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Finals Week

12 Dec

Hi friends!

My semester was officially over as of Tuesday. I had 4 finals within two days, 3 of them being on Tuesday. And my grades are looking to be pretty decent this semester. I know they probably could have been better if it weren’t for my extreme laziness. Seriously, this probably has been the hardest semester for me to get through, not because of course content, but lack of motivation. Anyway I’m in CoMo for a few more days because they require my courtseying at HV. Poo.

I don’t really have much to blog about since I’ve mainly just had a lot of free time and not very many responsibilities to fulfill. But here are some highlights of what my first free days of break:

  • Tuesday I worked in the deli department! They had a huge catering order for the hospital. I basically made cocktail sandwiches for 6 hours. And I used the slicer to slice tomatoes. I love using the slicer. I also worked with the new manager. He told me if I ever need extra hours to let him know. Might have to take him up on that. I miss them in the deli.
  • Today I caught up on the newest episodes of New Girl, and also watched Into The Wild, and Harry Potter 8.
  • Today I also went shopping and spent too much money. But I got some good deals! That’s always important.
  • My backpack still smells like coffee because some basics decided to spill their coffee on the floor during my Physiology final, and I didn’t notice it and set my backpack right in it, thus soaking the bottom of my backpack and the bottom of all the contents inside. I was peeved.
  • I had TWO decent length conversations with our attractive neighbor this week in the hallway. I’m always good at being awkward and saying awkward things, which makes for awkward times. And of course, I was looking pretty nast nast both times. WAHHHH.
  • I spent an extensive amount of time researching the Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal relationship. Mainly because RED is one of my favorite songs right now, and there were speculations that it’s about the T+J relationship. Did you know that the RED album is mostly about that relationship? Fun fact.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch is out promoting the newest Hobbit installment. So I’ve also spent an extensive amount of time YouTubeing those videos. It’s the only logical thing to do. He’s so awesome.

That’s all for this week.

Peace out, girl scouts.

Dressed to the NINES

6 Nov

Taylor Swift’s new album has been on repeat in my dorm room and in Tori’s car since she bought it. It’s great, except sometimes I miss the old TSwift stuff with the country twang and the fiddle playing in the background.
It’s wintertime. I’ve had 3 nosebleeds in the past 4 days. These things are correlated. It’s like when old people have an ache in their elbow and that means a storm is coming. It’s the same thing.

School is kicking my but- I have lots of readings and online quizzes and papers and reflections and reactions to write and a couple more books to read then five finals to take ans then the semester is over. That is a lot of work. I’m getting tired even thinking about it. Gross. But there are only five weeks until fall semester of our sophomore year is over. Guys, we’ve been in college (or out of high school) for a year and a half. We are so old. Plus since I’m leaving my teens very soon (not as quickly as two of you) I am starting to realize this is moving too fast. There are so many things I want to do before I get too old-granted 20 is not ancient- but sooner or later I’m going to have to get a real job and not have summer breaks and winter breaks. AH! Maybe I’ll just become a teacher so I can have those things… eh.

Geography right now is my favorite class. I’m learning lots of interesting things about Myanmar! (sarcasm a lil bit right there). But it’s not all bad. Last Thursday was my favorite class, the projector broke before we had to take notes so my professor told us random stories about his kids and the crazy stuff they do. Then after 15 minutes of that we were dismissed. It was a good time.

My mind wanders when I write these things, but I hope you don’t mind. Let’s hang out soon? (Derek, you can G+ in or something)
Only 2 weeks until Thanksgiving break!

oh and VOTE! if you haven’t already! Here is a cartoon to help you vote! #Dion2012


T-Swift, Underwater Dogs, and A Baby Panda

25 Oct

On Saturday I ran/walked my first 5K. The only not so enjoyable part of that was having to wake up earlier than I have to for class. But other than that I ran more and finished faster than I was anticipating. It was a good experience that I can now cross off my bucket list.

This week I also had a Bio test. I was a little bit disappointed with the results because I thought I had studied everything there was to know. And I mean the score I got wasn’t necessarily bad, but it was frustrating because I went in and left feeling confident that I did well. Sucks man.

T-swifty’s new CD came out this week. It has been a rather enjoyable experience listening to it, like it usually is. However I will say that some of the pop-y-ier songs are a bit hard for me to listen to all the way through. But “22” and “Begin Again” are probably my favorites!

Have you guys seen the pictures of the Underwater Dogs? They’re hilarious. Hahaha!!

And also, here is a video of the baby panda at the San Diego Zoo. He’s so cute!! One day I am going to have a pet panda. And you all can come over and feed him bamboo. lol!

That’s all I got for this week!

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