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10 Dec

This monday has been an okay one so far. I woke up at noon and got ready by 4pm. I found This Old House on my tv with cable! (which is like my favorite show ever besides Ask This Old House). And tonight starts the midnight snacks at the dining hall- I think tonight is chili cheese covered things.

I spent the weekend at the Broyer’s house in Castle Rock just to get away from campus before Finals aka week of dread. And It snowed like crazy on Saturday night. It was gorgeous. In Greeley it’s been so dry. It snowed for 3 days in a row in October which was super, but not a flake since so I’m a little disappointed. Also, Tori’s neighbors collaborated to make the best Christmas lights display that is synched to a radio station. It is literally the craziest thing I’ve ever seen, even more out-there than Kendyl’s neighbor and that one house on Liberty street with the house-sized sleigh in the front yard. (if you haven’t seen it yet, shame shame)

No one in Greeley is that crazy about Christmas lights, so I’m excited to go down to the plaza and see the lights! But- I must make it through finals week first. Bleh- There are too many pins on pinterest that describe my feelings about finals that I spend hours in the library laughing at pictures more than I do studying. I hate the library and have only been 5 times this semester, 4 of them being last week and this week “studying” for finals. Last week was horrible. I had 2 finals on Thursday that I was not prepared for. My Geography final required me to take 4 online quizzes over 8 chapters in the book which were due at 7am on Thursday and I started them at 11pm Wednesday. And our library closes at midnight (which is the stupidest thing ever, for real) so 4 of my friends and I went searching for a place that stayed open past midnight. The only place we could find was McDonalds. I was so looking forward to going to IHOP and smelling syrup but it was closed, boo. Mickey-D’s was not only the last resort for studying, but was THE place to be to fix the drunchies (drunk-munchies) after hitting up Whiskey River. We met a lot of great people. One freshman boy had lots of interest in our table of studying and was real chatty for a long time. He talked to us for about 10 minutes and right before he left he told me that I was the prettiest person at the table and wanted to know what my thoughts were on dating. That ended well. And the story has more detail but it’s better to tell in person. But my things did get done and I know I got an A on one final and a solid B on the other!

Good luck on your finals week, I hope freshmen don’t distract you too much and more studying gets done than snacking (:

See you soon!!


p.s. Derek please be safe with all the new passes opening, also you should make a snowman and post a picture of it and you standing next to it so we know you have all of your limbs over break..

p.p.s Happy Birthday Week Cathy!!!! ❤



8 Dec

Tomorrow is my last final. It is Math at 8am… Oh man I don’t want to get up to take it. But it’s my last one. Then I have the rest of the day to pack all of my things in 3 small duffle bags, wash my sheets, clean the bathroom, clean my room, clean out the fridge, return books. I totally forgot about returning books until like 4 hours ago. So don’t forget you guys!
Oh and all the people on my floor have decided that freshman 15 is gained during finals week. Here are the reasons why:
1. You are super stressed so you snack a lot
2. You have to study a lot, so you stay up late and this stresses you out and you have to eat some stuff and eating late is bad for you because it like goes straight to fat or something
3. You have to clean out your fridge because the things will stink or rot by the time you come back to school.
4. The snacks you have accumulated will be stale if you leave them- hence you eat them all.
5. If you have the largest meal plan (like I do) then you have lots of extra swipes. So, to use them up you go to the “To Go” part of the cafe and get tons of snacks that you either a) give away to hungry boys and they all love pudding or b) eat them whilst studying late at night
6. Everyone is in the Christmas spirit and gives you cookies all the time. It’s great but I hate cookies now.
That’s all folks, back to studying now
Only 2 more days!

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