on earth http://www.hammontreesgourmet.com/.

Anybody see this episode of the office? I thought Megan might get a kick out of asian Jim.

Peace, Love, and Happiness

Live A Little

Derek Neely

Shit Happens. Melodramatic Post #2 for the day.

11 Sep

I know I say this a lot, but Shit seriously does happen all the time.

I didn’t blog last week because frankly I had nothing to say and I was watching Weeds on Netflix and trust me it was so much more important. I finished all 6 seasons that are on Netflix in about 3 weeks, I’m kind of into the whole drug cartel kind of thing currently.

As you know I’ve applied to a ton of places and it seems as if I am just not hirable. Wednesday I got a call from the Candy Factory (the #1 place I wanted to work) and scheduled an interview for 3. I dressed really nice and fashionable (that’s the only positive in this story) and I went in for the interview. I thought it went really well and they seemed to like me, but then I got a call on Friday that they had hired someone else for the position. That was depressing let me tell you.

Saturday Megan and I wanted to watch the game, but didn’t have tickets or cable so we decided to go to BDubs. Well BDubs was packed so we went down the road to Fuddruckers instead. It wasn’t busy at all and we practically had the whole place to ourselves. Unfortunately they lost it in the last quarter.

Wednesday me and Guano went to try out for tennis and got turned away because we didn’t have the right shoes (they were a little pretentious). Well the next couple days I went back and forth deciding if I should go ahead and go to the other tryout on Sunday. Finally, Sunday morning I decided I was just going to do it because I knew I would have been mad at myself if I didn’t at least try (I’m kind of competitive that way).  So Sunday morning I go buy legit tennis shoes and then head to the courts. I show up and most people are already on courts and its just me and another guy on the benches so I ask him and we go warm up. He was way better than me to say the least so I just thank God he was nice and not a douche. Then we start playing matches and I was one of four girls there. The skill set of the girls ranged from Saara good to Park Hill South good, not kidding, while was at Chrisman #2 good. I was extremely out of place, but I tried not to let it get to me and just played. Then we played mixed doubles which was fun and my partner was super good so that helped. Then at the end I went up to the club president and asked If I needed to fill out any paperwork to tryout, and his response was “oh, no you don’t need to, but there is a $10 tryout fee.” That was his passive aggressive way of telling me I did not make the team. So, I paid the $10, I do regret paying that asshole. Then he talked to everyone there, and I found out that those were the people who already made the club team they were just competing for traveling spots.

To add on to all of this lately I’ve been struggling about deciding what I want to do with my life. I warned you this post is melodramatic. It’s not that I don’t want to be a nurse, I just feel like my inner less practical YOLO self is trying to get out. I see myself in a job that allows me more creative freedom like a bakery or specialty shop. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and I just really don’t know what to do, I just feel stuck. If I do stick with nursing, it will just be so I have something to fall back on and a way to get enough money to start my own business.

I had my first test today in one of my Nursing classes and I think it went well so that’s a positive LOL!

Sorry for loading all of my troubles (Megan I used the correct term here according to our Rural Sociology teacher) on you guys, but at least I blog… well sometimes… unlike Nick.

Keep it Classy.


P.S. If you haven’t listened to it the knew Imagine Dragons album it is lengend….. wait for it… dairy.

This is where I wish I was right now. Seriously.




T-Minus 5 Days

3 May

You read it correctly. Five days left of my semester. Can’t believe my first year of college is almost over. However I couldn’t be happier. For one, dreaded anatomy will be over… here at Jewell anyway. I’m not exactly sure if I’ll be passing it…. Yep you read that right too. I’m failing anatomy, by nursing major standards anyway. Believe me, I’m not happy about it, and I’m still stressing and super frustrated about it. And I haven’t told my parents yet…. Anyway I’m looking into taking anatomy at Longview this summer.

