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A bad word that starts with an “F”.

5 Mar

The past 36 hours have not been the finest 36 hours to say the least. I just have to laugh because otherwise I might end up crying. I try to keep reminding myself that things could get worse, but every time I think this the world is like “Challenge Accepted”, so I think I might just stay in the house for an indefinite amount of time.

This all start Sunday night. I went home this weekend, so I drove back to Columbia and got home around 10pm. I had a few things to do for my online class and I had to finish my still life for art (let me tell you, there is nothing more boring to draw then a bunch of apples and grapes).  I ended up staying up until 2:30 finishing it and had to wake up at 6:30 to go to class. When I got to class I saw everyone’s drawings were not even close to being done. Come to find out it isn’t actually due until next Monday, so I was walking around like a zombie for no reason, but on the plus side my teacher said I didn’t have to come to class on Wednesday.

Then I got to my Biology lab and my usual lab partner wasn’t there so I worked with the two guys who sit across from us (We usually split up the work between us anyway in order to get done quicker).  The lab involved hissing cockroaches (GROSS) so I am glad they dealt with putting it in the jar and stuff. About 70% of the labs we do in that class don’t work out the way they are supposed to, so we just bullshit the crap out of them.  This wasn’t that bad except for the COCKROACHES of course.

Then last night I went to the rec center and parked in the parking garage because I couldn’t find any other parking spots. After I was done working out I walked back to my car and found a minivan parked literally 6 inches away from my car on the drivers side. I managed to maneuver my way into my car and immediately locked my doors because there was a creepy guy sitting in the passenger seat of said minivan, but no driver (sketch). Then I put my key in and tried to start it, but nothing happened. It didn’t even make any noise to suggest that it was trying to start. I try starting it like 5 more times and at this point I’m freaking out because the first thing that comes to my mind is that I am the target of some murder plot (that the people from the minivan next to me did something to my car and when I got out to try to fix it they would come kidnap and murder me.) Jokes on them because I don’t know anything about cars… that’s why I have triple A. So, I call my mom… no answer, I call Kellan… straight to voicemail. I proceed to call my mom 10 times before finally calling and getting ahold of Gentry. I don’t have my triple A card with me so my mom called them and worked it out for me. I didn’t want to wait in the car so I maneuvered my way out, pepper spray in hand, and walked back to wait in the rec center. About 45 minutes later the tow truck guys got there and hooked there little cords up to my car, but nothing worked. Then all of a sudden he told me to let down my e-brake and just started pushing my car out of the spot while I was in it. I couldn’t help, but laugh. Then he got in and started it going down the hill of the parking garage. Then I shook his hand and was on my way. When I got home and turned my car off it wouldn’t start again so I am currently car-less.

Then this morning I woke up at 8:50am because I didn’t put my phone on the charger and it died in the middle of the night. I have class at 8 and 9, but it takes me like 30 minutes to get there because I have to ride the bus, so I missed those 2 classes. Then I go up to school for my 11am class and parked in what I believed to be a parking spot… It wasn’t. I got back to the car and find an orange slip under the windshield wiper. I got a $30 dollar ticket.

A bad word that starts with an “F” ran through my mind a lot of times the past 36 hours.

Keep it Classy.


There’s a Hash Tag for That

8 Feb

Hey good news everybody, I’m having a way better Wednesday than I did last week. Not a whole lot has been going on; Friday night/Saturday my mom and Becky came to visit after a college visit to Rolla. We ate Chinese food for dinner, went to my favorite coffee house for Oreo Quicksands, shopped at Charming Charlies, looked for a prom dress for Becky, ate at an Italian restaurant, and went to The Cup. I may just be 10 pounds heavier now but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it was worth it.

My friend Kayla and I have been going to the fitness center pretty much every weeknight (unless something else is going on). This makes the fourth week. On Tuesday (Valentine’s Day), since both of our boyfriends aren’t really in the same country as us, we are going to have a woman date. Kayla doesn’t get out of class until 5:45 on Tuesdays so we will probably go out to eat after that and then go see “The Vow” at the movies, probably at like 11 or something if they still have showings then. We’re also going to buy Valentine’s themed chocolate, etc at the grocery store to make up for the stuff we won’t be getting. It really sucks that Moritz has so much studying to do because we really won’t be talking much for about 6 weeks, but Kayla is the one in her relationship that is so busy with school, that she doesn’t even talk to (Tobi) for like 3 or 4 days at a time, at all. We always talk at least a little bit. I think I’m handling it well… for now.

