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Year In Review

16 May

As of yesterday, my semester/year has finally ended, and to be honest it’s kind of bittersweet. Coming to Mizzou was never really a plan that I had planned on following through with. Though it’s been an adventure adjusting to this new environment, I feel like I made the right choice, and I hope that I’ll be able finish my education here (fingers crossed for nursing school!). That isn’t to say that I regret my year at Jewell, because I don’t. But I guess if there’s one thing I regret it’s not making the decision to come to Mizzou first, if that makes sense… Haha.

This Spring semester has most definitely, hands down, been the most challenging/stressful semester I have ever gone through. This week especially. I hate finals. It probably could almost classify as a miracle that I’ve even made it out alive. But still, for the most part I’ve enjoyed every class that I was in.

Here are some highlights/lessons learned/favorite memories of my year at Mizzou (in no particular order or importance).

  • Getting my first speeding ticket, also getting my first parking ticket (the latter was yesterday, when I almost missed my last final.)
  • Seeing Imagine Dragons preform… FOR FREE. And seeing Passion Pit and Matt & Kim for a small fee.
  • Being sick for 6 weeks. Not cool man. I’m better now though.
  • Microbiology 2800. I don’t care who you are/what your major is, you need to take this class to know the hilarity/awesomeness that is Dr. Furrer. Besides that, subject matter/teaching wise, it’s probably the best class I have ever taken. Ever.
  • Getting 2.5 snow days.
  • I can procrastinate like no body’s business. Thank you Netflix, FB, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Imgur. That being said, apparently my body can’t handle stress that is usually a result of procrastination very well (see point #3).
  • The closest I got to an all-nighter was sleeping only for 2 hours…. On many, many, many nights.
  • Ellis library is freaking awesome. Although scary as well (I’m sure librarian Kendyl could tell you more so than I can)
  • Getting a lot of free things, including shirts and lots of food.
  • Attractive male in my history class.  He was real attractive.
  • I miss music/violin more than I thought I would, probably one downside to coming to MU.
  • I’ve been able to appreciate my family and KC a lot more now that I’m 123 miles/1.5 hours away.
  • The basement of the Student Union has very comfy couches that are GREAT for naps.
  • I probably spent too much in the bookstore on clothing/apparel and books. Gosh I really hate buying books.
  • Never take a “5 minute nap” during a study break. It never ends up being 5 minutes, no matter how hard you try to make it last only 5 minutes.

I can’t believe that I’ve just finished my 2nd year of college. CRAZY!! However I’m getting super excited for summer! Even though I’m going to be so majorly busy, wahhhh!!

Peace out for now!

PS. Sorry Cathy for kind of copying the premise of your post!!

PPS. I just got a little depressed, guys. I googled Kansas City Explorers to find out their schedule this summer. I found out that they’re moving to Irving TX because there wasn’t enough corporate support in KC to keep there here. 😦

El fin! Hasta enero, Springfield. Hasta pronto, amigos :-)

15 May

I am free! 🙂

This is a little bittersweet though. It’s been the best semester of college by far, potentially the best of my life ever. It was much needed after the worst semester of college and my life ever last semester. But this one has been awesome. I am a little sad it’s over and that I won’t see a lot of my friends and professors or be on Drury’s campus until January. But then I remember I’m going to LONDON in 3 months so I stop being sad pretty quick.

I actually haven’t been that stressed out this week. I’ve been stressed all semester, in a good way though. It kept me busy and kept me going all the time, but I just feel so satisfied when I check things off my list of things to do, so I’ve been managing my time really well. Considering how much I’ve been working, I’ve had to. So I never got panicked-stressed out.

Friday night we had our final Summit project presentations. Here’s me and my roommates outside our house wearing our Volunteer shirts we got from the shelter.


Today I had my final presentation of my research project. I still can’t believe that dang project that wouldn’t go away is… gone. If anyone’s interested in learning about Media Framing of the Sandy Hook Shooting and wants to read a 17-page paper about it, hit me up. My mom told me she thought it would be really boring but it kept her attention. So there’s a testimonial, if you’re skeptical.

I got my final grades for my two Spanish classes where I have an awesome teacher. 97.75% in Spanish 302 and 97.6% in Senior Seminar! I got a 98% on both of my final papers. The other day I was talking to my professor and she said I’ve really improved a lot and I am probably one of the ones who have improved the most.

