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That Snapchat Life

21 Sep

Yeah, I just stole someone’s Saturday. I don’t know whose it is, but I have a feeling they weren’t going to use it.

Well it looks like we all had a party night last night, according to snapchat.

It had been about two weeks since I’d gone out. I needed that break after about 12 days of going out every single night. We went with a group of a lot of people. I was kind of grumpy because Hanna and I had decided we weren’t going to go out until we finished our papers, so we were going to write them last night and go out tonight instead. But at the last minute she changed her mind so I knew that meant I had to go out last night because we wouldn’t tonight.

We went to a place called Shoreditch to look for some bar, someone else was leading the way. We kept passing this place that said “Please don’t feed the models #LFW” (London Fashion Week) so that was kind of funny. After like an hour or so of walking around, people started to split up. I went with Hanna because I wasn’t really in the best position to make any major decisions at this point, plus she had all my stuff in her bag. We went to a place called At World’s End which also had a club called the Underworld. It was pretty fun, and it was probably my favorite club I’ve been to so far. We ended up with three guys from our school who I didn’t know but I remember I kept saying “I think he’s really into himself” about one of them when we were on the tube on the way there. There was a middle aged man from America who kept trying to talk to all of us. We took a taxi home at 3 and I was sooo tired and slept really good last night.


Me and two friends on the tube

Today we got up too early and went to Borough Market. We got some toasted cheese sandwiches that were so good. I also got a smoothie. My roommate Megan spent the night in our guy friends’ room last night and didn’t come back until 9am, and she slept from 9am until 6pm. Lol. Me and Hanna just took naps for about 2 hours. That was my first London nap, and I held out for 3 and a half weeks so I think that was pretty good.

Tomorrow I’m gonna go see the Princess Diana movie!

I miss all of you! Keep all the snapchats coming for real. I love you guys.


P.S. How about them CHIEFS!! Touchdown Kansas City!

Top things I learned this week.

8 Nov

Hello friends.

This post is going to be short. FYI. But here are somethings I learned this week.

1. You may say you’re going to study well in advance for a test. But if that actually happens…  Well, go you!
2.NEVER lie down while studying for said test. You might accidently fall asleep and waste 2 out of your 13ish precious hours you have left to study with. Even if you tell yourself, “I’ll only sleep for 30 mins.” Does it ever really end up being 30 minutes? No. Go study at your desk.
3. Classes should be canceled the week of election week. Heck, they should just make a month long break between the first week of November and Thanksgiving every 4 years. Between voting and watching TV I certainly did not accomplish anything on election day. The results were just so intriguing that I stayed up until 2 am. I had class the next morning at 8 am. Whoops.
4. Halloween is a horrible holiday for people trying to watch their food intake. You should see my trash can. It’s overflowing with candy wrappers. It’s too crazy to pass up cheap name-brand candy and I like Reeses too much.
5. Make sure you check you car’s coolant! My car’s was empty when I got home. And if my mom hadn’t told me to check it, well, I’d probably be without a car.

Must go study for this stupid test now.

PS. If you see me online after you read this post, please ask me WTF I’m doing because there is absolutely no reason why I should be FB when I have barely studied for this test. Then tell me to get off the computer. Thanks! 🙂


5 Sep

Hi. It’s been an exceptionally unexceptional week.

I don’t remember anything about last week until Friday when I went home after my last class. It was raining, and I had to drive home in the rain. Most intense driving of my life. I got there around 4:30 and Becky got home around 7:30 because she got a ride from some people who went to Truman. After she got home our family immediately went to Hy-Vee because they were having a sale – one pint of Blue Bell ice cream for $1. That was awesome, we bought ten and also a lot of other snacks.

Saturday I worked at Up Dog. I worked with McKay and he wasn’t as annoying as I thought he would be and also I kind of made him my bitch and he did everything I told him to. It was weird because there are only about 3 people left who were there when I started working there in May, so I didn’t know everyone but basically I made everyone my bitches. Someone had made us a Santacaligon Bingo that included things like “Mullet” “Beer Belly” “Socks and Sandals” “Food-Stained Shirt” and “Kid on a leash.” It was awesome how it was raining because not that many people came in and I got to go home at 6 instead of 8. Then my family went to Walmart to buy some things me and Becky needed. I got an orange skillet and some silverware.

