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That Colorado Life

23 Sep

So, as you may know, Colorado has been hit hard for the last week by the floods! I can’t believe it! It’s so crazy how much rain came down last week and how much damage it caused. One of the best roads (highway 34) was completely demolished going up to Estes Park (one of the best places in this state). This means no roommate camping trip this fall šŸ˜¦ Luckily, I guess, my school wasn’t damaged by the floods. We did have a flood day! School was cancelled because so many people couldn’t leave their houses to get to Greeley. How crazy is that?!

In other news, I am almost finished decorating my room! Ugh- it’s been 4 weeks and my picture frames are still on my floor. It is so hard to decorate a room knowing you will be living in it for 2 years. I might be discovering that I have commitment issues just a wee bit.

In school news, I hate Physics. I can’t understand my asian professor. She is so excited about Physics that her words get all jumbled when they come out of her mouth. When she was trying to explain The Law of Universal Gravitation and how to simplify the problem her exact words were “The sixes cancel out the other six and all the sixes are gone. No other numbers are left. So this equals approximately 10. You with me?” Uh no. No. What? NO. BUT I have a tutor! Well, he’s an unofficial tutor/friend of a friend. Fun story, I texted him on a Tuesday night to see if we could study on Thursday. After successfully communicating that the library would be our meeting place, the time we would , and topics we would need to cover I received this message, “Sounds great! See you then :$” I was a bit confused by the smiley face, but got over it knowing Ā the dolla sign and bracket are right next to each other. But then, I received another message, “Oh sorry, I’m hammered right now :)*” Um, it’s Tuesday night sir, why are you hammered on a Tuesday?! Also, why are you telling me this? I don’t want to know that much about your life right now. I have no clue what kind of “relationship” we are supposed to have. Is this a teacher-student type thing, or are we going to be friends, or are we pretending to not know each other after this semester of tutoring? I have no clue. But I don’t think he does either. It’s a weird thing that I don’t understand just yet. Also he get’s hammered on Tuesdays, not the best choice in tutors Morg…

Also, I apologize for this irrelevant post. I am not loving writing right now so even writing this blog feels like schEWl.

Miss you guys, also I’m a little bitter that you are in/going to London for Thanksgiving. I am so poor I am barely making it back to KC for the holiday. blah.




P.S. I still haven’t switched to iOs7 I just can’t change it yet….

P.S.S. I ride my bike to school sometimes, the last time I did I was complemented on how cute my basket is. I felt so cool.


This Week is Awesome

21 Mar

So, our intramural volleyball dominated Monday night. We’re pretty awesome. Tuesday (yesterday) I found out I got the Peer Advisor job for next year (if you haven’t already seen my mother’s obnoxious post…lol). You know who else is awesome? Valentina is. Yeah. I’m pretty sure she’s in love with me. Another thing that’s awesome: this stuff.Ā Image

I’ve been drinking it nearly every day. Spring break starts Friday. I would say this week has been pretty awesome so far.Ā 

I’m pretty sure I’ve convinced Kelsey to come here next year. She loves it. I toured her around campus. You guys should visit. Oh wait…you’d all get SUCKED IN…muahhahaahaa #MIZ

I can’t figure out where I want to work over the summer (Sorry, not the lake…as much as I’d love to be a part of Parks & Recreation, I think I’ll stay in the food biz). Any ideas?Ā 

Have you guys ever looked up any of your professors (aka stalked them)? I found out today my Calculus III Honors teacher went to a university in Paris, knows arabic, spanish, english, and french, and has written several papers (dealing with mathematics) that involve mainly letters (as opposed to the traditional number system most of us normal people use) and that blows my mind. Also, I learned that my physics professor has been all over the world (russia, japan, germany) teaching and made the news lately of questioning einstein’s theory of relativity. who does that? (he also dislikes thomas edison and called him a jerk for stealing Nicolai Tesla’s research). Very interesting man. He has a wiki if you want to explore-Sergei Kopeikin-but I’m sure you all have your own professors to stalk.

I can never remember the real stories I have to tell on here. I’ll post if I can remember.

-Nick (Peer Advisor, Gillett Hall) #tigers

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