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El fin! Hasta enero, Springfield. Hasta pronto, amigos :-)

15 May

I am free! 🙂

This is a little bittersweet though. It’s been the best semester of college by far, potentially the best of my life ever. It was much needed after the worst semester of college and my life ever last semester. But this one has been awesome. I am a little sad it’s over and that I won’t see a lot of my friends and professors or be on Drury’s campus until January. But then I remember I’m going to LONDON in 3 months so I stop being sad pretty quick.

I actually haven’t been that stressed out this week. I’ve been stressed all semester, in a good way though. It kept me busy and kept me going all the time, but I just feel so satisfied when I check things off my list of things to do, so I’ve been managing my time really well. Considering how much I’ve been working, I’ve had to. So I never got panicked-stressed out.

Friday night we had our final Summit project presentations. Here’s me and my roommates outside our house wearing our Volunteer shirts we got from the shelter.


Today I had my final presentation of my research project. I still can’t believe that dang project that wouldn’t go away is… gone. If anyone’s interested in learning about Media Framing of the Sandy Hook Shooting and wants to read a 17-page paper about it, hit me up. My mom told me she thought it would be really boring but it kept her attention. So there’s a testimonial, if you’re skeptical.

I got my final grades for my two Spanish classes where I have an awesome teacher. 97.75% in Spanish 302 and 97.6% in Senior Seminar! I got a 98% on both of my final papers. The other day I was talking to my professor and she said I’ve really improved a lot and I am probably one of the ones who have improved the most.

Here’s a picture of me and my class at her house after the Iniciación ceremony for the Sigma Delta Pi honor society! Those little kids are another professor’s kids.


I’m really going to miss my Spanish class!

I don’t know what to do with myself now. Probably eat a lot of food, right? I’ve been having a lot of Chipotle and pizza lately.

Or maybe I should work on cleaning this:


… Nah. I’m going to enjoy my freedom for now.

Here’s a list of some of the best things about this semester (no particular order):

  • Going to Atlanta to watch the basketball team win the national championship
  • Getting the outstanding sophomore in the communication department award
  • Eating dinner at my Spanish professor’s house with my class
  • Winning extra credit for our research poster
  • A cat named Georgie at the animal shelter
  • Getting prepared to go to London
  • Making new friends with people in my classes
  • Being addicted to the Jodi Arias trial (Guilty- first degree premeditated murder)
  • Going to St. Louis for a weekend with Caitlin
  • Not having any classes I hate
  • Not having calculus which is the ultimate class I hate

I’ll be home on Friday night, see you guys for Dirty Dancing on Saturday night! I’ll make some snakes. Oops I meant to say snacks, but it’s funny that I said snakes instead so I decided not to change it.

And t-minus six days until the Of Monsters and Men concert! That kind of snuck up on us, didn’t it? Hooray!


P.S. Let’s come watch Andy Roddick play on the Springfield Lasers tennis team sometime this summer! I don’t really know anything about him but I know you guys do.

P.P.S. I’m still in shock it’s summer now. IT’S SUMMER RIGHT NOW. It feels like it was just last summer, right? I’m so excited for pie-worthy stories and sitting on the big rock at Bass Pro and being scared of creepy people and raccoons. Can we go camping on your property again, Kendyl? I wonder if Nick will be allowed this year.

P.P.P.S. How is it that we graduated from Chrisman 2 years ago? How is it that we just finished our SOPHOMORE YEAR OF COLLEGE?

May 1st is a holiday in Germany

1 May

If we were in Germany right now, we wouldn’t have school today. That would be so awesome. But sadly, no holiday here.

I bet you guys are all having a really fun time in school right now. The last three weeks is always the best ever. But actually it’s not too bad for me, at least not as bad as I was anticipating. Yeah, I have shit to do, but I’m staying on top of it and managing my time well so I am pretty proud of myself for that.

The thing that’s stressing me out the most is my group project that I’m doing for my Foundations of Communication Theory class. This is the big research project that we’ve been doing all semester about how the media framed the Sandy Hook shooting. Here’s some problems: one person in the group is just a dead weight, and me and my other partner are starting to resent him.

Today we had a huge poster due which is posted in the lobby of the communication building. Next Wednesday, our final 20-page paper is due. The next Wednesday, during finals week, we have to do a formal presentation. This project never goes away. It just makes it a little harder when one person decides that he’s not going to help anymore starting at the beginning of April when shit gets real.

On a related note, in case you didn’t see on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, Monday I got an award for the Outstanding Sophomore in the communication department (out of all three majors). There was a little get-together in the communication building and it was the first time they had one. They inducted some juniors into an honor society and gave out some awards (mostly to seniors). All my teachers kept telling us to go, and I knew there would be food and cake so I was like yeah sure I’ll go. Cake is one of my main food groups, after all.

I knew they would give out an outstanding award to each grade, but I know a lot of other good people and figured that since I have basically only been around for this semester, I didn’t stand a chance and that was fine. Plus, I knew one sophomore who is in a lot of upper-level classes already and I figured she’d get it before me, anyway. Almost everyone at the event was really dressed up because they were all getting inducted into the honor society. But I wasn’t. So I was really shocked when they called my name as the winner and then I was a little embarrassed because I was wearing a green tank top, jean shorts, and flip flops. (Turns out, the other sophomore who I thought would get the award is technically a junior according to credit hours, so she got outstanding junior. Haha.)

