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Short Post, Yo.

5 Sep

Alright guys, I’m going to make this short and sweet because I have a lot of other stuff I need to be doing.

Labor Day weekend was pretty much the worst because I basically worked all weekend, which will be nice on my wallet. Me, Kendyl and Derek also went to Santa Cali Gon on Saturday for like 30 minutes because there were way too many people there… and it was also super hot. Unfortunately I did not get my chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich because apparently their booth moved?!! But we did get to see some clay flowers so that was nice.  

This week I turned in my nursing application. That’s 1/3 of the process. Next is the nursing interview, which is next Friday. AHHHHH!!! Yesterday I had a mock nursing interview and it went pretty well. The interviewer said that I did really well, so that gives me a little bit of a confidence boost, but I still need to practice practice practice! Also yesterday I bought tickets to 965’s Halloweenie Roast. I’m super excited to see The Naked and the Famous and The 1975. Derek is coming with and maybe Kendyl…??!! But other than that, nothing that exciting has been happening, except for me studying/doing homework/napping a lot. Next week I have three tests and of course the nursing interview and I will hopefully be orientated at Hy-Vee by then. Hopefully.

Also this week, I finally got a belated birthday card from my cousin in the mail. It was a One Direction card that folds out to be a mini One Direction poster. She’s the greatest.

Peace out, girl scouts.

PS. If Tristan doesn’t start blogging, I’m going to take Wednesdays, because Thursdays are usually a little bit busier for me compared to Wednesdays. 


5 Sep

Hi. It’s been an exceptionally unexceptional week.

I don’t remember anything about last week until Friday when I went home after my last class. It was raining, and I had to drive home in the rain. Most intense driving of my life. I got there around 4:30 and Becky got home around 7:30 because she got a ride from some people who went to Truman. After she got home our family immediately went to Hy-Vee because they were having a sale – one pint of Blue Bell ice cream for $1. That was awesome, we bought ten and also a lot of other snacks.

Saturday I worked at Up Dog. I worked with McKay and he wasn’t as annoying as I thought he would be and also I kind of made him my bitch and he did everything I told him to. It was weird because there are only about 3 people left who were there when I started working there in May, so I didn’t know everyone but basically I made everyone my bitches. Someone had made us a Santacaligon Bingo that included things like “Mullet” “Beer Belly” “Socks and Sandals” “Food-Stained Shirt” and “Kid on a leash.” It was awesome how it was raining because not that many people came in and I got to go home at 6 instead of 8. Then my family went to Walmart to buy some things me and Becky needed. I got an orange skillet and some silverware.

Sunday morning we went to church at 8 (yikes) because we wanted/needed to go to IHOP. We always go for my parents’ anniversary which was about 2 weeks ago but it was our first chance to go since me and Becky were at school. We usually go to the one by Outback Steakhouse but this time we went to the one near ghetto Walmart. We better start going to this one every year because we didn’t have any wait at all and by the time we got home it was only like 10:15, which was what time I would be waking up to go to church normally!

My grandparents came over around 1 and then I took a nap on the floor from like 2-3 because getting up at 7am is a hard task. We ate a bunch of food once my other grandma got here. Then around 5 we went to Santacaligon to see Cassie sing, and we thought she’d sing until 6, but when we got there at 5:20 she was almost done. Then we filled our root beer bottles and went home, it was too dang hot.

I came back to school on Monday, I got here around 8pm and Caitlin and I tried to get dinner on campus but it was closed so we went downtown and I lost my Jimmy John’s virginity.

Back to school, ughhh. I have a paper about Climate Change (wtf) due tomorrow, and this reaction paper en espanol. I think I am getting sophomore slump.


P.S. I just remembered that I have a job interview Friday. I keep forgetting about it. It’s for the Greene County Park Board, they have a ton of family activity centers and things like that, I think the position I am interviewing for is like a desk person. Huzzah.

Climate Change, WTF?

29 Aug

Hey everybody.

My first two weeks have just been aight.
With everything that’s going on with Moritz’s family right now, I’ve been having a really hard time concentrating on anything, I just worry about him so much. I’m super unmotivated and I basically feel like I’ve been a zombie ever since school started. This could also have something to do with the fact that I don’t give two shits about any of the classes I’m taking. Calculus I with this Russian guy who says “wariables” instead of “variables”. Sociology with this crazy lady who wears shirts that are too small for her large bosoms and admitted to smoking weed. Fit for life, come on, that one is self-explanatory. Adapting to Climate Change, WTF? And Spanish 301, Composition and Literature, where we read poems written in medieval Spanish when we don’t even understand regular Spanish, and all poems are ambiguous as hell already, so how am I even supposed to answer 30 questions about this damn poem? Hey, remember that time when I was supposed to be an Advertising and Public Relations major?

Life in the apartment is pretty good though, gotta admit.

In case you forgot, I’m living with Caitlin (suitemate from last year), Kayla (friend with German boyfriend, only said boyfriend now is attending Drury), Deidre (friend of Kayla’s) and Said Boyfriend from Germany, Tobi (he has a dorm but he practically lives here). He’s cool, I wish my Said Boyfriend lived here too.

So, the four of us girls have to start our service project pretty soon. Last night I spent the better part of 4 hours making our blog that we are supposed to have, instead of working on Spanish homework like I should have. Here’s the address to it, hopefully it becomes pretty rad. http://summitcares2013.blogspot.com. I decided to use blogspot because it gave me more editing liberties, and this blog has to go on the Drury webpage. Yikes.

That’s about all, but the only other noteworthy thing: Remember #DUprobz (@DUprobz) ? Well now there is @DUgossip. LOL! For some reason Springfield has a website where you can freely browse all the mugshots that your heart desires, and @DUgossip posts the mugshots of people from Drury and other funny stuff about people. They even have their own email so we can anonymously send in “tips.” How clever!

I’ll be home around 4 on Friday, until Monday afternoon. And I’ll be slinging wienies with Tristan from 12-8 on Saturday. I hope I see you guys at Santacaligon! (Except I won’t see you Morg) 😦


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