Remember how I applied for some jobs or something? Sunday (two weeks after applying), Best Buy called me. I applied for Sales Associate, but it was the Geek Squad! He wanted to ask me about my experience with computers. I conveniently forgot to tell him that I got a 39% on a computer science test last semester. Well, I tried to make myself sound good but I’m not sure how convincing I was. At the end though he asked me to clarify my availability and I feel like they must have been desperate if they pulled my application from another department, so I’m still hopeful.

The last noteworthy occurrences are pertaining to my wonderful school. We now have our own hashtag on Twitter, called #DUprobz. This has been expanded to a Twitter account, also named @DUprobz . The profile picture is of Bob Barker, former host of “The Price is Right” and also a Drury graduate. After about one week, @DUprobz has almost 250 followers, which is like 1/6 of the school probably. Some of my favorites:

  • The kid across from me in the Olin Library keeps farting, but he must think I can’t hear it because I have headphones in. @DUprobz
  • I was late for class because the CX took so long making my mocha smoothie. #DUprobz
  • Explaining to your relatives that you go to Drury UNIVERSITY not Drury Inn Hotels and Suites. #TheresADifferenceGrandma #DUprobz
  • DU solution: Take the windshield wipers off your car. Now security doesn’t know where to put your parking ticket. @DUprobz
  • Commons girl put 5 mini corndogs on my plate but then took one back. Apparently she knows I can’t handle 5.
  • Is it safe to go in the Drury library bathroom today or is there gonna be another naked hobo in there? @DUprobz
  • I dropped a cup in the Commons today and received a round of applause accompanied by vulgar insults and mom jokes. #DUprobz

The other funny thing is that I accidentally stumbled across the “Incidence Reports” on our school website.
November 2011 – “Officer catches two high schoolers who climbed onto the Bay Hall roof.”
“Resident Assistant called Security regarding possible marijuana in Sunderland Hall.”
“Suspicious person was removed from a Lay Hall classroom.”

And those are just some! It’s so awesome to see all the reports, especially when you go back to like 2005 because the reports are super detailed and it says who was drunk and got taken to the hospital with alcohol poisoning, and what these people’s IDs and birthdays are, and everything like that. One of my personal favorites is from January 17, 2005. “Student upset after receiving ticket.” I particularly enjoyed the vocabulary with which he verbally assaulted the officer.

I highly encourage you to check this out and also try and find if your school has anything like that.

Peace out

Shit. It’s Tuesday.

17 Jan

I don’t know about the radio, but I think its ok to say shit on a blog.

After getting back to Jewell last night I realized that somehow I ended up with way more stuff than I had taken home. It took me almost 3 hours to get everything unpacked.

You may not be able to tell, but this is a little bit messier than my side is normally.

Today was the first day of classes and I only had one, Social Psychology, which I think I’m going to like because I had the same teacher last semester and really liked her class. Then walking back from class I find a parking ticket on my car. The thing is I knew it was going to happen I was just too lazy to go out and move my car last night.

Keep it real

P.S. Sorry but, I didn’t have much to work with only being back a day.

CATHY: Another Fall Break. Sorry, Morgan!

17 Oct

Hello everyone. My fall break starts Wednesday afternoon so clearly this was the best time for all my teachers to give me a crapload of crap to do. For example, today in Discrete Mathematics, we had to take a whole class period to go over the previous three sections’ homework because none of us understood anything because the teacher is not really getting through to us. So she is compensating by making us learn TWO sections on Wednesday, therefore we will have TWO sections due after fall break. Thank you Dr. Browning. Since we didn’t understand the other three sections when we took them one day at a time, it is perfectly logical to assume that learning two sections in one day will yield better results. Boolean variable = FALSE!!! Not to mention that we all get to rewrite our other homework to resubmit by this Wednesday. Dr. Spanish DB is making us give 6-9 minute speeches (en espanol) next week with a partner… too bad my partner lives in St Louis? And we’re forced to go home for the break… so I’m not thinking we will have much time to work on that. The computer science teacher gave us a big programming assignment due next Wednesday as well… only it’s impossible to access unless you are within the Drury wireless network, so once again I will be cramming when I get back next week. My room is a disaster. I couldn’t take out my trash this weekend because I was afraid “hot potato” would see me, since she was here for her birthday. I ignored two phone calls from her. Ha. I guess I will clean up before I go home though.