Here’s a picture of me and my class at her house after the Iniciación ceremony for the Sigma Delta Pi honor society! Those little kids are another professor’s kids.


I’m really going to miss my Spanish class!

I don’t know what to do with myself now. Probably eat a lot of food, right? I’ve been having a lot of Chipotle and pizza lately.

Or maybe I should work on cleaning this:


… Nah. I’m going to enjoy my freedom for now.

Here’s a list of some of the best things about this semester (no particular order):

  • Going to Atlanta to watch the basketball team win the national championship
  • Getting the outstanding sophomore in the communication department award
  • Eating dinner at my Spanish professor’s house with my class
  • Winning extra credit for our research poster
  • A cat named Georgie at the animal shelter
  • Getting prepared to go to London
  • Making new friends with people in my classes
  • Being addicted to the Jodi Arias trial (Guilty- first degree premeditated murder)
  • Going to St. Louis for a weekend with Caitlin
  • Not having any classes I hate
  • Not having calculus which is the ultimate class I hate

I’ll be home on Friday night, see you guys for Dirty Dancing on Saturday night! I’ll make some snakes. Oops I meant to say snacks, but it’s funny that I said snakes instead so I decided not to change it.

And t-minus six days until the Of Monsters and Men concert! That kind of snuck up on us, didn’t it? Hooray!


P.S. Let’s come watch Andy Roddick play on the Springfield Lasers tennis team sometime this summer! I don’t really know anything about him but I know you guys do.

P.P.S. I’m still in shock it’s summer now. IT’S SUMMER RIGHT NOW. It feels like it was just last summer, right? I’m so excited for pie-worthy stories and sitting on the big rock at Bass Pro and being scared of creepy people and raccoons. Can we go camping on your property again, Kendyl? I wonder if Nick will be allowed this year.

P.P.P.S. How is it that we graduated from Chrisman 2 years ago? How is it that we just finished our SOPHOMORE YEAR OF COLLEGE?


29 Apr

Weather Report: The past few days have been marvelous. With a High pressure system moving slowly over the north central part of Colorado, clear skies and warm weather have been abundant. Unfortunately  after many days of sun, pink skin is bound to happen! Especially because of the altitude… However, Tuesday and Wednesday will be days to recover, rain/snow mix is headed my way just in time to be reminded that it is not summer quite yet.

Summer is so close. Just think, in two weeks, most of us will be considered juniors in college. When did we grow up? And how do we prevent it from happening?

But before we can think of summer, it’s time for Hell Week and then Finals. Starting Monday my finals begin. I have a 30 minute lesson plan to give. This is the longest lesson plan I’ve created and I’m so glad I have a partner to do it with me. Teaching in front of children isn’t scary really, but teaching in front of 25 college students who are supposed to act just as excited and involved as children is not quite as fun. But, once that is over, that is one class complete!

I am nowhere near ready for the summer to be here. I don’t have everything ironed out in my house situation yet, I still have a ton of Navs stuff to prepare for, I have three finals on Friday May 10th, I have to find a place for my things over the summer which I haven’t packed yet, I have graduation parties to attend, and I have friends moving away that I want to spend time with. To much to do with so little time. If I could spend these last two weeks doing anything I wanted I would be playing Rummy with Ryan and Tori, making grad gifts for all my senior friends, playing soccer and tennis with all my friends, and planning camp games in my spare time.

Well, instead of day dreaming, I’m going to night dream… It’s about time I get on a good sleeping schedule.


p.s. I would like to complain for a moment: the ac in my room insists on blowing hot air. I sweat more in my sleep than I do at the gym

p.p.s. I can’t wait to watch Dirty Dancing with you guys at Kendyl’s. We need to eat unhealthy things while this is happening…

A Whole Lot of Random

13 Sep

Hey guys!

To be honest.. I’m not too sure what to write about. This week has been pretty mediocre. So just an FYI, this post is probably going to be kind of random and probably won’t have much structure at all. Lol.

Me and Kendyl have been going to play tennis quite a bit after our tennis tryout fiasco. Sometimes I don’t feel like going, but after hitting, I’m usually glad I ended up going. It’s keeping me active-ish so that’s good.

Friday was the 25% off everything at the bookstore again. I invested in a new green CamelBak water bottle and new t-shirt. Worth the money. Haha!

