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Free Shirts and Shit.

20 Sep

Yesterday was Fire Factor, it’s basically a fire safety demo. They literally lit a make-shift dorm room on fire to show you how fast a fire can spread. Afterwards there were free t-shirts and Shakespeare’s Pizza if you filled out a survey. We skipped class for that (I justified it because I had just taken 2 tests back-to-back). That’s my YOLO this week. Livin’ big, I know. Once I heard it was Shakespeare’s Pizza, that sealed the deal for skipping class. Haha! Before the fire thing, we got another free t-shirt and pizza from the Arts and Science Fall Welcome. Then there was a booth in front of the Union that was handing out t-shirts for registering to vote. We had already registered, but we asked if we could have a t-shirt anyway. Hello t-shirt #3 for the day. Also since yesterday was “international talk like a pirate day” they were giving out pirate’s booty snacks and those chocolate coins. Delish.

Tomorrow there’s a girls soccer game. The first 500 people in get free t-shirts. You know where we’ll be tomorrow.

We just got back from Poetry in the Park. That was a cultural experience. And I’ve never felt more like a minority. But Kendyl was probably feeling more out of place than I was… I’m at least kind of, sort of dark skinned… ish….. LOL. I’m going to be honest, Kendyl and I originally went to the event because we had heard that there was going to be free B-Dubs. There was and it was delicious. But in the end I think we both enjoyed ourselves and had a a pretty good time even if it was freezing cold and we both had to pee badly towards the end. Not going to lie, Slam Poetry is pretty awesome and those people have really got powerful stuff to say. I could never do that in front of a crowd all by myself.

I’m really diggin’ MIZ with all the free shirts and shit. Legit.

Also in case you haven’t heard the news… ONE DIRECTION HAS A NEW SONG OUT!! WUT. I’ve probably listened to it at least a hundred+ times already. What’s kind of sad is that Kendyl knew about the song before I did! What is the world coming to?! But I loveeee it! Even if the lyrics make them seem like man-whores. It’s catchy, what can I say. 302 days until I see them LIVE at the Sprint Center!! That’s what’s up. ^_^



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