Sunday morning we went to church at 8 (yikes) because we wanted/needed to go to IHOP. We always go for my parents’ anniversary which was about 2 weeks ago but it was our first chance to go since me and Becky were at school. We usually go to the one by Outback Steakhouse but this time we went to the one near ghetto Walmart. We better start going to this one every year because we didn’t have any wait at all and by the time we got home it was only like 10:15, which was what time I would be waking up to go to church normally!

My grandparents came over around 1 and then I took a nap on the floor from like 2-3 because getting up at 7am is a hard task. We ate a bunch of food once my other grandma got here. Then around 5 we went to Santacaligon to see Cassie sing, and we thought she’d sing until 6, but when we got there at 5:20 she was almost done. Then we filled our root beer bottles and went home, it was too dang hot.

I came back to school on Monday, I got here around 8pm and Caitlin and I tried to get dinner on campus but it was closed so we went downtown and I lost my Jimmy John’s virginity.

Back to school, ughhh. I have a paper about Climate Change (wtf) due tomorrow, and this reaction paper en espanol. I think I am getting sophomore slump.


P.S. I just remembered that I have a job interview Friday. I keep forgetting about it. It’s for the Greene County Park Board, they have a ton of family activity centers and things like that, I think the position I am interviewing for is like a desk person. Huzzah.

Stuff that happened this week

19 Jan

I’ve decided that I’m a pretty pathetic blogger. Everyone has at least 8 blog posts. But me… I only have four including this one.

I got back to Jewell on Monday night. And surprise! There’s mold in the fridge. And being the good roommate that I am :D, I cleaned it out.

Tuesday was the first day of class. Luckily for me, my first class didn’t start until 12:25. I thought the class started at 12:35. So around 12:19ish I decided to double check where the classroom was. THEN I see class starts at 12:25. So then I’m like “OH SHIZ. I’M NOT GOING TO BE LATE TO MY FIRST CLASS ON THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS.” So I basically sprint to class. And after all that running in freezing cold weather, I get to the general vicinity of the classroom and there’s people standing outside. Come to find out the door was locked, teacher didn’t have a key, so we had the first 15 minutes of class in the hallway. Also Caleb Sims is in that class, and I almost had to be partners with him for an intro-project thing. But if you guys have heard how I accidentally added him on FB, there was no way I was going to let that happen because that would have been super awkward (not to mention he’s also just awkwardly quite anyway). Thankfully there was a girl who didn’t have a partner yet.

Tuesday was also my first symphony rehearsal. The hours leading up to it however were not so good. I was a nervous wreck. And I almost threw up walking over to the music building. (Sorry, that last part was probably a bit graphic!) But for one, there’s quite a few snobby choir kids in symphony. For two, I knew the music wasn’t going to be exactly easy. And 3, I wasn’t sure how things worked, like where I was supposed to sit, where I was supposed to leave my violin case, etc. Silly thoughts, yes. But I always think that way. Some of the choir kids weren’t snobby, the music was challenging and I found where I was supposed to sit and where to put my case. Anyway rehearsal is from 6-9:45. Yes, 3 hours and 45 minutes. That Shit CRAY. Also there’s like a 10 year old in symphony (it’s not just for the college kids but the community and professional musicians) that plays cello.  That shit also cray. She’s just that good. There was also a photo shoot during rehearsal because the Liberty Symphony is being featured in some local magazine (it’s supposed to be online soon. I’ll post a link when it’s up).

There was free ice skating Tuesday night at Crown Center but after I got back to my dorm after rehearsal, I realized that I was too exhausted to do anything but sleep.

During break, I don’t think there was a time where I got up before 11. Most of the time I actually got up around 2 or 3 (just in time to watch Arthur! LOL). And so since my first class this semester starts at 7:45 am, it was REAL grand waking up to my 7 o’clock alarm. It’s like high school all over again. Anyway so it’s day 2 of waking up at 7. After class I usually take a nap, which is nice. (Kendyl does this too… She’s napping as I type this.)

Also my Basic Psych teacher, reminds me of Mr. Stacy. Except he’s a little bit shorter, not quite as funny, and not quite as friendly. But anyway, when I realized the resemblance, it took a lot from me to hold in my laughter.

Anyway, that’s all for now!

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