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Word Vomit: You’re Welcome

26 Mar

I’m back at school and I don’t want to be.

I don’t want to go to class or write papers or do homework or read textbooks or clean my room or unpack.

I have discovered that this week, and most other weeks, I have zero self-motivation. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. I just want to go home and go to summer camp.

So far today, I have gone to all my classes (This is a real accomplishment since I haven’t been to one of my Monday classes for 3 weeks). I have also eaten dinner and listened to the full soundtrack of my new favorite cd Legally Blonde-The Musical. If you are interested in being wowed by my broadway belting abilities I will gladly give you a show!

After my Spring Break shopping spree with my mom (Thank you so much,mom. I really like new clothes), I have the urge to dress nice for my classes- and this only happens on the first and last day of class! Sadly it’s been 30 degrees and I don’t like to be cold, so I’m sticking with my hoodies for now. (Why I am telling you what I am going to wear for the next week is not important, but now you know and I’m sure you enjoyed that!)

Now, let the countdown begin! 64 days until I start my internship at summer camp! 53 days of school left! And only 4 days until I get to leave campus for the weekend!

That’s all folks


p.s. If any of you have great broadway voices or know of anyone who does, I would love to hear them.

p.p.s. I have also been offered the chance to be MC for Navs for the next three weeks and I accepted! Woo! I’m terrified.  I don’t know why I said yes. I will be horrible and everyone will boo or think “Why is that 6th grader giving announcements?” (It’s happened before… only I was in 6th grade and was mistaken for a 2nd grader)

p.p.p.s. Thank you for reading my word vomit


Music and History

12 Mar

Life for the past week -boring, stressful, dramatic, and lazy

Weekend: my best or at least most memorable one so far. Here are the details:

Friday- Pong night. I found out I am pretty good at water pong, especially when playing against people who are really drunk. Let me elaborate. My friend Tage came up to Greeley for one last hoorah before shipping out next month to basic training, I think, I know he is going into the Navy. Anyways, this would be the last time for me to see him, so I made myself be social and went to a friends’ house and hung out while they continued to par-tay hard. I ended up staying out until 3 am, and played water pong for an hour. I am pretty good, and discovered that my technique is the arch-shot and not the laser-shot. (; At the end of our game, it was Tage and I versus Zach and Emil, Tage and Zach were plastered and Emil and I were carrying our teams because we were sober. When there were just 3 cups left, the game came to a stand still and we were geting bored so Zach decided to slam dunk the last cup. Result: water everywhere, a broken table, and stomach pains from laughing so hard. All around it was a good night- and I have a video to show you all how ridiculous that dunk was.

Saturday- I babysat a little girl named Peyton. Tori’s mom’s cousins recently moved to Thornton but before that they lived with Tori’s family for a few months. During that time when Tori and I would go home for the weekend, we got to know them pretty well and their adorable little girl. This weekend they asked if I would like to babysit for them, Tori had dumb RA duties, and so I did. My reward was money and homemade lasagna with the leftovers to bring home. It was awesome. And homemade lasagna is probably the most delicious thing I have ever eaten… also it is the only home-cooked meal I have consumed since Winter break. So consider yourselves lucky that home-cooking is not that far of a drive. Tori has been so busy with her new job of being an RA that she had only one weekend to go home this half of the semester and that just so happened to be the only weekend I had plans with Navs. Saturday was a great break from campus, plus I got back just in time to play the Hunger Games board game. It’s neat

Sunday- Our schol put on their Spring musical, Legally Blonde, and I went to see it. It was so upbeat and fun. Totally renewed my love of musicals and my dream of my life being a musical. I so want to see this on Broadway, or at least get the soundtrack. The music was so catchy that I can’t stop signing it. I love musicals. That evening I had the honor of having dinner with Jim Downing, a founder of the Navigators and the oldest person who was a naval officer during Pearl Harbor 1941. So many stories. Jim Downing is 99 years old and travels across the country to meet with college students. He is going to a different campus every day this week and that is totally normal for him. He is the coolest person I have ever talked to. He is a walking history book of America. He lived through the Great Depression, fought in both World Wars, and is still alive to tell it all. It is such a privilege to be able to meet someone like him, and so rare. I hope I never forget the stories and jokes he told. He was quite hilarious. Oh and if you ever get bored you should check out his story . Here’s the link. He wrote a book of all his experiences in the Navy for his children, and then was asked to publish it on the USS West Virginia website.

Here’s a clip of the opening act of Legally Blonde


P.S. My spring break starts Thursday night! I’m almost there, I can taste it! And you know what it tastes like..? Ponak’s.


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