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National Champions

10 Apr

I probably shouldn’t be blogging right now due to the sheer amount of crap I need to accomplish tonight, but whatever.


Like I mentioned last week, I went to Atlanta over the weekend to support Drury’s men’s basketball team in its quest for the NCAA Division II championship title over Metro State from Denver, Co.

This entailed loading one of six charter buses of students on Saturday night, driving through the night, arriving in Atlanta on Sunday afternoon, watching the game at 4:00pm, getting back on the bus to drive two hours to Tennessee where we spent Sunday night, and waking up at 6:00am to drive 10 hours back to Springfield all day on Monday. (Class was canceled, remember?)

I had an amazing time and am so extremely thankful that I got the opportunity to witness and be a part of this. It was funny Sunday morning when we stopped at a travel stop and nearly 100 girls needed to share about 15 feet of bathroom sink space for hair, make-up, and teeth-brushing after an all-night bus ride. In Philips Arena, it was such an awesome feeling to be one of more than 1,000 Drury fans who made the trip to Atlanta – there were even more alumni than there were students!

We knew going in that it was going to be a David vs. Goliath type of game. Us being David. The game started. And then we were down 17 points. And then we were down 12 points at halftime. Our team did not get off to a good start. It looked like it was going to be a no-contest game.

Then we tied it up, and even had the lead very briefly. But Metro State always had an answer to the points and we were still behind. When it was 72-73 with less than 30 seconds on the clock, Metro State missed two 1-and-1 shots. One of our players, senior Alex Hall, grabbed the rebound and was fouled. We were in double bonuses. With 22.8 seconds on the clock, Alex Hall got the opportunity to take those two free throws. I can’t imagine how he was feeling then. But he made them.

And we won the game. Drury lead for a total of 68 seconds in the whole game. Chaos ensued.

Me, Stacie, Hanna, and Morgan

Me, Stacie, Hanna, and Morgan



Do you see me? :-)

Do you see me? 🙂

Video of the win if you want to experience the final few seconds

News article about the win

So we got to a motel that night and I’m pretty sure we had the whole thing rented out. I had never seen so much beer or so many people in a hotel room.

#allweDUiswin! It’s a great time to be a panther!



Gas Problems

25 Jan

Hello world! (That’s a computer science joke, Google it if you’re confused.) Hard to believe it’s Wednesday already because I’ve been a day off this whole week so by now I think it should be Thursday.

The end of the last school week wasn’t too eventful; Friday after my 11:00 class ended, I headed home, though I would have liked to have left at 12, I decided to be responsible and wash my dishes and fold my clothes. These were tasks that I had been avoiding for at least 2 days though so I guess it wasn’t so much me taking initiative as it was me doing what was absolutely necessary at the time. So after all was said and done, I ended up leaving around 1.

Why was I going home you ask? I shall answer. BECAUSE OF THE JACK’S MANNEQUIN CONCERT!!!! I got two tickets for my birthday from my parents. I drove home, and passed my 2nd Amish person that I have seen on my journeys home and back to school. You would think that I would see more. There are a ton of “Share the Road” signs, and I’ve gone home like 6 or 7 times total so the chances are pretty high. I was listening to my Jack’s Mannequin CD that I burned myself, but it doesn’t have a case so it got pretty scratched and soon I had to put in the real life CD of theirs that just came out in October. I got home around 4, got ready, and left around 5:15 to go to Kelsey’s. We went to Fazoli’s and then to Kansas City for the concert.

It was at the Beaumont Club in Westport. We brought in our coats but it was hot in the place, and pretty small. We got big red X’s on our hands and paid a $2 fee for being minors. I still have the X’s on my hands. I didn’t want to hold my coat so I found a railing against a wall with a sign over and and wrapped my coat around the railing and covered it with the sign again. Good decision all around. The concert was supposed to start at 7:30 but of course there were opening acts. The first one was some hipster named Allen Stone who bears a striking resemblance to Rees Purdom and also seemed to share the same affinity for unique outfits. He was on for like 30 minutes and by this point I was booing him. Then another band called Jukebox the Ghost (which Kelsey kept calling Jukebox the Swamp) came on and they were all right but I was like come on I just want to see Jack’s Mannequin.

Around 9:30, they finally came on. Andrew McMahon. ❤ They opened up with my favorite song, The Mixed Tape. Here’s a video that was uploaded by someone incompetent who only managed to get it starting halfway through. Not much to choose from on YouTube when it’s only been 5 days since the concert.

At one point someone threw their beer up in the air and we all got wet and I thought it was a special effect. Nope. Anyway, that was my first concert and it was super fun. I love how you can hear the crowd singing in that video. Usually it’s just me singing alone in the car on 3 hour commutes. I have to go see them again. One of my top 10 favorite things that I’ve ever done.

The only other noteworthy occurrence of the past week was when I was filling up my car before heading back to school on Sunday. I had pushed down the little handle on the gas pump so I wouldn’t have to hold it, and a while later gas is coming out of the gas tank and I took out the handle and that thing was still shooting gas out all over the place like a hose. So we probably lost like a gallon of gas and it went to the pavement. Some homie at the car in front of me started talking to me and said I should go tell the people inside. Well duh. So I went in and it was Jake Douthat working, which was awkward because remember the time when we went on a date and he threw up? Well I went back to my car and the homie said “nice to meet you” as if we had a real conversation and I called my dad to make sure my car wasn’t going to blow up. He said no.

And on the way back to school I saw my THIRD Amish person.

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