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18 Sep

What Would Shaun White Do.

If you haven’t already heard about it here is a link to the story about Shaun White getting arrested the other night. The guy is the ultimate bro; I mean seriously I wish I were there to witness it all. I envy him because as some of you might know being arrested is on my bucket list.

I have two tests tomorrow in Biology and Nutrition, and I’m currently taking a break from Nutrition to write this. I don’t really appreciate my Nutrition class because I feel like they’re trying to make me rethink eating a whole package of Oreos, but you know what I’ll do what I damn well please. Also the Halloween Oreos are out and they are my favorite!

This weekend Guano and me went to a Mizzou event, “Mizzou on the Mall”, and got free cake and Tiger Stripe ice cream. They also had a photo booth and free rock candy so you know we hit those things up.

Since 1. I don’t own a Television and 2. We don’t have cable we have been going places to watch the football games on Saturday nights. This Saturday we went to Shakespeare’s Pizza to watch the game. God I love Pizza.

Keep it Classy.


P.S. I am about to apply for my first passport and will hopefully be going to Finland over Christmas Break! 🙂




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