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Worst Week Ever

4 Apr

This week has seriously been the most stressful week and the worst week I have ever experienced… like ever. Remember when I said that I hadn’t done anything academic all spring break? Well I definitely paid for that this week. I knew it was going to be bad, but I definitely underestimated the amount of sh*t I actually had to do.

My mom made me come back on Sunday because there was a chance of freezing rain in the morning when I would have probably left. Even though the chance went down to zero by the time I got back, I am glad she made me leave because I had an essay due Monday but I had left my textbook here and needed sources. I stayed up pretty late working on that. The prompt was kind of confusing so I emailed a TA for clarification but turns out they wouldn’t answer back until MONDAY because they too were on spring break. WHAT KIND OF CRAP IS THAT? They shouldn’t have assigned that paper during break and not answer questions until the day it was due. Anyway, I’m glad I wrote the paper the night before because I only had to change a few things to fit the rubric/criteria.

These past few days have mainly consisted of me of eating a lot of unhealthy food, cramming for tests, and running on minimal sleep. Wednesday I had my history exam which consisted of short answers and an essay. I really like the class, but really hate the tests. I think I did fairly well (at least I hope), but because it was all a handwritten test, it’s going to take forever and a day to get the scores back.  Today I had my social psych test and a communications and psychoanalytical nursing test. I studied a lot more for the psych test than I probably needed to and probably not enough for the nursing test. A lot of other people from my nursing class, however, also crammed for that test, some only a few hours before the exam. I skipped out on seeing the answers after the test because we had to work on our project/skit but I’m not sure I really wanted to see how I did…

THEN after taking all these tests today, I had a group research project for microbiology to do, which is due tomorrow, which I just got back from like an hour ago. It was interesting but definitely difficult. I’m just glad it’s over. And tonight I have one last assignment I have to do before my to-do list for this week is completely finished. Weeee.

Next week I will only have one test (THANK GOODNESS) on Tuesday for micro. So this weekend I will probably just keep on studying. But at least I will get to relax a little bit. The work load just never ends. Poop.

Hope your week has been better than mine!
Peace out!

New Obsessions and More Procrastination

22 Mar

Not too much has really happened to me this week… just the usual procrastination of homework/studying. I have a psych test tomorrow and I’m in the process of studying for it, but my brain just doesn’t feel like memorizing terms and theories and etc. which is why I decided to be kind of sort of productive and blog!!

Today my written communications class was canceled, so after my anatomy lab this morning I browsed the web for a little bit and went back to bed and didn’t get up until 1:40, just in time to get lunch before the cafeteria closes at 2. I’ve also jumped on the bandwagon and decided to start reading Hunger Games today after class. I made it to page 6ish before I felt my eyes getting droopy (that’s when I slept until 1:40), not because it wasn’t interesting but because I was tired. I’m going to try to finish it in a week-ish so I can go see the movie!

Anyway, I have some new obsessions that have caused me to procrastinate a lot this week. The first one is the Draw Something App. It’s like Hanging with Friends only you draw pictures. I pretty much charge my ipod then play Draw Something, run the battery down, then charge it again. Haha. You all should play it if you have a smart phone or itouch/ipad, etc. Next new obsession is Wong Fu Production. Basically they are a group of asian-americans that make some pretty funny video skits and put them on YouTube, most of the time the videos are about asian-ness. Then they have like a “behind the scenes” called WongFu Weekends that are also pretty hilarious. Since those videos are upwards of about 12 minutes, they are a great time waster. I think I like watching their videos so much because I can relate to them… LOL.

Here’s a video they made with the guy who plays Mike Chang from Glee.

Another obsession I have is Classical Music. Not that I haven’t been listening to lyrical music, but I’ve just been listening to classical a lot lately. And also chinese pop music too… You’re judging me… I know it. It’s not exaclty a new obsession, but One Direction!!! They recently put out their North American Tour Schedule. The closest they’ll be to KC is Chicago. Dang.

Tomorrow I’m getting my car back, finally after about a month later. It’s about freaking time is all I’m going to say about that…. But then I’m probably going to stay home tomorrow since I work for the first time in my life on Saturday! I’ll let you know how that goes.

Okay well I should probably get back to studying…. Or procrastinating… Or whatever…

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