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27 Feb

True Story!

Last Monday was Mr. Dieterich, which is basically a talent/fashion contest for any male residents of Dieterich hall who wanted to compete. Ten guys did it this year including me, it was in the lobby on a stage with a sound system and everything, I did not plan anything out like everyone else did.

First up was a Q & A session: Favorite Food- Red Bull, Favorite Color- Tye Dye, What famous person would you date if you could – Jennifer Aniston, Place you would most like to travel and why- The end of a rainbow because I want my pot of gold. I defiantly was in the lead after the Q & A round. Next was up was the Swimwear portion which I rocked with my Lifeguard swagg. After that was the talent portion, I couldn’t Snowboard or Mountain Bike on stage so I just sat down on stage pulled out some stuff and made a Nutella, Pop-Tart, Cookie sandwich which I then signed with a sharpie and gave to a judge who I made eat it.

Next was the formal wear portion so I were a flannel and did some dancing. I would say I got the most laughs and I ended up getting third which I thought was pretty good since I made a sandwich for my talent, and didn’t dress up for formal wear.

Sunday was Red Bull Schlittentag at Snow Creek. It was 60 degrees (wtf its still winter) so the snow was way to slushy for our (me, Cody, Tristan) sled and well we didn’t win.

But I did pull off a SICK, ZESTY No Footer of the jump at the end.

 Peace, Love, and Happiness

Live A Little


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