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Bucket List #82

13 Feb

Saturday was the Session Massacre Slope Style competition at Snow Creek ^, at the end of last winter I decided I was going to compete in it. But when I broke my hand and had surgery on it my doctor told me not to Snowboard until it was healed (I have no idea why I listened to him), so I missed a month  of our very short 3 month Missouri ski season at Snowcreek, and I knew I had almost no shot at qualifying for the podium round and absolutely no chance at placing on the podium so I didn’t enter it :(… Next year though (If im still living in Mo) I am going to place in the top 5, and Kendyl is going to take first in the very uncompetitive girls Slopestyle competition.

I am becoming more and more tired of living in Maryville every day. If classes here were free (Classes are only free in every students wildest (INSANE(CRAZY(NEVER GONA HAPPEN DREAMS)))) I would just drop out, I am that tired of constantly being bored to death. But classes here are not free (although here they cost far less the national average for 4 year university’s, such as the ones every one else attends :)), they cost a few thousand dollars so I feel obligated to finish out the year.

My grades right now are good, in fact they are the best they have ever been in my entire 19 years and 4 days long life. But I’m not sure I can do this academic thing for another three years, or at the least I just do not want to go to college for another 3 years or even 3 months for that matter. My thought process for planning out what I will be doing this time next year is very much affected by money in that college cost a lot of money and a job will get me a lot of money, and if I do both one year of college still cost way more money then I will ever make in one year of work. So im leaning on work (Work > College).

One of the things on my long bucket list is #82 Work and Live at a Colorado Ski Resort for an entire Ski Season. Next fall I think I will take a break from college for a year and go to Colorado to cross off #82. Then for the next 3 years after that I am going to finish getting my degree.

Also I signed up for the Mr. Dieterich competition in a few weeks which is open to all male Dieterich hall students. You win if you are judged well enough in a few different categories: Q @ A about yourself, doing a talent, and the fashion portion in which you wear something you deem to be dressy (I’m going with flannel and jeans) and second a swimwear show (Lifeguard uniform duh), this thing is mine to win.

Also this Song ^ plays in the rec center all the time and it’s probably permanently stuck in my head. Kanye West-Monster

This ^ is called slacklining the other day there was a group of people doing this between trees on campus and I knew some of them so I walked over and gave it a try. All you do is try to stand and balance on the slackline without falling off, its pretty fun, although I feel like its a hippy activity. Mabye I am crazy but I think it would be super fun to slackline across a big canyon like the guys in the video.

Peace, Love, and Zesty’ness

Live A Little


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