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Good Lorde. I’m finally employed!

26 Sep

On Saturday we went to the Plaza Art Fair. We probably spent more time looking for a parking spot than we did actually looking at art. But in all honesty, it was pretty cool, like a classier SCG. What was cooler were the dogs everyone had brought with them. Some were so TINY and SO CUTE!! After we walked around for 30ish minutes, we were all starved, so we went to Oklahoma Joe’s. Can’t go wrong with a Z-Man.

My uncle from HK/NZ is in town to visit for two months, so on Sunday we had a HUGE family dinner. There were so many aswans in my house, and so much yum-yum in my tum-tums. I hope my mom continues these huge family dinners for the next few weeks because that’s when she cooks the really good stuff.

Also, as of yesterday at 3pm, I am officially employed at the local HV, guys. How cool is that?! Well it’s probably not that cool. I had to sit through a 3.5 hour orientation complete with 2 videos, lots of paper work, and a tour of the store. I’m actually kind of sort of excited to start, mainly for the paycheck though.  Next week I have sacker training. LOL. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Also yesterday, I got an email from my advisor with the subject line of “School of Nursing” that was marked with high importance by the little red exclamation mark. I avoided opening it until after my orientation at HV, because I wasn’t sure if I was going to be an emotional wreck. After putting it off, I get back and try to open it only for the infamous Hyde Park WiFi to be an enormous pile of you-know-what. Finally after what felt like a year the wifi worked long enough for me to open it. She was just letting everyone know that the School of Nursing’s phones were down and that they were trying to get the fixed asap. Yep. I was pissed. And I freaked out for nothing. Now I have to wait some more…

Tomorrow is BuzzBeachball. And I am SO excited. AHH!!

Also Lorde’s new album isn’t out yet but it’ streaming here, and it is soooooooooo AWESOME. I am literally obsessed with her and her new single Team. I have listened to it probably close to a bajillion times. Okay just kidding, I’m not even sure I know how much a bajillion is, but you get the idea.

Peace out, girl scouts.

Librarian 4 Life.

2 Apr

Everything is right in the world because I am once again working in a library. Today was my first day and I went through a computer program that refreshed me on shelving (MU uses library of congress, but at Jewell they used Dewey Decimal) and I put 3 carts of books in order. The 4 hours actually went by pretty quickly and I think I’m going to like this job.

Friday Meiguan and I road tripped to St. Louis to visit one of our friends from Jewell Mary Ann. When we got there she was in an interview, so we killed time by going to target and trying White Castle for the first time. Those tiny burgers were pretty disturbing and I am confident in saying I won’t be eating there again. Then we met her at her house and headed out for St. Louisian adventures. First, we went to a pretzel place called Gus’s Pretzels. They were cheap and delicious and I really wish we had one here. Next we went to the Zoo because its free and we got to see penguins, giraffes, elephants, and various baby animals (How did they get so tiny!?!). After that we went to visit the good ole’ arch and took lots of various arch pictures. Let me just tell you that I am the master of self timer… even if it means having to use a trash can and getting my face dangerously close to garbage. We finished the day by going to an ice cream place called Ted Drewes. I got a pineapple sundae, which was delicious, and then we drove 4 hours back to Indep.


Saturday my uncle got us free tickets to the Sporting KC game so me, Gentry, Kellan, and my cousin went to that. Watching it really made me miss playing soccer! After the game we went to my aunt and uncles house and chilled in their hot tub for a while and me and Gentry stayed in their guest house.

Sunday was Easter and we had lunch at my Grandma’s house. I love all holidays because of the copious amounts of delicious food I get to consume. We had ham, smoked turkey, rolls, vegies, cheesecakes, and strawberry pie (there was more, but that’s just what I ate lol). I especially like Easter because I get to hide the eggs for Max and Sam’s Easter egg hunt. This year I put one in a rose bush and after Sam grabbed it he got really upset and started ranting about who would put an Egg in a bush with thorns and how he really hurt himself. It was hilarious.


I have a Biology test Wednesday night at 8:00pm and a Chemistry test Thursday morning at 8:00am, so that pretty much sucks. I really need to get to studying!

Keep it Classy.


P.S.  Who wants to go to Buzz under the Stars night one with me!? I really really want to go.

