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WARNING : Look before you leap

29 Feb

HAPPY LEAP DAY!!! See it’s funny because I put LEAP in the title! And you’ll find that it’s relevant because part of this post is going to get explicit.

So what’s been going on with me? Hmm. I’ll just get right into business, last Thursday I saw my very first live skunk. Yes, a skunk! Thankfully it was about 20 feet away but it was crossing Drury Lane when I was walking back after the basketball game and it was kind of jogging towards the tennis courts. I didn’t know skunks could jog but then again, I’ve only seen them dead up to this point.

Friday – my group and I got accepted into the Summit Park apartments! So this means we will be doing our service project with the animal shelter too. I’m so excited! Friday night, Caitlin and I went to a flea market named “STD Flea Market” (Classy Springfield, real classy), and it was kind of fun. Then a coffee house called Big Momma’s was having a Drury night so we got free mugs and free drinks, anything we wanted off the menu. That was awesome. There was also karaoke in the back room, which was cute. There were about 50 students and a mid-forties-aged large dancing woman that nobody knew where she came from, but she was appreciated for her entertainment value. Caitlin and I had pretty much decided we weren’t going to sing but then Alexis entered our name in to sing “Born to be Wild” which we didn’t even know that song, and the words were even on the screen but we still didn’t even sing it that well. But it was funny and not too embarrassing. Then we rented a movie from redbox that was rated R called “Perfect Student” which was the worst movie I’ve ever seen. It was supposed to be scary but it wasn’t even close. No cursing, no nudity, no sex, no violence, nothing. Could have been rated G.

Saturday – by far the most important (and only) thing that happened was when me and Caitlin went to go see the Vagina Monologues. (Derek (and Nick if you ever get on here), it might be wise to stop reading at this point.) It was a fundraiser by a group on campus called “V-Warriors” which I think stands for Vagina Warriors, and their cause is against domestic abuse. So it was $5 to get in and we got to hear almost two hours of… vagina monologues. It’s exactly what it sounds like.

Here’s an excerpt from one of the pieces called “My Angry Vagina.”
“All this shit they’re constantly trying to shove up us, clean us up — stuff us up, make it go away. Well, my vagina’s not going away. It’s pissed off and it’s staying right here. Like tampons — what the hell is that? A wad of dry f***ing cotton stuffed up there. Why can’t they find a way to subtly lubricate the tampon? As soon as my vagina sees it, it goes into shock. It says forget it. It closes up. You need to work with the vagina, introduce it to things, prepare the way. That’s what foreplay’s all about. You got to convince my vagina, seduce my vagina, engage my vagina’s trust. You can’t do that with a dry wad of f***ing cotton.”

Other titles included: The Flood, A Vagina Happy Fact, The Vagina Workshop, The Vulva Club, and The Woman Who Loved to Make Vaginas Happy. (Among others)
Also they were selling chocolate vaginas. I love chocolate but I probably could not have eaten one of those.
I think I want to perform the Vagina Monologues next year. You’re all invited!!

Monday – a very obscure girl that I may or may not have told you about was eating a cucumber in class. She had the whole entire thing and was just taking bites out of it as if that’s the normal way to eat a cucumber.

Tuesday – Went to the fitness center, and there was a bat on the ceiling! I was just ellipticalling merrily when a maintenance guy with a huge butterfly net came in with a ladder. He didn’t get the bat though. Later, at 10:10 me and Caitlin went to see the Woman in Black, which was scary and we screamed a few times. It’s awesome to go to late movies in college. Then there were tornadoes in Branson when we got back to school.

And I’m skipping 8am photography tomorrow because I don’t need another workday for this assignment, so I get to sleep in as long as I want! It will be just like my Thursdays last semester! :’)

Happy leap day, go do something quixotic to celebrate.



13 Feb

These past two weeks have been the busiest ever.