Monday after we got home from class, I watched the entirety of the US Open finals between Murray vs. Djokovic. It was worth my time  as well as a very entertaining match. I was probably leaning more towards Djokovic to win, just because I like him a little bit better than Murray, but I’m really glad that Murray ended up winning because he certainly deserves it. And it’s historic for Great Britain as well. And I’m all about the Brits. Haha!

Yesterday we went to the first Student Nurses Association meeting of the year. There are so many people in that orginization. I swear I thought it was going to be smaller. We showed up late, but not on purpose. Just so happened that the meeting is a 5. Prime rush hour. And also most of campus is 4 way stops. And everyone and their mom was parking on campus, so we spent a good 20 mins or so I would say, driving around looking for a place to park. There was also a fall-fest thing on campus at that time too so that’s probably added to the traffic as well.

During our 2 hour break in between some classes we’ve been going down to the basement of the student union. It’s a un-official quite area. They have super comfy couches there. And I finally took a nap on the couches yesterday. It was nice. Except there was a creepy guy that sat across from my couch. And he wore polarized sunglasses as he was napping… at least I think and hope he was napping…

I think I’m getting a little bit homesick. It’s not that I don’t love Columbia and Mizzou. I really do love it. It’s very much the type of environment I wanted for college. But I just miss the familiarity I had with Independence (as much as I really do hate the city), and familiar faces, etc. And definitely my mom and family too… I mean at Jewell, I was around the KC area, so being homesick and going home was never really an issue. I was 20 minutes from home. whoop-dee-do. Now I’m 2 hours away. And gas is $3.79 a gallon. (WTF.) It’s definitely been quite the change from what I’ve been used to. Not sure if I could’ve moved all the way out to CO. I applaud you, Morg. But I guess it just takes time adjusting to it all.

Also, I think I’ve hit the sophomore slump as well. I have little to no motivation to do much of anything academic. Which is bad because I have 2 tests next week and my parents have been on my case about being lazy. But I mean I’d rather be watching tv shows than reading about nutrition. Admit it. You would too. It’s also getting harder and harder to wake up for class every morning. Seriously guys, how did we ever make it through high school?

Also, since most of our classes are introductory levels, we get stuck with mostly freshmen. Not the cool freshmen. The annoying ones. Especially in biology. The other day, two sorority girls sat behind us and all through class all we could hear was them giggling. I honestly could have punched them both. And the athletes. Just don’t sit next to them. I could punch them as well. I just don’t understand why they choose to go to class because they don’t do anything but talk to each other during class.

Anyway on a positive note, I got a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks after class today. It was so good. And now I only need 6 more stars before I reach the gold level! I should have 7 stars left, but I think there was a glitch and I got two instead of just one. Whateves! Get’s me closer to my gold card!

My last pay check goes into my account tomorrow. And it’s also black and gold Friday again at the bookstore. Not a good combo.

And also, I’m really digging this weather we’ve been having. Ahhh… hoodie and jeans weather. I opened my room’s windows today and just listened to it rain for like 10 minutes. It was relaxing. Legit.

Alright, that’s all I got for this week!


It’s a tennis-ey post.

6 Sep

Hey guys.

Not going to lie. Almost forgot to blog. Whoops.

On Friday driving home through the hurricane was ridiculous. Me and Kendyl car-touraged back to Indep. And it probably didn’t help that we were driving back though rush hour. There were times you could seen too far out in front. My hands were at 10 and 2 pretty much all the way back. It was a scary experience.
Labor Day weekend was ight. I worked a lot. Worked for the last time at the marina. Went up to SCG a couple times. Slumped around Pimpdence. NBD.

On Tuesday morning, I actually got up early to drive back to CoMo for my 9:30 class. That wasn’t the greatest trip back. It was down pouring rain around Concordia. I got back just in time to use the bathroom in McD’s right off 70 in Columbia and make it to the parking lot just in time to catch the shuttle to campus. I got to class just in time. Did you know that some KC radio stations make it all the way out to CoMo? It gets super spotty in some areas and sometimes you just get static. But it makes me happy bc Columbia radio SUCKSSSS. Also, saw a lawyer about my speeding ticket on Tuesday. I was wanting to pay it off… legit. My dad wanted me to pay it off. But my mom wasn’t having any of that. Meh. My mother. Smh.

