21 Mar

They are taking over the world. Offense Megan (like no offense, but I actually want to offend).

I titled this Aswians because Tristan does this thing where he rubs his hair and makes it stick up and then says “Asians”. I like to do this especially when I’m with Megan and Lei and I see other asians (the squintier the better…. maybe that was too far.)

Spring Break was good. And yes I’m going to be that vague because I am lazy.

My first day working at the marina was Saturday and I had to be there by 7am. 7am! I am going to be working as a cashier and basically that entails checking people out, doing fishing licenses, boat rentals, cleaning etc. etc. Some of the people are interesting… and there is a kid who has a remarkable resemblance to Nick Yeisley. They are also EXTREMELY sexist. They have all of the guys working as dockhands and all of the girls working as cashiers.It makes me want to punch someone, but i’m getting paid so I guess I won’t. (also I don’t necessarily want to clean gross boats so thats ok)

If you are living under a rock and didn’t hear Peyton Manning chose the Broncos (what an ass). Also Shaun White won both superpipe and slope style at the X-games in Tignes.

This is a nice little surprise I saw on Create TV today (public television for those of you clueless people with cable).

Yes that is Bradley Cooper. You are welcome.

Spring soccer practices started today and I’m so over them. We ran 2 Carolinas and 2 soccer 100’s and my legs feel sooooo heavy.

Keep it Classy.


P.S. This is not late on the east coast and fo’ morgan. morgan freeman. ok im just rambling now. but i really do like morgan freeman. he is awesome and has the best voice ever.



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