school is bad

18 Mar

Worst feeling ever: being home and having fun and doing whatever I want and just living my life and then coming back to school which involves none of those things. Also there are a number of people here that are at least 4 shades darker than they should be in March and that also makes me sad that I didn’t take advantage of the warm weather in Missouri while I could. Overall though, spring break was great! I loved road-tripping with Kelsey to visit Cathy in Springfield. Drury is such cute campus and I liked the quad area… the partying is kind of condensed to one space and that’s nice. I really enjoyed having Kendyl and Megan watch a movie at my house- I miss you guys! I hope you weren’t bored to tears watching the home videos….I would also like to thank Derek, Kendyl, and Megan for being open to my idea of going to a park with swings. I don’t know why but I just really had to do that and the weather was so perfect for it. I got a lot of quality sister time that I really really needed- plus she’s great to shop with and picks out hipster clothes for me that I love. I went to Shannon’s house for a few hours and watched Ninja Warrior which is pretty wicked let me tell ya… It’s like Wipeout but Japanese and all the contestants train hard core for this. Another great thing that happened: I got a phone call from Jackson County Parks&Rec! FINALLY! It wasn’t a call for a dockhand position where all of you are working- but for the day camp. Then I called the lady back (I was at a basketball game the first time she called and just didn’t feel like answering) and I set up an interview for last Thursday. It went really well actually, considering this is my first interview ever for a job. The interviewer said that I was a great candidate for the position despite my lack of skills. (The definition of skills to her: the ability to teach and display top quality archery skill, canoeing, nature education, horseback riding, and lifeguarding and other ridiculous things of the sort. Sorry but if any regular 19 year old has ever been that great at all those things they aren’t working for JC Parks&Rec- that’s for sure.) However, my bounty of prior experience working with children balanced out all those things. I’m still not sure if I’m going to take this job since I would work 40 hours a week Monday- Friday for 10 weeks straight. We’ll see. I don’t think there were any other exciting things that happened- all I know is- break was too short and I can’t wait for summer.

Approximately 48 days until I’m home for the summer!

Get tan y’all! ~Morgan

P.S. Thanks Cathy for my card! It is so nice to come back to school with a note in your mailbox- no matter how crafty it is- I love it! Mail is just the best thing ever.

P.P.S. This Thursday I am going to see The Hunger Games!!! AH midnight premiere here I come! I can not wait! Please read these books- please, you will like them.

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