Friday was my sorority’s formal and it went pretty well. A LOT of the seniors were pretty gone before anyone even got to the venue. And it was actually quite funny to see them all stumble and yell across the room. Zac Smith was one of my sisters date. He awkwardly danced, BUT he RAPPED all of Chris Brown’s Look At Me Know. It was strange and shocking. I had a good time and danced a lot. It was great! My concert on Saturday seemed to go smoothly. However I might or might have not been not playing during the super fast parts. That night I went to a foam party with KL and MaryAnn outside one of the frat houses. Basically they sectioned off part of a basketball court and filled it with foam. It was actually really fun!… Until it started to rain. Then the party got moved inside. And that definitely was a #YOLO moment. I learned that unless you want sexual relations with a hammered person you don’t know, it’s almost impossible to make your way to the middle of the dance floor just to dance. Never again.

Sunday night I pulled an all nighter for anatomy again. Monday I slept a lot because I pulled an all-nigher the night before. Tuesday was $1 movie night at the theater for Jewell kids. Me, KL and MaryAnn finally saw The Lucky One!! Three words: Zac. Efron. Yum. Yesterday I spent most of the day/night/morning studying for my anatomy lab final, which I took this morning. Pretty sure I didn’t do that well, so that’s why I’m about 70% sure I’ll be dropping that class. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry…. So so so so frustrating.

Five more days. I just have to keep telling myself that.

Hope you all are doing significantly better that I am!  🙂 And good luck on finals, if you are still in school that is….. lol.
Peace out bros.

thank goodness for dryer sheets

25 Apr

Not gonna lie – it’s a little difficult to type right now, on account of all the shit that is on top of my desk. By the way, I cleaned it on Sunday. Yes, it’s messy again. I would attribute this to the fact that I have about 0 motivation right now.

Seriously all I want to do is sleep. Went to bed on Monday night at 10:30 pm, woke up for class at 7:30 am, decided 9 hours was not enough, proceeded to go back to sleep until 10:30 and not go to class… and was tired all day. Wanted to go back to bed by 6:30.

My week has not been terribly eventful. Friday I job shadowed a really nice lady named Andrea, 2010 Drury grad (holla) which was fun and made me feel like I might actually know what I want to major in. Her job seemed really awesome. Friday night, Caitlin and I ordered pizza and made fudge and watched a movie. Saturday I slept in of course.

Then Saturday night I went downtown to a sketchy looking theater where my roommate was in a play called Enron, which is about an accounting scandal. Caitlin came too, because she is an accounting major and she helped tell me what was happening. That theater reminded me of the Tower of Terror haunted hotel at Disney World, we even had to take a creepy elevator to the fourth floor and everything was covered in ancient wallpaper. During the play, Clayton Worley (old debate partner) texted me to tell me that he wanted to date the Mallinsons’ German exchange student, Lisa… he wanted advice. Lolcatz.

After the play is when it gets interesting. There is a senior in my computer science class who is Indian and we are really good friends. He apparently throws really good parties (like so good the cops almost always get called), but I had never gone to one. He was having his last one on Saturday, and I got invited via private Facebook event, so I decided to go with Kayla because she’s on the party scene so I figured it wouldn’t be awkward. Well, I met up with her around 11:30 and she was with this Filipino guy who is apparently a swimmer, and she said “I’ve been at the swimmer party, let’s go back there for a while first.” So I was like, okay. We went back and she gave me something to drink in the ever-famous Red Solo Cup (it was Kool-aid and something else) but it tasted fine, and I was kind of like you know what, YOLO. It was super awkward and crowded at this party, and as soon as the clock struck 12, all the guys took off their shirts. I was kind of weirded out. At about 12:30 she said we could go to Anish’s and I was like okay!

