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Mid life Crisis

4 Feb

I am only in my second decade of life and have already had two mid life crises. The first has no relevance to school, and was very short. But the second, of which I experienced Sunday evening, was not very fun and I think it still lingers and will continue to do so until I graduate college. Here’s what happened. Tori and I are in an Integrating Arts class together and our homework over the weekend was to create a 10 minute lesson plan the integrates visual art into a 5th or 6th grade math, science, english, or social studies curriculum. At first, this didn’t scare me. 10 minutes isn’t that long, and Tori has taken teaching classes before so we got this. Then, the freak out started; I’ve never made a lesson plan before, what goes into a lesson plan, what the heck is 6th grade curriculum, I don’t know how to teach in front of anybody! Then, while Tori and I were trying to figure out what topic to pick, I literally could not stop thinking about how long 10 minutes really is and how we were supposed to fill up that much time with information and arts and reflection time. When we finally had a topic- 6th grade science, focussing on ecosystems, I could not not think about all the little details and huge concepts 6th graders don’t know about ecosystems and how they work and what they entail. Also, how am I going to explain all this in less than 5 minutes! (sigh)  Let’s just say my stress levels were on the rise. When Tori finally told me to take a chill pill and stop thinking so hard, we finished the lesson plan.

Here’s my crisis; I don’t think I can do this for 3 more years, let alone a lifetime- and this was only a 10 minute lesson plan. I’m freaking out and can’t stop thinking about all the different possibilites for majors there really are. For example, we have a Recreation and Tourism BS program (how cool is that?!), International Affairs degree, Human Services degree, Communications Studies, and a couple more that are pretty neat. So how am I supposed to choose?! How do I know, at 20 years old, what I want to do for the rest of my life when I haven’t experienced hardly anything at all? What do I know about myself and the world that will lead me to be successful and happy later in life as an adult? When will I have an epiphany that lets me know that where I am is going to lead me to success? Why haven’t I found my passion when others have? When is it my turn to be confident in my decisions that will affect my future?

Maybe I should be a theatre major, because I am being really dramatic.

On a lighter note, I didn’t have to teach in my class today so I have more time to prepare myself for this terrifying experience.

Also, I am making pasta tonight for dinner. This is exciting news because I haven’t had a kitchen to cook in all semester and I am really hating the dining hall right now.



Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are coming to my school for our spring concert. WHat?!

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