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I rapped and danced. say wut?

26 Apr

On Friday I attended my RA’s graduation party. There were puppies, ducks, bunnies, and kittens that people could play with (except I couldn’t play with the kittens. But they were so cute!) We also made forts out of cardboard boxes. And I ate a lot of sour gummy worms and peanut butter m&ms.

On Saturday I volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House with my sorority. We made breakfast for the people staying there, which was torture because I hadn’t eaten all morning and we weren’t allowed to eat anything we made. I went home later that night because I had to work the next day.

On Sunday I worked. It was really not that busy because it was kind of chilly. The manager left pretty early and it was a bunch of high school kids running the place, plus me and Derek. So not much got done after that and we all basically just sat around waiting until we could go home. It was kind of awkward because all the high schoolers talked about all their high school things and it made me a bit glad that I am no longer in that hell-hole. After work, I went straight back to school because we had rehearsals for our dorm’s padaegent Miss Ely. The 5 halls nominate a contestant and there’s like a talent, q&a, and evening wear portions, and the whole hall could be involved. So I rapped, and danced. It was a grand ole time! And our hall won!! It was awesome.

Here’s the video  of the talent portion I danced in. Our shirts spell out “milkshake.”

After Miss Ely, I pulled an all nighter for anatomy, which wasn’t worth it since I did HORRIBLY on the quiz. I just hate that class. But I think I’ve already mentioned that. After the quiz, I skipped my psych class to sleep. #winning

Yesterday, after walking back from my class, I saw these weird looking tropical trucks driving onto the quad area. Little did I know that there was going to be FREE SNO CONES ON THE QUAD FOR EVERYONE!! One of the reasons I like going to Jewell, you get lots of free stuff. However I only got one sno cone because by the time I went back to get a second one around mid-afternoon, they had apparently run out of ice. WTF. The sno cone truck runs out of ice. You would think they would have a rather large supply supply of it right?! WRONG. OH THE IRONY. Makes me angry. But whateves.

Today was STEAK NIGHT at dinner!! Here’s  a glorious picture of that meal. I always get stuck with the dinky steaks though. But it was gooooooood dinky steak, for sure. Also I went to Mosaic (a little campus worship service) for the first time tonight. It was nice.

Tomorrow is my sorority’s formal. I kind of want to go but I kind of don’t want to. Since all underclass men have to wear black/white/gray/no colors (the seniors are the only ones who wear color) I’m re-wearing a dress from homecoming or courtwarming a couple years ago… I don’t remember which dance it’s from. I just didn’t want to stress about having to look for a dress.

Then Saturday is my last Symphony Concert of the year. This music has been nothing but stressful (as if I needed more stress on top of anatomy). I’m not sure if anyone is really ready for the concert actually. I’ll let you know how that goes.



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