I am actually going to skip my communications class on Wednesday. My mom says she wants me to get home before it gets dark, which, if I left at 3, I could do no problem. But I’d rather leave at 2 and take this excuse to miss Dr. Crazy’s class. 16 kids in the class required to give 6 minute speeches… shouldn’t take too long when class is 50 minutes, right? WRONG. We started these on October 7th, I believe. We still have 4 left to do, meaning we have only done 12 in… 250 minutes of class. If each speech is 6 minutes, that would add up to roughly (let me get out the phone calculator) 72 minutes. Can anyone tell me what happened to the other 178 minutes? I can. He likes to play 20 questions after every speech, meaning we average about 3 speeches per class period. Also, on Friday, one girl asked him if she could leave class early because she had Cardinals tickets. He said, “Of course. Have fun!” Then another boy said he had a work meeting at 2:30. “Okay, have a good weekend!” Another boy said he had to leave town by 3 so he was also released early. The professor was just so jolly and willing to let them leave. Some kids just show up once every two weeks or so. Today when I realized that we would STILL be listening to speeches on Wednesday, that sealed the deal: I’d rather head home an hour early.

Also, today he told us that if any of us didn’t have anywhere to spend Thanksgiving, we were welcome in his home. Legal???

Last Wednesday we had a totally wonderful power outage. I woke up around 6:45 needing to pee, and when I got back to bed, I noticed lightning and heard thunder outside along with rain. The power then briefly went out, but came back on shortly after because Rachel’s printer started making noise. By the time we woke up at 8, it was out again. No use putting in contacts or putting on makeup. No breakfast because: one, no microwave for oatmeal; two, no coffee pot for coffee; and three, no cereal for having cereal. So I walked over to the campus “fast food” place and was pleasantly surprised with their breakfast menu. They had power, by the way. I had the “Panther Pouncer” which consisted of scrambled eggs and bacon and cheese on a bun. Yum. I could feel my arteries clogging with joy. Then I walked to the building where the Spanish class is and all the classes were just standing around in the dark. Enter Dr. DB (douchebag in case you hadn’t figured that out by now). “What is going on?” “There’s no power.” “Well I can see that. You have been up to the classroom?” “Yes (we lied)” “I will go check.” …….. He comes back down. “We can speak Spanish in the dark.” FML.  There are not windows in there.

My other classes actually had windows so they weren’t so bad. I feel it important to mention at this point that there was also no campus-wide internet, and also no hot water. So it was a pretty stellar day all in all. Since we couldn’t do anything, my suitemate Caitlin and I decided to go to the fitness center where there was power. We were there for about an hour when Caitlin got the message on her phone that power would be out for 30 hours, and it said where we could shower and when. Also it said to be careful in the dorms and to make sure you lock your doors because maybe the security card scanners didn’t work. An hour later it said the power was fixed temporarily in the dorms and it may or may not stay on. They say now that it is still temporary but they will make major repairs over fall break.

Friday, Caitlin and I judged at the Kickapoo debate tournament to get extra credit from our comm teacher. I judged Public Forum. I had a brownie, three cookies, and lots of mini candy bars. The hospitality room is mostly why I decided to do it. I don’t need extra credit in there. Later Caitlin and I went to a coffee place called Mudhouse which is downtown and I got a parking ticket for parking in a police parking zone. WTF they weren’t using it. I thought the sign said “Police Parking 6am-6pm” but apparently it was the other way around. It gave me a court date and I was like eff that, but then I called my dad and he was like, looks like you’re going to court. Dad! You aren’t supposed to say that! Then I turned the ticket over and found out I could pay $25 online. Phew.

Talk to you later guys… if I make it through the next week and a half that is.


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