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A few complaints and an ode to free Mexican food

12 Feb

This is the fourth week of the semester.

The fifth week of the semester is when, to use a colloquial phrase, shit gets real.

Next week, I have four major assignments due, a paper, and test. The paper and test are both for Tuesday, for the same class. That’s not awesome.

Also, I need to figure out how I am supposed to complete 30 hours of service to the Hispanic community this semester when a) no one I contact ever gets back to me and b) I’m not convinced that Springfield even has a Hispanic community??

And, I basically got officially told that I can’t live in this apartment again next year. That blows. If 50% of the residents want to keep the same one, they can. I wanted to keep it but so do four other girls (two of my current roommates and the two girls Hanna and I replaced who are studying abroad now). The good news is that I can live with Caitlin again but we really want to live in this building and at this point we’ll have to sign up and just hope there will be enough spots. And find two more people.

Last night I ran into Carson and I talked to him for like 20 minutes right outside his apartment door. Not sure why we didn’t go inside because it was effing cold but we decided that this weekend we’re gonna go to Trops since his birthday is on Friday (SO EXCITED). I can’t wait to start making money again so I can start to justify some of my expenses. Haha.

And tonight I’m going to dinner with the Spanish club at a Mexican restaurant and it looks like, depending on the number of people who go, our food will be either substantially discounted or free because the club got money from the student government. Free Mexican food, seriously what could be better?

Oh yeah! If any of you want to check out my London website that I’m making for my Web Comm class, here’s the link! http://www.madaboutlondonguide.com It’s under construction so it’s not that cute yet but check for updates during the semester! My professor even said I should use a couple of guest bloggers, so I’m gonna ask Hanna to but if any of you guys have a topic you would want to make a short post about, let me know!

Miss you! Hope to see you in a few weeks #legalfun


Better Late Than Never…

1 Mar

Hey guys.
Sorry for the delay. My life has been pretty swamped this week. Two test this week and of course I put off studying until the last minute for one test, so that meant I had to put off studying for the other test. And also I lost a lot of sleep because of it. I could probably blame these issues on the snow days throwing me off sync a little bit, but if we’re being honest, I just felt like procrastinating. And also Passion Pit/Matt & Kim concert didn’t help either. Definitely worth seeing them though!

On the topic of putting things off until last minute, I was so engrossed in studying this week that I forgot I had a paper due today at 6 until about 2:30 after I got back from class. Definitely hauled ass on that one. I spent about an hour just trying to format the paper into APA format. At Jewell we mainly used MLA. And I only ever recall using APA once in high school for anatomy. And let’s be honest, that class was pretty much a joke. I felt invincible turning it in 5:57. Living on the edge.

I’ve looked at my schedule and I pretty much have a test every week until the end of the semester (minus spring break and I think 2 random weeks w/out tests). Guess I better get used to it if I’m wanting to get into nursing school. My next test is on Tuesday. Microbiology. Gonna be a fun one to study for…

Sunday were the Oscars. And I always get pretty hyped up about those, but I was particularly hyped more so this year since my main obsession these days is Les Mis. I might or might have not teared up a bit when the whole cast sang One Day More. I was just so happy and excited! Judge me, don’t careeeeeee! It was so good! Also, I wish J-Law was my bfffffffl. Like really, she’s HILARIOUS. Who wouldn’t like to be her best friend?! Over all, I thought it was a pretty good show, if you don’t count those few awkward/bad jokes Seth Macfarlane made. PS. Sorry if I blew up your TF during the Oscars… Tweeting is sometimes my outlet for emotions. LOL.

Also this week, I was peer pressured by Kendyl into going to Colorado over spring break. But I’m not going to lie, I’m getting pretty excited about it. Although I’m not for sure how far out of my box I will go when it comes to getting on the slopes…. I’ll let you know! Haha!

Spring Break countdown: 21 days!! And I’m sure a lot of your guys’ countdown is less than that! You lucky ducks.

Peace Out!

Dressed to the NINES

6 Nov

Taylor Swift’s new album has been on repeat in my dorm room and in Tori’s car since she bought it. It’s great, except sometimes I miss the old TSwift stuff with the country twang and the fiddle playing in the background.
It’s wintertime. I’ve had 3 nosebleeds in the past 4 days. These things are correlated. It’s like when old people have an ache in their elbow and that means a storm is coming. It’s the same thing.

School is kicking my but- I have lots of readings and online quizzes and papers and reflections and reactions to write and a couple more books to read then five finals to take ans then the semester is over. That is a lot of work. I’m getting tired even thinking about it. Gross. But there are only five weeks until fall semester of our sophomore year is over. Guys, we’ve been in college (or out of high school) for a year and a half. We are so old. Plus since I’m leaving my teens very soon (not as quickly as two of you) I am starting to realize this is moving too fast. There are so many things I want to do before I get too old-granted 20 is not ancient- but sooner or later I’m going to have to get a real job and not have summer breaks and winter breaks. AH! Maybe I’ll just become a teacher so I can have those things… eh.

Geography right now is my favorite class. I’m learning lots of interesting things about Myanmar! (sarcasm a lil bit right there). But it’s not all bad. Last Thursday was my favorite class, the projector broke before we had to take notes so my professor told us random stories about his kids and the crazy stuff they do. Then after 15 minutes of that we were dismissed. It was a good time.

My mind wanders when I write these things, but I hope you don’t mind. Let’s hang out soon? (Derek, you can G+ in or something)
Only 2 weeks until Thanksgiving break!

oh and VOTE! if you haven’t already! Here is a cartoon to help you vote! #Dion2012


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