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27 Nov

Thanksgiving break was pretty great, but it was definitely too short. I spent Thanksgiving at my grandparents house and ate some really delicious food and what I like to call desserts of the world: apple pie, pumpkin pie, and blueberry cobbler (just kidding all those things are pretty American). Then on Friday we always have a chili dinner at one of my aunts or uncle’s house. We also had pulled pork sandwiches so I got my BBQ fix. Then Saturday we went up to my Grandma’s farm and had some more food.

One of the girls in my sorority from Jewell messaged me the other day and asked if I would be interested in walking in Kansas City Fashion Week for one of her designer friends. I was like why not? So, I told her sure. I don’t really know many details yet other than its March 3rd and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to walk in heels, which makes me a wee bit nervous considering I don’t even own a pair of heels. (OK that’s a lie, I own one pair, but it’s like a 1-inch heel.

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of indie films on Netflix and some of them are actually pretty good. They have a sense of realness and awkwardness that some other films lack. Some of the ones I’ve liked so far are Life Happens (It has Krysten Ritter in it. Love her.), Like Crazy, and Take Me Home.

The townhome is gaining a dog on Thursday. Yesterday we went to the Columbia Humane Society to help Kellan pick out a dog because he feels the need to get one. Not going to lie it’s pretty cute and I’m kind of excited, but I do worry a little bit about how this is going to work out.

I’ve been doing pretty well with exercising and going to the Rec center while here at school, but I would like to start to eat healthier and learn to cook (to some extent). Maybe that will be one of my new year’s resolutions.

The semester is so close from being over. I can’t wait.

Keep it Classy.


P.S. If you’re looking for something new to listen to consider Lana Del Rey’s album paradise. (You may not like it, but I think its pretty great)


Slinkin’ Around Mizzou and Shit

28 Aug

Basically all I have been doing the past week is slinkin’ around Mizzou and the city of Columbia trying to figure everything out.

My classes are alright so far, my biggest class (Biology) probably has somewhere around 350 and 400 people and almost every seat is taken in the lecture hall. My schedule is pretty tight though, I’m done on MWF by 1pm and I have one class on Tuesday that we only have to go in for tests, and then one on thursday. So far my favorite teacher is my Bio teacher because she is kind of a crazy cat lady and I can dig that.

I have been on the job hunt the past week and I’m praying that someone will call me soon! So far I have applied at Michael’s, Home Depot, Panera (2 locations), The Candy Shop, Alpine Shop, Boone County Library, and Starbucks (3 locations), and I still need to turn in my app to Hallmark. The job I actually want is either the candy shop or alpine shop so keep your fingers crossed for me! lol I’m desperate for a job, I gotta pay my rent!!

Here’s some pictures of my room, I’ll have to post some of the rest of the town-home lataaa.


Also I baked cookies from scratch today 😉


Here’s a couple songs I’ve been diggin’ lately:

  1. Stubborn Love – The Lumineers
  2. Video Games – Lana Del Rey
  3. Kill Your Heros – Awolnation

MOI MOI until next time


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