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Adios Cordera

3 Oct

Hello everyone. I’ll just start off by saying it hasn’t been a very great week collectively speaking, but hopefully from today onward it will begin to turn around.

Friday I went home after my calculus test and I went to the Sporting KC game with my dad (the tickets were his father’s day present.) Since my whole family except for me got to go and sit in the owner’s box for free last year, I thought that I should get to go even though my tickets weren’t free. We were only about 7 rows from the front and it was waaaay fun. I want to go again sometime! Also we saw Mrs. Kuiper there and I talked to her for a few minutes.

One of my personal favorites about the game was the two people who were shown on the big screen wearing these masks:

They were in the “super fan” area, and I was able to find them in the crowd from where I was sitting. They left their masks on during the whole game. Could they even see? I’m not sure what the unicorn-Sporting KC correlation could be, unless it was because Unicorns -> Magical -> Wizards -> KC Wizards -> Sporting KC.

Also, did you know this about the logo? I didn’t. My dad told me and then the guy next to him asked him to explain it to him.

Saturday I went shopping with my mom because she had a bunch of Kohl’s Cash. I got some new shoes and a pair of pants. We went out to lunch. And on Saturday night I hung out with Nick (who promised he would blog about our adventures, let’s hold him to that.)

Sunday afternoon I came back to school, and that’s when I really started having a bad week. I haven’t been eating anything and I’ve just felt really anxious and sick and everything. It’s no bueno. But the good thing is I got an 84% on my calculus test, I don’t remember the last time I passed one of those.

Also, my mom bought my plane ticket for me on Monday – I’ll go to Germany from Dec. 21 to January 13! Supps excited!

Which reminds me that next week I have orientation for my new job on Monday; Wednesday is CPR & First Aid training; and the following week is job training. I’m ready to make some paypuh (which will incidentally go into my parents’ bank but whatevs.)

This was uncharacteristically short but I don’t have much else to say, except Adios (Cordera) (Which is the name of a story we read in Spanish class which I am now supposed to be writing a two-page reaction paper over)


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