Powder Days

11 Nov

I am currently eating chicken noodle soup for lunch. I will also have chicken noodle soup for dinner and probably breakfast tomorrow. Until I moved to Colorado I was not a fan of any canned foods but I went grocery shopping last week for the first time and realized canned foods, ramen noodles, and sandwiches are cheaper than steak, barbecue pork, ribs, sausage, bacon and all the other meats I love dearly. That being said I may drop down to an unhealthy weight by the end of winter, but the free snowboarding will make it well worth it.









It has been snowing almost nonstop for the last two days here, I snowboarded all day yesterday in 7 inches of fresh powder as snow kept falling. Then today after snowboarding all morning my neighbor Cliff and I caught one of the first chairs up to the newly opened Ptarmigan trail up near the summit of the mountain. We dropped into Ptarmigan and were in waist deep powder almost all the way down. Deep snow is almost any snowboarder/skiers dream, it’s awesome when the snow is so deep that you feel like you are floating as you ride and you can get as gnarly as you want launching off make shift jumps or flying through the trees while going as fast as possible and if you wipe out it’s almost painless as long as you fall into the snow and not a tree. I have snowboarded more in a week here then I did all last winter in Kansas City, and I am not missing the icy slopes of the Midwest.

I had training this week Monday-Thursday I enjoyed most of it, I also got to meet all my fellow first year lift operators 99% of which live in employee housing with me and I also got a free lunch. My first day of work was Friday I worked a lift that was open only to racing teams which was a little boring because they are all so good that you don’t really need to help them load or unload, but I enjoyed it and I think I am going to love this job.

I think I am going to take an avalanche safety training course and buy some backcountry safety gear here pretty soon, that way once the heavy snow starts falling on the summits in a month or two I can go backcountry snowboarding away from the resort on the giant untouched mountains around here.

Peace, Love, and Happiness

Live A Little


Bout to busta cap.

1 Nov

Honestly, I’m one of those people who stresses out over pretty much anything. And it’s taken a lot out of me this week to try not to busta cap because I’ve been trying to figure out what I’m going to take next semester. I register tomorrow, so today I had a meeting with my advisor.  And despite my general feelings about the whole nursing department, she was actually pretty helpful. But I think that’s probably because she’s pretty new and hasn’t had much time to be corrupted by the rest of the advisors. However, the personal timeline she wrote for me was pretty generalized and gave me room to “make it my own schedule.” So I’ve spent a good 2ish+ hours today, trying to figure out what I’m going to take, and when I’m going to take it, and which professor I’m going to take it with. And to be completely honest, I’m still not completely sure what my schedule is going to look like. Right now I’m at 12 hrs. If I add another class I actually need, it’s going to screw up my fall semester. Yay…

Besides all that goodness, this past weekend was homecoming weekend here at Mizzou. On Thursday there was free breakfast for dinner. The event was held outside in the freezing cold, but it was still delicious. Friday was the Imagine Dragons concert, and besides me being a little bit too short and everyone else being a little bit too tall, it was SO AWESOME. Then the rest of the weekend I did pretty much nothing.

This weekend I’m going home. Which hopefully will allow me to de-stress from school. HA, just kidding. That’s a joke. I have 3 tests in a row next week. Friday, Monday, and Tuesday. So I should probably start studying for all of those. Lovely. My dad’s birthday is on Saturday so we’ll probably go out to eat. And I’ve been dying for some Yogurtini, so I’ll have to hit that up while I’m in the Pimpdence. I’m also super excited to sleep in my queen sized bed with my puff-puff blanket. And I’m also excited to have a break from microwavable and boxed food. Ahh.. thank goodness for my mother.

#throwbackthursday #puffpuffblanket
This was taken like junior year, either by the hot-potato, or Kendyl. LOL.

