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A Whole Lot of Random

13 Sep

Hey guys!

To be honest.. I’m not too sure what to write about. This week has been pretty mediocre. So just an FYI, this post is probably going to be kind of random and probably won’t have much structure at all. Lol.

Me and Kendyl have been going to play tennis quite a bit after our tennis tryout fiasco. Sometimes I don’t feel like going, but after hitting, I’m usually glad I ended up going. It’s keeping me active-ish so that’s good.

Friday was the 25% off everything at the bookstore again. I invested in a new green CamelBak water bottle and new t-shirt. Worth the money. Haha!

Monday after we got home from class, I watched the entirety of the US Open finals between Murray vs. Djokovic. It was worth my time  as well as a very entertaining match. I was probably leaning more towards Djokovic to win, just because I like him a little bit better than Murray, but I’m really glad that Murray ended up winning because he certainly deserves it. And it’s historic for Great Britain as well. And I’m all about the Brits. Haha!

Yesterday we went to the first Student Nurses Association meeting of the year. There are so many people in that orginization. I swear I thought it was going to be smaller. We showed up late, but not on purpose. Just so happened that the meeting is a 5. Prime rush hour. And also most of campus is 4 way stops. And everyone and their mom was parking on campus, so we spent a good 20 mins or so I would say, driving around looking for a place to park. There was also a fall-fest thing on campus at that time too so that’s probably added to the traffic as well.

During our 2 hour break in between some classes we’ve been going down to the basement of the student union. It’s a un-official quite area. They have super comfy couches there. And I finally took a nap on the couches yesterday. It was nice. Except there was a creepy guy that sat across from my couch. And he wore polarized sunglasses as he was napping… at least I think and hope he was napping…

I think I’m getting a little bit homesick. It’s not that I don’t love Columbia and Mizzou. I really do love it. It’s very much the type of environment I wanted for college. But I just miss the familiarity I had with Independence (as much as I really do hate the city), and familiar faces, etc. And definitely my mom and family too… I mean at Jewell, I was around the KC area, so being homesick and going home was never really an issue. I was 20 minutes from home. whoop-dee-do. Now I’m 2 hours away. And gas is $3.79 a gallon. (WTF.) It’s definitely been quite the change from what I’ve been used to. Not sure if I could’ve moved all the way out to CO. I applaud you, Morg. But I guess it just takes time adjusting to it all.

Also, I think I’ve hit the sophomore slump as well. I have little to no motivation to do much of anything academic. Which is bad because I have 2 tests next week and my parents have been on my case about being lazy. But I mean I’d rather be watching tv shows than reading about nutrition. Admit it. You would too. It’s also getting harder and harder to wake up for class every morning. Seriously guys, how did we ever make it through high school?

Also, since most of our classes are introductory levels, we get stuck with mostly freshmen. Not the cool freshmen. The annoying ones. Especially in biology. The other day, two sorority girls sat behind us and all through class all we could hear was them giggling. I honestly could have punched them both. And the athletes. Just don’t sit next to them. I could punch them as well. I just don’t understand why they choose to go to class because they don’t do anything but talk to each other during class.

Anyway on a positive note, I got a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks after class today. It was so good. And now I only need 6 more stars before I reach the gold level! I should have 7 stars left, but I think there was a glitch and I got two instead of just one. Whateves! Get’s me closer to my gold card!

My last pay check goes into my account tomorrow. And it’s also black and gold Friday again at the bookstore. Not a good combo.

And also, I’m really digging this weather we’ve been having. Ahhh… hoodie and jeans weather. I opened my room’s windows today and just listened to it rain for like 10 minutes. It was relaxing. Legit.

Alright, that’s all I got for this week!


There’s something on the floor…

4 Apr

I feel like not much has happened, yet I don’t know where the whole week went since last Wednesday.

Thursday I had to do a “funny” project for video class with a partner… first, I don’t know anyone in my class of 10 people. Second, this project is not for a grade so why would I want to do it?
Anyway, a girl named Lindsey who is on the soccer team, and in the sorority with a certain reputation, asked me if I wanted to be her partner so I was. She is really nice. We went to her apartment and pretended we had a club where we obsessively painted our nails and it turned out better than we were expecting.

