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Spring Breaking

28 Mar

This break started out pretty good. Once I came back, Emily and I went out to get Les Mis on DVD. It was a monumental moment (as I am sure you guys have gathered). I’d been saving gift cards so I could splurge on the most expensive version with all the bonus items… I got the edition with the collectible cards. You guys really shouldn’t be surprised. LOL. I’m not going to lie, I’ve probably watched that movie at least 15 times already.

Saturday I woke up with a sore throat. Not bueno. So I’ve been sick all week. My immune system has not been on its game this year. Anyway I ended up having a low grade fever for a couple days that was off and on. But I slept a lot. So that part was nice. I’m glad I didn’t have class this week because that would have sucked to have to worry about missing class and being sick.

Other things I did on Saturday:
-ate Dim Sum with my family
-went to the Asian market
-ate at Golden Corral for their all you can eat Prime Rib with my family
-watched it snowwwww! (ps. I’m getting tired of the snow now)
-had a Birthday Cake shake from HiBoy
-Hung out with you lovelies (except for that kid we never hear from anymore) and played spoons. LOL. Good times guys.

This is probably a bad thing, but I haven’t done anything academic until today. Meh. Oh well. I’ll get it done eventually.

Tomorrow Kendyl and I are road-tripping to St. Louis to visit an old WJC friend for the day. I’m actually really excited about it since we haven’t seen her in a while. Plus I haven’t visited St. Louis in a while either since I was like 10 (unless you count those few hours we waited in the Amtrak station going to and from Chicago).

After tomorrow, break will pretty much be over. That’s depressing. But then only 2 months until summer! Yay!

I think that’s it for this week.
Peace Out!


Better Late Than Never…

1 Mar

Hey guys.
Sorry for the delay. My life has been pretty swamped this week. Two test this week and of course I put off studying until the last minute for one test, so that meant I had to put off studying for the other test. And also I lost a lot of sleep because of it. I could probably blame these issues on the snow days throwing me off sync a little bit, but if we’re being honest, I just felt like procrastinating. And also Passion Pit/Matt & Kim concert didn’t help either. Definitely worth seeing them though!

On the topic of putting things off until last minute, I was so engrossed in studying this week that I forgot I had a paper due today at 6 until about 2:30 after I got back from class. Definitely hauled ass on that one. I spent about an hour just trying to format the paper into APA format. At Jewell we mainly used MLA. And I only ever recall using APA once in high school for anatomy. And let’s be honest, that class was pretty much a joke. I felt invincible turning it in 5:57. Living on the edge.

I’ve looked at my schedule and I pretty much have a test every week until the end of the semester (minus spring break and I think 2 random weeks w/out tests). Guess I better get used to it if I’m wanting to get into nursing school. My next test is on Tuesday. Microbiology. Gonna be a fun one to study for…

Sunday were the Oscars. And I always get pretty hyped up about those, but I was particularly hyped more so this year since my main obsession these days is Les Mis. I might or might have not teared up a bit when the whole cast sang One Day More. I was just so happy and excited! Judge me, don’t careeeeeee! It was so good! Also, I wish J-Law was my bfffffffl. Like really, she’s HILARIOUS. Who wouldn’t like to be her best friend?! Over all, I thought it was a pretty good show, if you don’t count those few awkward/bad jokes Seth Macfarlane made. PS. Sorry if I blew up your TF during the Oscars… Tweeting is sometimes my outlet for emotions. LOL.

Also this week, I was peer pressured by Kendyl into going to Colorado over spring break. But I’m not going to lie, I’m getting pretty excited about it. Although I’m not for sure how far out of my box I will go when it comes to getting on the slopes…. I’ll let you know! Haha!

Spring Break countdown: 21 days!! And I’m sure a lot of your guys’ countdown is less than that! You lucky ducks.

Peace Out!


14 Feb

Okay, the reality is that I’m not very good at coming up with titles for my posts… Sorry guys. But Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

This week, I worked at the candy store for 2 days. My job consisted for “de-stemming” strawberries. The whole time I was working there I kept thinking about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, mainly because the conditions we worked in KIND OF resembled it, (except not really. We were able to use the restroom when we needed to and there were no fires, and we were paid more than minimum wage) and also because I had been studying those labor movements/events in my history class.

Anyway, in the room I was working in, there were about 8-10 people sitting next to a table and a bucket where the stems were deposited. We had to de-stem 4 boxes of strawberries in less than 15 minutes. It really wasn’t too hard, just tedious. We used these “clipper” things to de-stem, and after about an hour or so, I could feel a blister or 2 staring to form on my fingers because of it. Luckily they didn’t get super bad. I was supposed to work yesterday but when I showed up, pretty much everyone and their mom was working, so they said that I could go home. But for my effort of showing up, they gave me with a box of chocolate covered strawberries. I was perfectly fine with that. They were delicious.

Microbiology is probably my favorite class at the moment, mainly because the professor is super funny and cusses often. We had our first test Tuesday and there had apparently been some cheating going on. Long story short, he sternly lectured us at the beginning of class today, basically saying if we cheat we’re not actually learning this important stuff and we’re going to be “shitty health professionals” and we’ll probably misdiagnose some kid and possibly kill them (he likes to keep it real. Lol).

So after he was done being mean, he was like “Can we be friends?… Anyone up for some make-up sex?” *gasps and laughter from everyone* “It was a nice transition into our STD lecture!” What a lovely lecture topic for today. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! DON’T CONTRACT HERPES BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT CAN HAPPEN TO YOUR PRIVATES. STD joke professor told in class: “If you have one case of the clap and it spreads, it becomes the applause” LOL. He also explained that STDs are on the rise in the elderly. “Thank you, Viagra. You put them (the elderly) in nursing homes, give them Viagra and they have nothing else to do.” He’s the funniest professor I’ve ever had. I need to start a notebook with all the hilarious things he says.

Alright, guys. That’s all for this week!

Keep it real!


P.P.S. Les Mis Valentines for you!


Pictures from AZ

28 Dec

Whoops. It’s not Thursday anymore. Haha!

I know it’s not my day technically… but since we’re all on break technically… no one has been really blogging… which is totally understandable. But I haven’t much to do right now besides listen to the Les Mis soundtrack (Saw it today. Which by the way, if you have not seen it yet and do/don’t have 3 hours to kill, DEFINITELY WORTH YOUR TIME! There’s just so many good things about it! If you go, make sure you go to the bathroom before it starts and bring some Kleenex.) and surf the internet, and obsess over Eddie Redmayne, and of course… blog!

Here’s a few pictures from my trip:

Feeding a giraffe at the Tuscon Zoo.

My step-mom, dad, and I in front of the elephant exhibit at the zoo.

Hanging out with the Cowboy actors at Old Tuscon

Snow covered mountain tops!


Miner statue at Colossal Cave

Humming bird at Sonora Desert Museum

At the Pima Air and Space Museum

Hope everyone had some nice time with their families this Christmas season! I sure did. And I think this is the first year where I’ve REALLY started to understand that Christmas is more than those superficial values that society seems to care about, like the trees, presents, and shopping. It was the first year that I really didn’t have anything I really wanted except to be with family on Christmas.

Merry Belated Christmas! And Happy Early New Year!


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