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National Champions

10 Apr

I probably shouldn’t be blogging right now due to the sheer amount of crap I need to accomplish tonight, but whatever.


Like I mentioned last week, I went to Atlanta over the weekend to support Drury’s men’s basketball team in its quest for the NCAA Division II championship title over Metro State from Denver, Co.

This entailed loading one of six charter buses of students on Saturday night, driving through the night, arriving in Atlanta on Sunday afternoon, watching the game at 4:00pm, getting back on the bus to drive two hours to Tennessee where we spent Sunday night, and waking up at 6:00am to drive 10 hours back to Springfield all day on Monday. (Class was canceled, remember?)

I had an amazing time and am so extremely thankful that I got the opportunity to witness and be a part of this. It was funny Sunday morning when we stopped at a travel stop and nearly 100 girls needed to share about 15 feet of bathroom sink space for hair, make-up, and teeth-brushing after an all-night bus ride. In Philips Arena, it was such an awesome feeling to be one of more than 1,000 Drury fans who made the trip to Atlanta – there were even more alumni than there were students!

We knew going in that it was going to be a David vs. Goliath type of game. Us being David. The game started. And then we were down 17 points. And then we were down 12 points at halftime. Our team did not get off to a good start. It looked like it was going to be a no-contest game.

Then we tied it up, and even had the lead very briefly. But Metro State always had an answer to the points and we were still behind. When it was 72-73 with less than 30 seconds on the clock, Metro State missed two 1-and-1 shots. One of our players, senior Alex Hall, grabbed the rebound and was fouled. We were in double bonuses. With 22.8 seconds on the clock, Alex Hall got the opportunity to take those two free throws. I can’t imagine how he was feeling then. But he made them.

And we won the game. Drury lead for a total of 68 seconds in the whole game. Chaos ensued.

Me, Stacie, Hanna, and Morgan

Me, Stacie, Hanna, and Morgan



Do you see me? :-)

Do you see me? 🙂

Video of the win if you want to experience the final few seconds

News article about the win

So we got to a motel that night and I’m pretty sure we had the whole thing rented out. I had never seen so much beer or so many people in a hotel room.

#allweDUiswin! It’s a great time to be a panther!



3 Apr

It’s been an exciting week here at little old Drury. On Saturday, the basketball team played in the NCAA DII quarterfinals, and beat the defending champions 107-97 in Louisville. Drury took a bus full of Fanthers (fans+panthers) to support them and I watched them on CBS Sports at home with my family while I was there for Easter. I hadn’t gotten to go to any games this year because I worked pretty much every day they had a game, but I realized it’s pretty exciting to watch a winning team. Especially when one of the starters sits five feet away from you in your Principles of Advertising and Public Relations class.

Now they’ll be playing for the championship on Sunday in Atlanta. Students have the opportunity to go to the game again, for only $20! I decided not to go, because I have to work Monday night and I have a lot of stuff due next week, but then I started feeling cognitive dissonance about my decision, aka: I really wanted to go. I realized that I would probably regret it if I didn’t go, so I said #YOLO and decided I was going. They told us we could sign up at lunch, and they’d take 2 buses for sure which could take a total of 100 people, and they would get a third one if there was enough demand. Yesterday at the first available time, a friend and I tried to go to sign up in between Spanish classes.

What nobody was expecting was that the line would look like this.


After 40 minutes in a line that wasn’t moving, my friend and I decided to go to the class we were supposed to be in so we could at least try to get 50% of the participation points. I gave my money to some friends who were further ahead in line and asked if they would sign me up. Later one of them texted me and said that we were on bus #3. They said that bus #3 isn’t guaranteed because they were not anticipating this many people wanting to go, but they are pretty sure they can get it. Apparently by the end of yesterday, there were over 200 students signed up, enough for more than 4 buses. Wow.

Did I mention that our president canceled classes for Monday in order to encourage more Fanthers to attend the game? (The professors are pissed.)

This week I’m feeling blessed to go to such a spirited, supportive, and close-knit school.


P.S. Here’s a video I found one time about the evils of Google translate. As a language student I find it especially funny because I have to admit that Google translate is still my friend (sometimes when I need to get the general idea of what I’m reading, not when I’m writing something. I promise.) I sent this video to my Spanish teacher and she said she’s going to show it to her 101 and 102 classes.

March Madness

1 Apr

This March they were not joking with the madness. On one of my brackets I literally have zero teams left to play. Zero. And the sad thing is, that’s not my lowest scoring bracket. My other bracket had Duke making it to the Elite Eight but also had Wichita State, Florida (?why?), and UCLA losing in their first round games. I have the lowest scoring brackets out of my ENTIRE family, that’s even including my foreign exchange brother from Spain who picked Mizzou Miz-poo to win the whole tournament. Ugh. I have been scowling since Duke lost earlier today. My face might just get stuck. And all this madness just reminds me that Kentucky is not even in the tournament this year! I mean come on UK! You won last year!
I’m actually very surprised that I haven’t gone more crazy over this month. I can recall now 2009, when the Tar Heels won it all and I picked them to win simply because I liked their cute blue uniforms. Man I was floating on cloud nine and rubbing it in everyone’s faces because I picked the winner and I picked them just because of their uniforms. When they say ignorance is bliss, I really believe it when in the context of March Madness.

Anyway, I guess I’ll be rooting for Louisville come Saturday.

I didn’t even get to watch the Louisville vs. Duke game today and apparently I missed watching a leg get broken on national television. Thank goodness, because I would have probably vomited. But, I am totally loving Kevin Ware’s attitude about it. So… GO CARDS!

I hope you all had a Happy Easter / Resurrection Day despite the chaos of the month and remembered the reason for the holiday but also got an Easter basket even though we are all 20. (Tori’s mom made me an Easter basket this year, I’m so lucky that my friend’s mom still makes me an Easter basket because my mom stopped when I was like 14 and I’m pretty sure I cried)


“But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5 NIV


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