Usually on the weekends I hang out with Caitlin, but this weekend she went to Truman State to visit her two best friends, so I was like well now what? Anyway, I ended up laying outside on a blanket in the sun with Kayla for 2 hours (after properly applying sunscreen, of course). Then we hung out in her room for a while, played tennis outside, and then decided to WALK to downtown Springfield around 9:00pm. The walk seems much longer than the drive, but we always have lots to talk about so it was fun. We went to Starbucks in the Bistro Market, and then proceeded to the newly renovated Park Central Square where we witnessed some 15 year olds smoking cigarettes and acting like, well, 15 year olds. I was grateful to be wearing a sweatshirt that proclaimed DRURY across the front, so everyone would know we were at LEAST college age, in case there was any doubt.

Also, there was a fight somewhere I think and so then the whole slew of police cars, a firetruck, and a ambulance came blaring by. Then we saw a guy running around on the roofs of buildings. And some people who were in a sword-fighting club just doing their thing at the square. We went to Jordan Valley Park, and eventually returned back to school around midnight.

Saturday I just acted like a bum and finished my research paper that was due Monday. Sunday I didn’t do much either. I laid out with Kayla again, and skyped, so that was important!

Monday was not noteworthy, other than getting froyo at a place downtown that is not very good… it’s not a franchise, maybe that’s why, but their cheesecake bites taste more like cornbread…

Yesterday sucked big big balls. I wanted to skip photography because I’ve finished the next project, but noooo then he sent an email and was like “yo guyz I need u to B here Tuesday bcuz im liek gonna go over the final assignment.” Well DAMN. I got my butt out of bed at 7:30, went to class at 8, stayed for 15 min as he explained the assignment, and went back to bed at 8:30. POINTLESS. Got up at 10:30, cause we had a meeting about picking our apartment for next year at 11. We were 3rd to choose and got the 2nd floor, YES! That lasted until 11:30, and then I had class starting at 11:30 until 1:30. Then class from 1:30 to 3. Then an interview for Drury Ambassadors at 3:30, and then a meeting for this honor society at 4:15. Yes, yesterday really sucked big balls. It’s like everyone was just like “oh hay how can we make Cathy have the most busiest day everrrrr” and then they planned accordingly. Aaand that’s my soapbox.

In other news, my parents have officially told me Moritz can come on vacation with our family this year 🙂

In other other news, I was woken up at 1:00 am by some girls in my hallway being very loud and exclaiming. I went to the door, opened it to ask them to be quiet and they said “Someone shit on the floor!” But they were quiet after that.


5 Days

4 Mar

Weekly update time!

Now normally, I would type up a day-by-day recall of my week: but this week has been most uneventful. Seriously. I didn’t go to many classes because I have not been feeling well and could not get good sleep when my eyes finally would close. I think this was caused by my stressed out Sunday.. I spent most of my Sunday worrying about sharing my story/testimony with my Bible study group and then it didn’t go as well as I had hoped so I was bummed then just became restless I suppose.

The stuff that actually was cool I will tell you about here > So Friday I went to see a musical put on by my school called Ragtime. It was a great production, and now more than ever I want to play Glinda the Good Witch in Wicked on Broadway. Saturday I missed brunch (this is very sad because they had bacon) but I did go to the senior night for our girl’s basketball team. We won and now the girls are in second seed in the Big Sky conference post-season tournament. Wish our boys were better. Saturday night, Kendal and I went to church and heard a great message about Rest in God, kind of just what I needed to hear. Then Sunday= Game Day! I have been a little nervous about the abilities of our team, but we started the season with a win! Well, really the other team didn’t show up until I had already signed the paper saying they forfeited and we won… but we scrimmaged them anyways and I’m pretty sure we either won or tied. They seemed pretty put together too… and their goalie was wearing awesome sunglasses the whole time which just made everything better. And now Megan, Holly, Tori, and I are going to Fort Collins for a pizza dinner at Beau Jo’s.

Looking forward too: Spring Break! Starts on Friday!! Also, I’m road tripping with Kelsey to Springfield to see Cathy! We are going to Lambert’s and I am pumped. Ooh ooh I’m starting my Ropes Course class on Monday! So exciting and nerve- wrecking at the same time. Can’t wait to be home though.

Random schmamdom: I made a bookmark out of pressed flowers from Valentines Day and I think it’s pretty neat. Also, March Madness starts so soon that I can hardly stand it another minute! March is the best only because it is filled with the sounds of whistles blowing, buzzers screaming, basketballs being dunked, screaming fans, crying fans, and upsets that will either make or break your ENTIRE bracket. (Like last year when Kansas lost in like round two and I had them winning it all in one bracket- never again my friends, never again!) I am super ultra sore again. This time it’s from kickboxing class.

Song of the week: Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen


See you all soon!!!!!! -Morgan

p.s. drink more coffee and become a Gold Member at Starbucks like me

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