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Frustration Time

29 Sep


I have kept busy the last couple of weeks.

Good news: I have been accepted to go on a international trip for Alternative Breaks during Winter Break.
Bad news: I have no clue on earth how I will be able to pay for the trip or if it’s even possible (I reeaaally want to go!!).

Good News: I did well on my first Arabic exam.
Bad News: I now have two chapters of vocabulary I need to learn so I don’t fall behind; I’m also applying for a scholarship that is going to eat all the time out of my week, and I’m not a good writer, so I don’t know if it will be a complete waste of time.

Good News: I was productive today.
Bad News: I didn’t get nearly enough done today as I needed.

Good News: We’re almost half way through the semester.
Bad News: We’re not even half way through the semester.

I know this is a poor attempt at a blog, but I didn’t want to forget to post.

مساء الخير


Multivariable Calculus SUCKS

21 Feb

Sup people.

So, here I am, Day Four of P90X, getting pretty big. Not really though, just really sore. I recommend. The life here is great. I had my personal interview for ResLIFE last week to be a Peer Advisor, so wish me luck (I forgot to sign up for housing next year, so if I don’t get the job, I don’t have a place to live, DANG IT). Other than that things are just peachy. Three tests this week. Wish me luck. And a reminder: stay true to the tiger. I will post more when my life becomes more interesting, but all I’ve been doing is studying these past couple of weeks, so I don’t think you want me to post about that all day. Time for a study break. PEACE

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