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That Snapchat Life

21 Sep

Yeah, I just stole someone’s Saturday. I don’t know whose it is, but I have a feeling they weren’t going to use it.

Well it looks like we all had a party night last night, according to snapchat.

It had been about two weeks since I’d gone out. I needed that break after about 12 days of going out every single night. We went with a group of a lot of people. I was kind of grumpy because Hanna and I had decided we weren’t going to go out until we finished our papers, so we were going to write them last night and go out tonight instead. But at the last minute she changed her mind so I knew that meant I had to go out last night because we wouldn’t tonight.

We went to a place called Shoreditch to look for some bar, someone else was leading the way. We kept passing this place that said “Please don’t feed the models #LFW” (London Fashion Week) so that was kind of funny. After like an hour or so of walking around, people started to split up. I went with Hanna because I wasn’t really in the best position to make any major decisions at this point, plus she had all my stuff in her bag. We went to a place called At World’s End which also had a club called the Underworld. It was pretty fun, and it was probably my favorite club I’ve been to so far. We ended up with three guys from our school who I didn’t know but I remember I kept saying “I think he’s really into himself” about one of them when we were on the tube on the way there. There was a middle aged man from America who kept trying to talk to all of us. We took a taxi home at 3 and I was sooo tired and slept really good last night.


Me and two friends on the tube

Today we got up too early and went to Borough Market. We got some toasted cheese sandwiches that were so good. I also got a smoothie. My roommate Megan spent the night in our guy friends’ room last night and didn’t come back until 9am, and she slept from 9am until 6pm. Lol. Me and Hanna just took naps for about 2 hours. That was my first London nap, and I held out for 3 and a half weeks so I think that was pretty good.

Tomorrow I’m gonna go see the Princess Diana movie!

I miss all of you! Keep all the snapchats coming for real. I love you guys.


P.S. How about them CHIEFS!! Touchdown Kansas City!

School is real/FRIDAY THE 13TH

13 Sep

So how come the only people who have blogged in the past week are me, Meiguan, and NICK? (Who?) Derek doesn’t have internet so he has an excuse, but what about Kendyl, Morgan, and Tristan?!?

The past week has been pretty good, and time is starting to go a lot faster it seems like. After my crazy Thursday night last week, I stayed in and had pizza with my roommates on Friday night. But Saturday night we went out again.

I had some Bacardi and Coke back at school and then went with a group of about 15 people to a really close bar called The Metropolitan, and we met some friends there. One of them let me drink half a pitcher of Sex on the Beach (which wasn’t very alcoholic) and then we continued to a place called the Big Chill. I’m not really sure about how we got there on the bus because usually I’m one of the people who navigates us places and I wasn’t really in the position to do it that night. But we got there, and it wasn’t very fun.

We went to Camden Town to go somewhere else, but there was a cover charge of 10 pounds so we were like heck no. My friend Carson needed to pee so me and another friend named Brianna went to this little hole in the wall bar so he could use the bathroom. We ended up staying there for an hour or so, just talking. I knew I couldn’t still be feeling the effects of the alcohol but I felt exactly the same. Then I realized I was just super tired. We waited 30 minutes for the night bus to come and take us back to school.

At 9 am Hanna and I woke up to go to Buckingham Palace for a tour. I had a cold. I thought about the fact that a lot of people share their drinks with me so maybe I should stop mooching off other people. But then I don’t have to buy drinks, but it’s kind of unsanitary. There’s this one guy who kind of hangs out with our group. Every time he gets drunk, he just wants to buy drinks for everyone. Trololol.

But Buckingham Palace was really cool. I’m glad we went.

I spent a lot of the week in the library. School is getting real now, which pretty much sucks. I like my classes, but I don’t like it that I have 3 presentations this week. Maybe that’s a lie, because I love giving presentations. Maybe not 3 in one week, though.

Sorry for all the snapchats I sent you guys today of the Tate Modern Museum. I was just really excited about seeing Picasso paintings. There were four, I think. The museum was fun. I’m so excited for you guys to come! I really hope you bring your red rainboots, Kendyl. You’ll need them. I could use some of those right now. It rains so much here.

G+ soon pleeeeeeease?!?! I miss you guys so much! I’m so happy about Derek getting Instagram and Snapchat though 🙂


P.S. I’m going to STONEHENGE on Sunday! What a dream come true!!

Here We GO

6 May

I love Snapchat. And I really love seeing the beautifully awkward faces of my friends for a few moments, it really brightens my day.

Finals are in full swing. Holy Moly! The stress level I am at right now is probably not healthy. Also, the amount of caffeine I have consumed and will consume by the end of this week will not be healthy. My eyes are already doing funny things and I haven’t been looking at a computer screen, I’ve been reading essays like it was my job. It’s awful. I hate English so so much. I am so bad at it and I hate it. I hate English. I will be done with this class on Tuesday morning, so only  a solid 24 hours of working on this portfolio and I’m done. However, I have to study for my cumulative Meteorology exam that is Monday afternoon while finishing this portfolio. I’ll bet you $4 that cumulative is the worst word you can hear the week before finals.

On a completely different note: I have a gnarly sunburn on my legs. It looked almost purple yesterday and is still radiating heat. It’s great… but no worries, I can wear shorts here because it’s warm and don’t have to worry about jeans rubbing up against my legs. Also, I noticed I only have tight pants- not fun with a sunburn y’all.

Well I better stop my study break and get back to it! Can’t wait to see you all soon, and in one piece.


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