Me and my puff-puff blanket

Morgan has 11 days left

22 Apr

My paper chain for counting down the days until school ends is super short! YES! Oh I also am tan! woo! Not as tan as I want to be but it’s a great start to summer. The only reason I know that I am tan is because the little baby hairs on my head are all like so blonde they look white. Yay for the sun bleaching my hair!
I am talking about seriously nothing.
Wednesday afternoon my MCS teacher emailed me (and about half of my class) saying that I have an A in my class and that it is not required of me to return to class at all and I will still have an A. Super stoked. One less final and class I have to worry about for dead week and finals week.
I am super swamped though with my theatre project being moved up a week(!), my biology practical, geology practical, studying for bio final, buying tubs for packing, finding a place to store my things over the summer, and a few other things.
I don’t know what else to tell you.
Tomorrow my Bible study is getting all fancy and going to Old Chicago’s restaurant. I think that that place is not a fancy place so I’m excited. But also I really don’t know how I’m paying for this because my father informed me that I have less than $50 dollars in my bank account two weeks ago. That’s a scary feeling. Real scary. So I am really jealous of you all with jobs. I am looking at Hiboys for sure- Whitney said that they have already hired 3 new girls- so my dad got an application for me and will turn it in. haha. Oh and he always seems to go when the Mackey family is there and they own the place! I think that’s good. My second choice is Bass Pro and they have told me to call them for an interview once I am back in town.
Well I’m starving so I’m going to go beg for food and watch a movie while I avoid all of those homework-y tasks I should be handeling. meh
bye for now

CATHY: Another Fall Break. Sorry, Morgan!

17 Oct

Hello everyone. My fall break starts Wednesday afternoon so clearly this was the best time for all my teachers to give me a crapload of crap to do. For example, today in Discrete Mathematics, we had to take a whole class period to go over the previous three sections’ homework because none of us understood anything because the teacher is not really getting through to us. So she is compensating by making us learn TWO sections on Wednesday, therefore we will have TWO sections due after fall break. Thank you Dr. Browning. Since we didn’t understand the other three sections when we took them one day at a time, it is perfectly logical to assume that learning two sections in one day will yield better results. Boolean variable = FALSE!!! Not to mention that we all get to rewrite our other homework to resubmit by this Wednesday. Dr. Spanish DB is making us give 6-9 minute speeches (en espanol) next week with a partner… too bad my partner lives in St Louis? And we’re forced to go home for the break… so I’m not thinking we will have much time to work on that. The computer science teacher gave us a big programming assignment due next Wednesday as well… only it’s impossible to access unless you are within the Drury wireless network, so once again I will be cramming when I get back next week. My room is a disaster. I couldn’t take out my trash this weekend because I was afraid “hot potato” would see me, since she was here for her birthday. I ignored two phone calls from her. Ha. I guess I will clean up before I go home though.

I am actually going to skip my communications class on Wednesday. My mom says she wants me to get home before it gets dark, which, if I left at 3, I could do no problem. But I’d rather leave at 2 and take this excuse to miss Dr. Crazy’s class. 16 kids in the class required to give 6 minute speeches… shouldn’t take too long when class is 50 minutes, right? WRONG. We started these on October 7th, I believe. We still have 4 left to do, meaning we have only done 12 in… 250 minutes of class. If each speech is 6 minutes, that would add up to roughly (let me get out the phone calculator) 72 minutes. Can anyone tell me what happened to the other 178 minutes? I can. He likes to play 20 questions after every speech, meaning we average about 3 speeches per class period. Also, on Friday, one girl asked him if she could leave class early because she had Cardinals tickets. He said, “Of course. Have fun!” Then another boy said he had a work meeting at 2:30. “Okay, have a good weekend!” Another boy said he had to leave town by 3 so he was also released early. The professor was just so jolly and willing to let them leave. Some kids just show up once every two weeks or so. Today when I realized that we would STILL be listening to speeches on Wednesday, that sealed the deal: I’d rather head home an hour early.

Also, today he told us that if any of us didn’t have anywhere to spend Thanksgiving, we were welcome in his home. Legal???

Last Wednesday we had a totally wonderful power outage. I woke up around 6:45 needing to pee, and when I got back to bed, I noticed lightning and heard thunder outside along with rain. The power then briefly went out, but came back on shortly after because Rachel’s printer started making noise. By the time we woke up at 8, it was out again. No use putting in contacts or putting on makeup. No breakfast because: one, no microwave for oatmeal; two, no coffee pot for coffee; and three, no cereal for having cereal. So I walked over to the campus “fast food” place and was pleasantly surprised with their breakfast menu. They had power, by the way. I had the “Panther Pouncer” which consisted of scrambled eggs and bacon and cheese on a bun. Yum. I could feel my arteries clogging with joy. Then I walked to the building where the Spanish class is and all the classes were just standing around in the dark. Enter Dr. DB (douchebag in case you hadn’t figured that out by now). “What is going on?” “There’s no power.” “Well I can see that. You have been up to the classroom?” “Yes (we lied)” “I will go check.” …….. He comes back down. “We can speak Spanish in the dark.” FML.  There are not windows in there.