Anyway, that was probably the most exciting thing about my week. You guys know I’ve had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to study, and instead of choosing something or a few things and changing after a while, I kind of stubbornly refused to pick a major. But now I have two, and now I am so happy that I’ve figured it out and I know I’m finally going in the right direction for me. I only have classes for my majors this semester and it’s been the best semester ever, even though it’s by far been the most work.


P.S. If you ever read online that you can use applesauce instead of eggs when you bake brownies, don’t believe it because that is a lie.

This song makes me want to be a hippie, skip around barefoot in the forest, and go home mostly. Two more weeks!

A Week in the Life

6 Feb

I almost decided not to blog today. Which is crazy, because I ALWAYS blog on my day, unlike some other people *coughNICKcough*. But I had a really good reason for almost not blogging, and that reason is the fact that literally nothing happened this week other than me working my butt off.

But then I decided I could just talk about what classes I have this semester and that would suffice for a satisfactory blog topic.

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays:

10:00-10:50 am – COMM 215, Foundations of Communication Theory
This class is pretty okay. The final product will be a research paper over a specific communication theory, which we work on in groups of three for the whole semester. The paper will be 15-20 pages long, using at least 18 sources, 10 of which must be academic journal articles. My group consists of myself, a girl who is also a Spanish/Comm double major who lives next door to me named Jacy, and a boy named Kevin who lives in the apartment above Jacy, also next door to me. Our topic is “Media Framing of the Sandy Hook School Shooting,” and I’m actually really excited about it.

1:00-1:50 pm – COMM 231, Principles of Advertising and Public Relations
This class is also okay, but if I had to pick a least favorite class so far it’d probably be this one. The teacher is from South Korea and has a really thick accent, but she is really nice and dresses very fashionably. I just like this class less because it’s very much a “lecture-style” class (which are pretty uncommon here at Drury).

2:00-2:50 pm – COMM 221, Media Writing
I like this class a lot more than I thought I would. I figured it would be like journalism, which I don’t want to be a journalist, but I’ve learned a lot about writing in general which is necessary and helpful. My professor is really cool, he graduated from the school of Journalism at Mizzou. Our assignments regularly consist of tweeting about things and writing blog posts. I can dig it.

Tuesdays and Thursdays:

9:30-10:50 am – SPAN 302, Culture of Spain: “Traveling through Spain”
¡Me encanta esta clase! (I love this class.) I have the same professor that I had last semester for my Spanish Literature class, and she is la bomba (da bomb). I’ve had a lot of great professors at Drury, but I’d say she’s the frontrunner thus far. She insists that we call her by her first name, “Heidi”, instead of “Dr.” because she’s from Wisconsin (even though she eventually lived in Spain) and says people don’t do that there. She is really fun to talk to and makes class awesome. Our homework is literally to “walk around” on Google Street View of different cities in Spain, pretending we are there, and write a “diario de viaje” (travel journal) about what we did and saw there. Here’s where we had to walk around in Madrid (if you’d like to do so): Link to Madrid.
And our final project is to plan our own trip to Spain.

11:00-11:50 am – SPAN 310, Spanish Pronunciation and Phonetics (Tuesday Only)
This class is aight. It’s very strange. It’s a one-hour class, smack-dab in the middle of my other two Spanish classes on Tuesday, and I have a different professor who I’ve never had before. After only 2 classes, we’ve learned how to properly define syllables in Spanish, and how they slur certain sounds together. Most of this class has been in English so far, actually – it’s supposed to be in Spanish but the book is kind of confusing so we all end up reverting back to our mother tongue in order to figure out what the heck is going on. Also, yesterday I had to choose a poem to read to the class, so I chose “Rimas Humanas: CXCI” por Lope de Vega because we read it last semester and I like it.

12:00-1:20 pm – SPAN 493, Senior Seminar: “Franquismo in Spanish Visual and Print Culture: 1936-1992”
For this class, I have Heidi again, and there are a total of 7 people in this class (my other two Spanish classes have about 10). 3 of us are just sophomores. This class is about the Spanish Civil War. Guess what? I have to admit that I didn’t even know Spain even had a civil war until about 2 weeks ago. I know now though, and I love learning about it! It was from 1936-1939. So far, we have studied some propaganda techniques used by both sides during “La Guerra Civil” (the civil war) and war photographs, and listened to songs! It’s not a boring history class by any means. I’m really enjoying this class.

(I have to mention that it’s a very odd experience to have so many Spanish classes. I get so used to writing/speaking about these topics en español that I start thinking in Spanish to some extent! 4 hours of Spanish-speaking really messes with you, especially when you leave the classroom for the day and begin to consider addressing people walking by in Spanish.)

Some people go through 5 majors or more, jumping from one thing to the next. Others, a smaller percentage, like me, get the grand label of “Undecided” which, in my case, was due to a fear of commitment and a lack of the foresight that I usually require before making a big decision. But I’ve “unofficially” committed, finally, and I plan on declaring in a few months – to make sure that I’m really happy with this path. But as far as I know, this is it – I’ve finally found what I’m interested in and I have desire to do my homework and go to class because I finally CARE for once!! I think I finally know that I’m making the right decision. And I don’t regret the time it’s taken to get here.

Adios, amigos!

P.S.  A shout-out to Kendyl, happy birthday!

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