Yesterday me and Kendyl went to check out the tennis tryouts for the club/rec team. We sat in the parking lot for like 10 minutes trying to get the courage to walk out there. We were both nervous and it didn’t help that most of the people walking onto the courts looked really good. Anyway so we get up there and turns out we can’t tryout because we don’t have the right type of tennis shoes to be on the courts. They’re picky about that stuff apparently (I think they just resurfaced the courts, so I guess it’s kind of understandable). But we were both wearing “running shoes” blah blah blah. So we talked to the “president” of the club about the Rec team. We still have to try out, unfortunately. I just want to hit some balls people! I don’t want to take it too seriously… sheesh. But I guess they’re having another tryout session on Sunday. Kens is really wanting to do it. I’m like meh at this point. I have actual tennis shoes… but I left them in Pimdence. Might be going back home tomorrow. I forgot some other stuff too anyway….  So after all that jazz of not being able to try out, we drive around Columbia for like 40 minutes looking for tennis courts because at that point, we had already psyched ourselves up to play. When we finally found some non-sketch, nice courts, they were being used by the high school team. AT 9 PM! Who the crap has practices at 9 PM?!! But we decided to go back the next day (today) to hit, and we closed out the night by going to HyVee to get some ice cream. Three words: Ben and Jerry’s. It was delish.

Today we actually went back to hit. I’m already sore and SOOO out of shape. When I haven’t played tennis in a while, I miss it. But once I hit, I realize I hate it. Haha! Nah. I really do love it.

In case you don’t follow me on twitter, where I tweet every 5 seconds during professional tennis matches that are televised, one of my favorite tennis players played his last match yesterday bc he’s going into retirement. I watched the whole match streaming from my computer (no cable sucks when the Grand Slams are on!). It was devastating. I definitely cried. Like puffy eyes and runny nose and everything (no judgement please). In the beginning of my tennis obsession, I basically watched tennis just for Andy. And I would print pictures out of him and tape them to my notebooks and hang them up in my locker in 6th grade. Ahhh those were the days. When he lost yesterday, it was like my childhood/adolescence finally ended. Gonna miss Roddick. He’s da man. Right next to Fed-man. He’s da man too.

Okay well I think I made the deadline of posting on Thursday. I still got quite a bit of HW to make a dent in. Poo.
Later, bros!



1 Feb

As I walked to my last class of the day earlier, I was thinking how nice the weather has been, how happy I am at school, and how fast time seems to be going. I was generally feeling pretty good about life.
But you know how I’m feeling now?


Here are a few reasons why:

1. Moritz has these really huge tests in March that they have to take in order to graduate so he’s spending a lot of time studying and not a lot of time talking to me. I understand but yesterday we talked for a grand total of….. *drum roll please*…. one hour. And today’s not looking so promising either.

2. Also, I can’t effing get a job to save my life. I even call all these places back to follow up but nope. Apparently they’re rather hire people who are incompetent and unattractive.

3. Additionally, I made this timer for my computer that counted down the days until I left for Germany. After I got back, it still alerted me every day at the time I was supposed to leave. At first it was cute but now it’s annoying and I don’t know how to make it stop, no matter if I press “Snooze” or “OK” which are my only options, and I can’t find the answer anywhere on the internet and it’s REALLY pissing me off. *

4. Finally, I just tried to distract myself from homework by reading some tabloids and blogs about the Bachelor. That is also REALLY pissing me off because I hate that bitch Courtney and I heard she wins in the end and she’s a nasty skanky whore bitchtit (I got the bitchtit part from my friend Kayla, she says it often and I felt it appropriate given the circumstances).*

*Also, these aren’t really big deals but when you add them to factors 1 & 2 (mostly 1) the magnitude of the whole situation is just enhanced by a large and arbitrary scale factor.

Now I shall objectively state some occurrences that have happened since last Wednesday.

• Playing my saxophone at basketball, and the “Fanthers” having special guests THE SWIM TEAM
• Suitemate & company vomiting in our bathroom at 1:30 am on a school night
• One value-size box of Special K being consumed in less than 24 hours
• Having a debate with my Spanish teacher and him being an idioto
• Playing tennis in the un-air conditioned gym, then my first German lesson from Kayla
• Robbery on campus
• Orange Leaf fro-yo and watching the Help until 2:00am
• Me developing my Germany pictures in the photo lab and then realizing I developed a roll of film which had no pictures on it
• Eating peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon
• Mastering 5 out of 83 learning objectives on my computer science online homework
THIS song just came up on my Adele Pandora station
• My mom playing the word “sext” in Words With Friends


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