We got to Anish’s house, which was like 100 yards away, and the atmosphere was way different. First, it was a house so it had a kitchen, with probably at least 50 bottles of different alcohol on the counter, and a living room with big stereos where everyone was dancing. There was also a blacklight and my dress looked super cool in it. I was way more comfortable at this party. Kayla was mostly paying attention to this Filipino guy so I wandered around and found… my roommate! Neither of us really parties so it was unexpected for us to see each other there. Kayla disappeared without telling me she was leaving but I didn’t really care because I knew more people there. After a while I wandered through the kitchen and Anish was there and told this guy who was apparently the drink mixer to make some shots for us. I trusted Anish enough to figure it wouldn’t be spiked with roofies. So anyway, I think mine was mostly Mountain Dew. I mean that was good, I definitely wasn’t drunk and honestly I don’t think anything I drank had any effect on me at all. Except I danced on a coffee table, but I promise it wasn’t as weird as it sounded. Everyone took turns doing it. Also, at one point I used the bathroom and there was no toilet paper, but the washer and dryer were in the bathroom and there were dryer sheets on the floor, so guess what I used? Tmi?

Around 2:30 the stereo overheated and I started talking to this other Indian guy who offered to walk me home so he did. And I thought he wanted to ask for my number so I asked if he had facebook and 10 minutes after I got inside, I had a friend request. Awks. I just accepted him yesterday because I figured two days was okay to wait, and today he messaged me “heyy” and I don’t think I’ll respond.

Overall, I had a really good time and I think this is something I will want to do more often next year. You just have to find the right environment. Too bad Anish is graduating.

In other news, Caitlin and I are going to Independence this weekend because Becky has prom and so I was planning to go home and Caitlin wanted to come with me. Also, my mom made me a last-minute dentist appointment because two of my teeth have felt uncharacteristically rough in the back and I am kind of paranoid about it and can’t wait a whole 3 weeks until my 6 month checkup. Good dental hygiene is muy importante.

I made a video about mustaches. I’ll enable you guys to watch it because it’s protected; I didn’t want to embarrass the people who are in it. Hahaha.

Enough of my rambling.

We’re almost done, dawgs.


Snowballs WTF.

10 Apr

Saturday I was standing at work, not doing much because it was drizzly outside and people are pansies and don’t want to rent boats when its drizzly. So I was standing at the cash register admiring the food that I don’t want to buy because I make minimum wage and I’m cheap and I found myself staring at the snowballs. I don’t know what your guys’ opinion on these particular little Debbie treat, but personally I think they are terrible. They have coconut on them (coconut is the devil), which is absolutely revolting, but they make them look so pretty. So, I was just standing there wishing that snowballs tasted as good as they looked.

Saturday after work I went shopping and spent more money than I made, but oh well I needed some more clothes. I got a nice floppy summer hat and a new bathing suite so I am ready for summer! Except I still need to buy a beach cruiser!!!

I was watching Survivor Man with Les Stroud (I don’t know how to spell his name) and decided that we are all going camping this summer (except less intense because I am not about to eat crap like grubs and tree bark).  Or maybe we should eat tree bark #YOLO

The summer after I graduate, I am already planning on going to China, but I also really want to go backpacking somewhere. Maybe Europe or the Appalachian Trail, but it is going to happen. Also I’ve been thinking, I know its three years away and all but I don’t want a real job. I don’t want to be tied down, so I’m planning on staying in school forever (ok that’s an over exaggeration, but I’m at least going for a couple more years)… Maybe I’ll join the Navy… you are guaranteed to be on a Coast right?

Easter was great. I had lots of meat, and I am a big fan of meat let me tell you. I was the first in line for food as always and I gorged myself with ribs, chicken legs, ham, potatoes, and rolls (yes I had to tell you everything I ate).  We hid the Easter eggs for Max and Sam and we hid them extra hard because its fun to watch them wander around with looks of cluelessness.

A month and one day left for me and then I’m free… kind of. I hope these last few weeks of school don’t kill me and that I pass anatomy.


P.S. Today is Tom’s day without shoes, but I’m a fan of shoes so I have a dilemma.

P.P.S. You guys should look at the views by country, we’re kind of big in Malaysia. The Malaysians love us.


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