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Morgan has 11 days left

22 Apr

My paper chain for counting down the days until school ends is super short! YES! Oh I also am tan! woo! Not as tan as I want to be but it’s a great start to summer. The only reason I know that I am tan is because the little baby hairs on my head are all like so blonde they look white. Yay for the sun bleaching my hair!
I am talking about seriously nothing.
Wednesday afternoon my MCS teacher emailed me (and about half of my class) saying that I have an A in my class and that it is not required of me to return to class at all and I will still have an A. Super stoked. One less final and class I have to worry about for dead week and finals week.
I am super swamped though with my theatre project being moved up a week(!), my biology practical, geology practical, studying for bio final, buying tubs for packing, finding a place to store my things over the summer, and a few other things.
I don’t know what else to tell you.
Tomorrow my Bible study is getting all fancy and going to Old Chicago’s restaurant. I think that that place is not a fancy place so I’m excited. But also I really don’t know how I’m paying for this because my father informed me that I have less than $50 dollars in my bank account two weeks ago. That’s a scary feeling. Real scary. So I am really jealous of you all with jobs. I am looking at Hiboys for sure- Whitney said that they have already hired 3 new girls- so my dad got an application for me and will turn it in. haha. Oh and he always seems to go when the Mackey family is there and they own the place! I think that’s good. My second choice is Bass Pro and they have told me to call them for an interview once I am back in town.
Well I’m starving so I’m going to go beg for food and watch a movie while I avoid all of those homework-y tasks I should be handeling. meh
bye for now

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