Last week I did something I’ve never done before; I got a tutor. That was probably one of the toughest things I’ve done in awhile. I am way too stubborn to ask for help but if I want to pass Organismal Biology, I’m going to need my tutor. I have studied more for this class in the past weeks than I have ever studied before in my entire life. Note to everyone out there- biology is stupid, I prefer non-living things (ex. rocks, dust, dirt, sediment, cookies, ice-cream, sleep). I also joined a Bible study that meets on Monday nights. There are 5 other freshmen girls in it and right now we are studying the book of Hebrews. It’s pretty interesting and Hebrews is only 13 chapters so y’all should read it if you have the chance.

Almost fun thing that happened this week, I went to a Valentine’s Day party! But don’t get too excited, it was thrown by Navigators (the Christian ministry on campus). I helped decorate for 3 hours before the party, met some people, then when everybody started dancing I snuck out the door. Me + dancing = disaster. I didn’t want to lose the friends I had just made. (:

This weekend Tori’s family moved to a new house. It is super huge and pretty. I have never really helped anyone move before and, man, it was not easy. (I also contracted a cold or something this weekend so that didn’t help). If any of you ever move, I will help by paying someone else to give you a massage after it’s all done and then I’ll go to your house and complement on how good everything looks. If you really really really do need help I will volunteer, but you better have a hot tub for me to soak in afterwards. (Tori’s fam has/had one but it wasn’t working properly this weekend- super sad)

Tomorrow, Tori and I are going to see The Vow. I am so ready. I have tissues and new water proof mascara and lots of candy. I literally cannot wait to see this movie. I also want to see The Lucky One staring Zach Efron, The Lorax, New Years Eve, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Mirror Mirror, The Hunger Games, and How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (this is a musical staring first Daniel Radcliffe, then Darren Criss, then Nick Jonas I want to see it three times). All these cost money and I aint got none. Bummed. I applied to 3 places to work at over the summer, and will be applying to a 4th over spring break- I better get one.

Things to look forward to this weekend: skiing on saturday.

Things I’m afraid might kill me this weekend: skiing on saturday.

I hope to tell y’all all about it next week, if I make it!


p.s. I might be changing my major………………..

p.p.s. Whitney Houston died on saturday and I am very sad about this, so I tagged her in my post.


Seven days left

4 Dec

My countdown seriously started at like 90.. and now it’s at 7! 7 days until I get to see my bed, my sister, the rest of my family, and drive my car, and see YOU! (Well some of you)
Over Thanksgiving break I did not come home, even though I really wanted to it was too expensive to get a plane ticket. I went to Chelsea’s house and played with her 2 HUGE dogs. They are BIG, and I don’t if you guys know this, but I am like deathly afraid of big dogs. Fear overcome! (kinda). Okay, so the food was great, and then we had to come back to school. 20 min out of Greeley we could smell it again. Blah, not the greatest “welcome back to school” smell that exists. The next week went by real fast which is great! That leads to this week:
Monday- Geology Final (cumulative)
Tuesday- finish English paper
Wednesday- English paper due at noon
Thursday- ride the bus to central campus just for fun (never done this before, lil frightened) oh and I have to ride it next semester
Friday- Ethnography due (4 pages… 0 written now), MATH final (also cumulative), pack <3, clean the room, eat dinner out with roomie for the last time this semester, pack more!
Saturday- Wake in the wee small hours of the morning, find my way through DIA by myself, Get on plane, ARRIVE HOME at approximately 3:55pm
I am not opposed to you all coming to the airport and giving me a welcome home parade with balloons 🙂 just kidding.
Oh, interesting thing happened this morning at the dining hall. I wasn't actually there, this happened before noon and I was still in bed but the story is good anyways. My friends, Kendal and Chelsea, decided they wanted waffles. Kendal then decided that she wanted them on her face. (Actually she didn't want them on her face, but it just happened that way) Well Kendal fainted and burnt her face on the waffle iron. She is okay! DOn't worry. Her face is in the healing process. And I learned where the clinic is on campus! Okay, so this morning the story wasn't funny at all, but now we can laugh at it and Kendal approved of this post.
Hmm, well now there are only 6 days left until my plane trip!
Confession: I really want to have a movie marathon this week during finals, like 25 movies this week. SO that's 5 a day. I want to so bad, but this is a terrible idea.

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