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Fall Means Gilmore Girls.

9 Oct

At the beginning of fall every year I start to watch all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls. It just always seems to be fall or winter in the episodes so it’s the perfect time to watch them. I am currently on season 2 and Jess has just moved in with Luke, I’m team Jess because Dean is kind of an idiot and Logan is a total douche. (If your not too familiar with Gilmore Girls Jess, Dean and Logan are Rory’s various Boyfriends)

Friday afternoon Lauren, one of our good friends from Jewell, came to visit us. We gave her a tour of campus and took her to the bookstore. We walked downtown and got some ice cream from Sparky’s and went to the Alpine Shop (my favorite store downtown.) When we were giving her a tour of the rec center we saw Nick playing volleyball (only the second time we’ve seen him all semester). After that we went to Target, ate dinner, and then went back to the townhome and watched the Lucky One (Love Zach Efron).

We’ve been using the Rec center a lot lately and I never thought I would say this, but I have actually enjoyed working out and look forward to going. Its weird when someone isn’t forcing me to practice or run how much more enjoyable it is.

Lei’s fall break is at the end of the week so Shenanigans will soon ensue in Columbia. I don’t really have anything notable to say so here’s a picture of my nails I painted today lolz…



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