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The Mundane Life

18 Oct

Basically there’s not much excitement going on in my life right now. Besides going to the Rec pretty much everyday this week (except for Sunday because I had a paper due Monday and didn’t start it until last minute– would you expect anything different?! 🙂 ), I’ve been studying, and watching TV shows… pretty much like Kens (except not Gilmore Girls…) Haha!

I don’t remember if I told you this but I signed up for a 5K this weekend. It benefits the children’s hospital and some younger cancer patients. I also get volunteer hours for running it (let’s be honest though, I’ll probably be walking most of it!) I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for it. Mainly because we get t-shirts!!!! Although I did have to pay for it… But it goes to the kids! Guess I can’t complain about that!

Yesterday some lady on the bus asked me, “What nationality are you?” I could’ve made some conversation after my reply of “Chinese” but it was just too dang early and I had stayed up for a while studying the night before. I kind of regret not making conversation because she looked some sort of Asian. That could’ve been my first Asian friend made at Mizzou. Sigh.

Today I finally got all my speeding ticket goodness settled. And that’s a relief because I was going a bit paranoid every time I saw police car because I didn’t want a warrant out for my arrest. Unfortunately getting arrested is not on my bucket list, like it is on some others I know. Anyway, I’ve been pretty speed conscious recently because I do not want to have to go through that process ever again.

In other mundane news, I painted my nails today. And I watched the Sound of Music. I love that musical.

Missing you all! G+ soon?!



Year 2 here at Mizzou!

30 Aug

I’m just going to go with the flow of what everyone else has done so far…

Here’s my room at the townhouse! Lol.


The first two weeks have been pretty good so far. My classes are quite larger than what I’ve been used to for the most part. My biggest class is upwards of 300-400 (legit elbow to elbow). MWF I have Bio, Nutrition, and Sociology. TTh I only have one class and I’m done by 11.– The Amish Community. That is actually quite an interesting class and by far my smallest class (about 30 people). My Amish Community professor is probably one of my favorites right now. She’s a cute, petite little older lady, and she super nice. I’m only taking 12 credits this semester. And I’m almost regretting it because 1) I don’t have too much to do. And 2) I’m going to have to load up on classes next semester.

Last weekend my dad, step-mom, and grandma came to visit. So we walked around campus a little bit. We had to walk through Peace Park and just so happens there’s a protest going on. I think their motto/slogan/whatever was “Let your breasts hang free” or something of that nature. I’m not exactly sure what they were protesting or what it was about… But there were some hippie looking people, some males wearing bras and one female walking around demonstrating what their slogan was about. A lot of people were standing around and a bunch of journalists were interviewing people who are there. Definitely a totes querd moment. Especially when your parents and grandma are with you. I booked it out of that are as fast as I possibly could, for sure.

Okay so let me tell you about today. It was a weird day… I definitely left early enough to get to campus on time and catch the shuttle and walk to class with extra time. I took the back road to campus. It’s called a “scenic route”. It’s got hills, some curves in the road, trees… AND SPEED TRAPS. WTF. I hate cops. Especially at the end of the month because they have to meet their DAMN QUOTA and are at like every corner!! WTF!! Anyway so I was going 42 in a 30. And if you haven’t seen my tweet yet, I got a ticket. The cop lady was pretty nice though. I think she saw that I was scared shitless. Anyway after she took my licence and came back to my window, she was like, “Unfortunately I have to give you a ticket.” BULLSHIT! You just have to meet your damn quota!!! Sorry for the language– I’m still angry about it. But she said she dropped the speed down to 40 instead of 42 because apparently there’s a big difference in price. IDK. After class I called my mother and told her. That was a nice and lovely conversation. Totally being sarcastic. So that’s the story of me being pulled over for the first time, and me getting my first ticket. Definitely hope that doesn’t happen again. When I saw the lights in my rear view mirror, that sinking feeling definitely happened in my stomach. I definitely had like a million and one thoughts running through my head. And I could literally feel my heart pounding out of my chest. Not a pleasant memory.

Anyway, like Kendyl, I’ve been applying for jobs like crazy. I feel like I spend more time apply for jobs than I do actually doing homework. I JUST WANT A JOB. I got rent to pay, groceries to get, books to buy, college to pay for, and speeding tickets to pay off! Pray for me people…

Speaking of spending money… Tomorrow is Black and Gold day and at the bookstore all students get 25% off! Me and Kendyl are planning on getting to campus a little bit early since our 8AM is canceled so we can get a head start on spending our money. At least I’m not getting things at full price..?

Have a nice labor day weekend, wherever it may be at! In Greely or at White trash fest! 🙂


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