My other classes actually had windows so they weren’t so bad. I feel it important to mention at this point that there was also no campus-wide internet, and also no hot water. So it was a pretty stellar day all in all. Since we couldn’t do anything, my suitemate Caitlin and I decided to go to the fitness center where there was power. We were there for about an hour when Caitlin got the message on her phone that power would be out for 30 hours, and it said where we could shower and when. Also it said to be careful in the dorms and to make sure you lock your doors because maybe the security card scanners didn’t work. An hour later it said the power was fixed temporarily in the dorms and it may or may not stay on. They say now that it is still temporary but they will make major repairs over fall break.

Friday, Caitlin and I judged at the Kickapoo debate tournament to get extra credit from our comm teacher. I judged Public Forum. I had a brownie, three cookies, and lots of mini candy bars. The hospitality room is mostly why I decided to do it. I don’t need extra credit in there. Later Caitlin and I went to a coffee place called Mudhouse which is downtown and I got a parking ticket for parking in a police parking zone. WTF they weren’t using it. I thought the sign said “Police Parking 6am-6pm” but apparently it was the other way around. It gave me a court date and I was like eff that, but then I called my dad and he was like, looks like you’re going to court. Dad! You aren’t supposed to say that! Then I turned the ticket over and found out I could pay $25 online. Phew.

Talk to you later guys… if I make it through the next week and a half that is.


Titles are hard

9 Sep

Tonight’s dinner: french toast sticks, sausage, endless supply of syrup and chocolate milk. It was delicious. College has one thing right… chocolate milk.
In other news, last night my suite mate Chelsea and I went to the hang-out room (which is not mine, but is Joe and Tunde’s) and watched 2 scary movies at like 2am. Two! First of all, I have only watched 3 scary movies in my life (including the ones I watched last night). Second of all, best friends and/or boyfriends are a requirement when watching scary movies. Of those two things, neither are here so no more scary movies for me.

So before I get into the details of the scary movie night, I’ll give y’all the DL on my floor mates.

Tori: room mate and friend from elementary school

Chelsea: suite mate and the closest friend I’ve made here.

Stephanie: other suite mate..

Joe: boy who lives down the hall and is a one week (so far) recovering alcohol drinker.

Tunde: hard-core black guy, super funny

Andrew: hangs with Joe all the time and is from rich country CO

Matt: he’s kinda idiot, he’s small and mexican and hates scary movies just as much as I do

Okay, so there are others on my hall but these are the ones I see the most. Last night, went into Joe and Tunde’s room and they had already started the first movie, paranormal activity 2, and there were 3 other girls from north side in there too. I stared out sitting on the floor alone but moved to the already packed bed because I could hide behind people. By the time the second movie was in, my arm was numb from it being squeezed so hard, the other girls had left, and Tunde was telling us scary stories whilst eating a calzone that smelled like heaven(from DP Dough’s… ever heard of it? I had not). Also, during the second movie Matt, see reference above, decided he wanted to scare me during the long pauses of the movie… I screamed, then punched him. After the movies were over, it was Joe’s idea to head down to the basement of our hall which is rumored to be haunted. Thankfully I’m a fast runner and ran straight to my room avoiding the ghosts I was sure to  be downstairs.

Thursdays are my favorite. No class and can sleep in peace since Tori has class. So if y’all are bored on Thursdays in the after noon, don’t hesitate to chat, hangout, or Skype. (:

Writing your phone number on other’s whiteboards, is that classy or what?! I walked into my room this afternoon and a phone number with a smile and short message awaited me. Too bad it is not form a boy from the 5th floor.. seems like all the cute ones are on the 5th floor hiding.

Oh and I really like writing letters. It’s my new hobby. And thank goodness for CPE last year or else I wouldn’t know how to make an envelope!


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